– [Man] She just kicked him in the nuts. (laughing) – I’m so sorry. (upbeat electronic music) – 28th of February, I am
at Charnchai once again, training in the morning eight ’til 10. Sandy, – Oh.
my new friend right here. – Day two, we’re back. – Second day, second day, good day,
– Good day. – G’day.
and the sunrise. Look at that. We’re doing a border run,
or something like that. We’re running to the temple this morning, at least some of us are. Not feeling 100%, have
some training injuries, but hopefully we get through this class, and give you some good
insight, maybe you can meet some of these awesome people
like Sandy in the house. – From Tennessee. (laughs) – Of course, Jack. (upbeat electronic music) – Hey guys, Brad here again. – Hey. (laughs)
Lisa from Munich. Now, I don’t know what
we are meant to be doing, we’re meant to be, oh, we’re running now, but this is like the warm
up for the muay thai class, but we not know where
we’re meant to be running, except everyone is saying
white border and temple. ♪ ‘Cause they don’t want
me at the front, yeah ♪ ♪ All of the people that… ♪ Hopefully don’t get hit by a car. (coughs) The white border is so far away and we didn’t start our
run until five minutes ago So we decided to turn around half way, miss the white border, ’cause we don’t want to
miss training, right? – No. – Alright guys, about to start
the class, check this out. Wraps are on, ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch. Alright guys, about to do some sparring. ♪ When keeping all y’all locked away ♪ ♪ Fuck up all my energy ♪ ♪ Like no way no way not today ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah, good luck
if you offending me ♪ ♪ If you don’t like it
please refresh my memory ♪ ♪ As long as I stay poppin on my enemies ♪ ♪ Then no one ever
stoppin’ all this energy ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah, good luck
if you offending me ♪ ♪ If you don’t like it
please refresh my memory ♪ ♪ As long as I stay– ♪ – How do you feel Arnold? How do you feel my man? – I can’t believe I’m paying to do this. (both laugh) – He’s paying for the pain. This was a good session, it’s really good. He’s got a heavy hit, this guy. Look at his shoulders,
look at his shoulders. – Stop it. – Made in South Africa. That was really good. We were doing a sparring session today, and we’re doing a rotation, and it’s really good for
the cardiovascular system, and really good to practise techniques. (whistle blows) There goes the whistle,
time for a water break. ♪ Tired of funding the play ♪ ♪ I have been living a
little bit under the shade ♪ – I have pain in my leg. – Guys, guys, come on.
(laughs) Made in France, what’s your name again? – Luke.
– Luke, Luke from France we’re
about to spar each other. He’s been here for four months. I’ve been here for two days. – (mumbles) You done Muay
Thai before, or not, though? – Oh, a couple of lessons. (both laugh) – Okay.
– Alright. ♪ Needing way more than a lay up ♪ ♪ I need to switch my play, ♪ ♪ I need more than a fucking lay up ♪ (indistinct chatter) – Oh no. Oh man, I’m sorry Luke. I’m sorry man, I’m sorry.
(Luke laughs) What did I hit? Did I hit your knee? – [Luke] Right on the shin. – Oh. Our first round spar. I’m sorry, man. He’s going to come back
and really kill me now. He’s gonna really kill me now. ♪ Or stay right there as anonymous ♪ ♪ No road blocks in front of me ♪ ♪ Know where to go what I gotta get ♪ ♪ Tryna bring all that company ♪ ♪ But it’s still too
hard I cannot forget ♪ (indistinct shouting) – [Brad] Sorry man. – [Man] I think he’s
better than me. (laughs) – This sparring is much
more interesting than ours. – Ho! – [Man] Looking for…
(drowned out by crowd noise) Takes too long to get to the
(drowned out by crowd noise) – Alright, I don’t know
what we are doing now. I think we’re doing pad work, I think. ♪ Yeah yeah, good luck
if you offending me ♪ – [Brad] Show me your injury? (Luke laughs)
Oh. – [Luke] A little mark. (laughs) – [Brad] Oh man. So I hope to contribute to that, (Luke laughs)
sorry man. Sorry man, I got one too. We share? Did we share?
(Luke laughs) Is this for the kids? Oh, that’s so good.
– Yeah. – This is Muay Thai.
(Luke laughs) If you don’t have an
injury from Muay Thai, then you’ve never done
Muay Thai before. (laughs) – [Brad] She just kicked him in the nuts. (woman laughs) – I’m so sorry! (laughs) – [Brad] She was like,
up up and then she– – Just like this! (laughs) – [Brad] Now she’s going to
kick him in the head now. (laughs) – Whoa!
(laughs) – I’m so confused now. ♪ Yeah yeah, good luck
if you offending me ♪ ♪ If you don’t like it
please refresh my memory ♪ ♪ As long as I stay poppin on my enemies ♪ ♪ Then no one ever
stoppin’ all this energy ♪ – Hey, hey, yow! ♪ Well it’s all I can take
not to throw this away like ♪ – [Brad] Finished the
class, how do you feel? – Nice, was a good training
lot of fun with this guy here. (laughs) I mean we– – What happened to that Thai
guy, you kicked him where? – In the balls (laughs) – Why did you do that? – I’m good. (laughs) – Is there an ex-boyfriend sort of in mind – Yeah.
that you were kicking the bag. – Poor guy kick him always in the balls. – I didn’t actually film
that piece but I saw it. – (laughs) Unfortunately.
– And yeah. – Had a lot of fun here.
– First time I’ve seen it. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – You gonna come back this afternoon? Twice a day training? – Twice a day for hours? – Do you have any injuries? Do you have any injuries? – No, not really. – Well you haven’t done
Muay Thai then have you? – No, I’m good, I don’t get hurt, so. – She so good she doesn’t get hurt. – [Lisa] You also don’t have– – [Brad] I do, I’ve got
like this foot here, this shin here, that
just popped out today, – Oh, wow.
and this here, my knee. – You’ve trained harder. Well obviously I must be just terrible, my technique is so bad.
(laughs) – Nice. – Alright, cool, see you
this afternoon maybe. – See you.
– Bye. Alright guys, just finished the session, how do you guys feel? – Good!
(laughing) – Martin, from the Gold Coast. – Dear mate, was good. – Any words to say to the
guys back home watching this? – (laughs) I got nothin’. – Got nothing to say,
he’s doing base camp. He’s doing base camp. What’s was your name again, sorry? – Katrina. – Katrina, from Ireland.
– Ireland. – Yes, she got in last night– – The best humans are
Irish, the best humans. – Clearly that’s coming
from an Irish girl. – [Katrina] (laughs)
But it’s the truth too. – It’s the truth, always the
truth when its coming from– – [Katrina] Who doesn’t like the Irish? – Ugh, what about the Irish?
– The best. – Sandy, how do you feel? – I’m good, I’m great. – Yeah?
– I’m pumped up, I’m ready to run three miles, let’s go. – Everybodys hungry, we’re
going to get breakfast now class was awesome, the day
is great and that is it. Hope you enjoyed. ♪ Throw this away like ♪


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