Chest Muscle Exercise Techniques : Chest Fly Exercise With a Machine

The next exercise that I’m going to demonstrate
for you is called the chest fly. You want to make sure that the seat is adjusted, so
that when you reach out to the sides your arms are right out to the side not too low
and not too high. You must also adjust the weight to what is appropriate for you. Go
ahead and take a seat. Place your feet firmly on the floor. Navel to spine. Reach your arm
straight out to the side. Abs are tight. You’re going to exhale as you squeeze, a slight bend
in your elbows. Inhale as you open. Loose grip on the bars. You don’t want to squeeze
too tight. Make your abs really tight. Inhale as you open. Exhale close, good. Inhale open,
very good. Exhale squeeze. Perfect. Inhale open, good. Make sure that you breathe. Make
sure you keep your abs tight and make sure your feet are pressed firmly on the floor.
Inhale and exhale. Perfect. Exhale.


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