CHTV 5.6: Fad Diet Speed Dating

[happy music] [bell ding] Oh my gosh, I’ve heard so much about you! Good things I hope. [nervous laughter] So… what do you do? Ummm… well… I can help people lose weight. I can make people feel thin. Uh, basically I’m just awesome. Date me, and all your problems will go away. [nervous laughter, snort] You really do all of that? Uh, well… I may have exaggerated… a bit… here and there…. but… I try! Oh, and heads up, if we go out I can really rack up a bill Yeah… you know, I’m sorry I don’t think we’re
right for each other but I think you would be great for my friend Celiac! [bell ding] [cup of water slams down] Alright, listen up. Here’s how it is going to be. You. Me. I’m not good with commitment, so it’s going to be short term. [slaps hand away] And I don’t really like to be safe… if you know what I mean. That all sounds horrible. Is there anything good about you? Well, you might drop a few points but you will probably gain it right back. What’s the matter? You hungry? [bell dings] Hi? [grunting, fist banging] [bell ding] Alright, what’s your deal? Oh, I don’t really have a gimmick. I guess, I’d say that I am pretty well-rounded. People seem to like me. And I’m really in it for the long term. I just think that every thing is good in moderation. Fad diets might seem like a good match in the moment but in the long term, they can be ineffective, or even dangerous. To be healthy and feel good, stick with a balanced diet. You can eat everything- just in moderation. Unless you have an intolerance or an allergy, there is no reason to completely eliminate anything from your diet. I’m Paul. And this has been CHTV, and we will see you next time. [happy music]

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