Chandrayaan 2 Set For Bungee Jump Test in Mahendragiri hills of Tamil Nadu

Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation
(ISRO) are set to conduct a breathtaking stunt at Mahendragiri hills in Tamil Nadu. A bungee jump is being planned for Chandrayaan-2
craft as part of soft landing tests using a 100-metre tall crane (as tall as a 10-storeyed
building) specially built for the purpose. Chandrayaan-2 is India’s most ambitious
project as yet consisting of an orbiter, lander and a small rover. If it succeeds, it will be India’s first
soft-landing on the Moon, and only the second such landing since the end of the Apollo and
Luna missions. For this, scientists have to ensure that the
spacecraft lands smoothly without crashing on the Moon’s surface. The Mahendragiri test at ISRO Propulsion Complex
(IPRC), scheduled in another two weeks, will determine it, said S Somanath, director, Liquid
Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC). He said the craft, weighing about half-a-tonne,
will be lowered from 100 metres and ignited in a lower gravity condition like that of
the Moon. It has to make both vertical and horizontal
maneuvering to find a suitable place to land.

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