Chunky Sweet Potato Stew Recipe

Hey guys! This is Heather from
So I have a treat for you today. We’re gonna be making a recipe from Carolyn Scott – Hamilton’s
cookbook “The Healthy Voyager Global Kitchen.” I was talking about this on
yesterday so you can check out my thoughts on the cookbook in general but today Carolyn
was nice enough to let me share a recipe with you guys so we’re gonna be making a Chunky
Sweet Potato Soup from Morocco. And this was the first recipe that I tried
with this book and it’s still hanging on as my favorite because it is so so good. I
mean I have seen a lot of recipes for this basic idea of an African sweet potato peanuts
stew but the flavors in this one are just amazing. It’s really really flavorful and there’s
lot of awesome veggies in here so it’s really really nutritious as well. So I’m gonna
show you how to make that right now. For those of you who want to skip ahead to the recipe,
I’ll post it over at and for sure go check out Carolyn’s website
as well she’s got lot of videos, travel tips, recipes, all kinds
of good stuff over there. She’s a vegan chef and a nutritionist as
well so it’s always awesome to have other people to look for. So the start with you
want to get out your biggest soup pot because this recipe makes a nice big batch of soup
that you can keep for leftovers and eat for a few days. It’s pretty awesome! You also
want to get some toasted peanuts or I’ve dried toasted some sunflower seeds here. They
work nicely as well. When you toast them, it brings out the flavor
so that’s a nice thing to do and then you’re gonna get started chopping up some vegetables.
We’re gonna do carrots, celery and onions to start, chopped them up really small, as
small as you can and into a fine dice. Depending on where and when you buy your celery,
it can be kind of bitter and that can throw the taste of for some people, if that’s
the case just take the back, run your knife down the side and you can take off the very
outer bit that’s the most bitter part. Your still gonna get a lot of nutrients and
if you really dislike celery you can sub some zucchini or something with a milder flavor
in for that. Same thing with the carrots if you have a really rough carrot like this one
you might want to just peel of the very outside to get rid of that slight bitterness. Alright, so once you get all that chopped
up then you can turn on the heat under your pot and get ready with some curry powder.
I’ve got a mild curry powder because I don’t like things too spicy but if you do like things
spicy you go for the hot curry powder. I’m gonna toast this without any oil although
the recipe does call with using oil, you can do whatever you like. I just prefer to cook
without any oil but the oil does help concentrate the flavor of the spice and carry it to the
soup. Toasting will bring out the flavor of the
spices but you wanna make sure you keep them moving on the bottom of the pan so that they
don’t burn cause that doesn’t taste very nice. Toast in your veggies and I’ve got
a little bit of water at the bottom there to keep things from burning. And then once you get these vegetables in
there they want to cook for a couple of minutes and while they’re cooking you can minced
a couple of gloves of garlic and peel and chop up a couple of sweet potatoes. Okay, I just tossed the sweet potatoes in
there. Whenever you throw your vegetables into the pot, make sure to stir it around
so they get coated with the curry powder. So when you put the sweet potatoes in there,
your also gonna put in a can of diced tomatoes. Just toss that right in there along with some
vegetable broth. Bring it to a boil and then put a lid on it and let it simmer for 20 to
30 minutes until things are soft. Alright, this have been simmering for half
an hour and if your thinking “man, that’s a long time to make dinner” the great thing
about this is you can just leave it on the stove and go do whatever else you want to
do. I’ve justgone and made a workout and shower at that time so pretty awesome for
multitasking. Also, if you’re using a vegetable stalk
that doesn’t have any salt in it, you wanna add a little bit of salt before you leave
it to simmer because that will help the sweet potatoes soften up which they are nice and
soft right now. So I’m gonna add the final ingredients which
are a little bit of salt, some black pepper, a little bit of cayenne powder and this is
very very hot so Carolyn has a quarter teaspoon listed but I am not good with spicy stuff
so I’m just gonna put a pinch in there and then we’ve got our toasted nuts, peanut
or I’m using sunflower seeds. Some coconut milk to make it beautifully creamy
and tasty, last but not least is some peanut butter and to go with my sunflower seeds I’m
actually using sunflower seed butter so stir that through and you’ll see it get really
nice and creamy and then you want to taste it to make sure you have enough seasoning
in there. It smells so awesome all of my neighbour are gonna be jealous tonight. So give it a little taste again to make sure
all of the flavors are coming through properly. That taste perfect so what I’m do is put
the lid back on. You can serve this up right now if you want or you can let it simmer longer
up to half an hour or even longer. The longer it sits, the more the flavors are gonna combine. You can even leave it to sit on a slow cooker
for the day if you want to and whenever you’re ready to serve just lay on some into a bowl,
you can top them up with some more roasted nuts or seeds. Look how gorgeous that it and
it taste even better than it looks. So a big thank you to Carolyn for today recipe
from her cookbook, The Healthy Voyager Global Kitchen” you can find out at Amazon and
you can also check out her site I’ll be posting this recipe over at So I hope you guys try it and love it as much
as Phil and I do. I better go serve him some because his been smelling this for half an
hour now and I think his about ready to eat it. So thanks guys and I will see you guys
next time.


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