Alright Will Smith, we’re challenging you Here we go In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Thank you, it’s a power moves type of morning. Thanks miss. I’m #$%^@&* Beautiful, bro. Good morning, everyone. I hope you’re feeling the same way as Mike. Even if sometimes it’s not true The @%$^ did you just spray on me you vegan piece of %@^$ Oh! You just sprayed it in my #@$%^&* eye you asshole! Logan: It’s alright, it’s fine. Welcome to the Vlog, Like and subscribe if you’re not subscribed already join the Logang gang gang gang. So today’s the big day six in the morning way to #$%^#& early, We’re jumping off a bridge today. I had to wake up my roommates earlier. Went great. Wake up, we’re going bungee jumping I don’t know if you saw but I’m up Logan: Awe @#$% I’m awake bro. Logan: Awe shit, It’s five in the morning. You’re traumatizing me bro. it’s the same thing your brother did to the Emilio twins. Logan: *Laughs* I’m not a bully Okay, so most of them were already a rake, awake oh rake You’re all rakes, what the #$%# They were all garden tools, they were all rakes. Before we get to the bungee-jumping this group of guys actually, me and my friends here We did a little boy’s trip Friends: BOYS! Up at a place called Big Sur. Super dope beautiful. Here’s some highlights from that Here we see Team Maverick being complete degenerates in nature and now they seem to be attempting to post something to social media Did you #$%^&@ put that there, did you put it there, now.. now I’m not kidding It’s a horse with a man on it, inside a log You don’t @##% with that $%^& bro Look at this thing. This is the kind of thing you don’t just leave bro Red light, watch out. Logan: AhhHHHa. Don’t worry boys, I got hand held paper directions, can you make that noise again? K, now never make that again ever There are so many words on this, Logan: There’s pictures too, look! Can you stop making that #$%^&*@ noise. You sound like a turtle having sex Where is Spencer? All I see is urine. He said we’re crossing three rivers too. Good thing. I wore these white pants And those white shoes and that white hoodie. baby I couldn’t take the hottest merch in the game off Yeah, I signed my waiver. Terrifying cause you know, you don’t read them. You have three zippers, that’s amazing. I don’t need this I don’t need that zipper. Logan: You’re just missing a patch of… material, I’m ready to rock and roll baby. Logan: Hey guys, this is Peterson by the way, This was his idea to go bungee jumping I think our instructor is behind us. Logan: You’re telling me, I’m gonna trust a dude who drives a Corvette, with my life? That seems a bit weird, but okay, no problem. Don’t fall! (Times 3) Help! I got you bro, Logan: Help! I’m in too deep dude. Easy crossing once again After five miles of hiking two and a half hours, we finally reached the bridge to nowhere literally. That’s what it’s called probably nowhere Oh my god look it What have you gotten us into this time, In my mind it’s a great idea Chances of the cord like snapping and falling on a rock? Instructor: Pretty good. Logan: Oh, okay What’s the purpose of this bridge? I noticed it runs into the side of a mountain Why else would have made this bridge? I feel more comfortable Jumping out of a plane to be honest. Something about jumping out of a plane is lightly more comfortable. These are brand new? Instructor: Brand new. Logan: And they’ve never been tested? Instructor: They’ve never been tested. Oh that’s perfect. This is sick yeah, super dope. (Deathly Afraid) DEATH Thanks for watching, YO! I got a sick #@$%^&* idea Will Smith. We should get like Will Smith, yo, and challenge him to do like a bungee jump out of a helicopter. Over, Grand Canyon, holy! Will Smith. Out of a helicopter, over the Grand Canyon. Yeah, I don’t I don’t mean to be the guy, huh? Yes, Theory already did that. What’d you say? Yes, Theory already did. Yes Theory already did what? Everything that you just described. Logan: Really? Yeah. Logan: Oh.. Alright alright, alright! Honestly, I don’t want to go anymore. Can we just like, switch out? Hit rock bottom Peterson. I’ve been there this whole year I Believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky This was a MISTAKE! Yo Mike? How you feeling bro? Mike: I’m really nervous now Worst-case scenario you go for a little swim, right? Logan: Alright Mike! Bring in the leg. Here we go In 5, 4, 3, 2 1, Mike: Bro, that’s #@$%^&* nuts dude. Bro, bro. That was really scary bro. Say bro one more time? Mike: Brooo. Nice, Alright Spender! Spender: Ok… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 That’s crazy bro Ok, Alright Will Smith, we’re challenging you Here we go. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Yeah, some real man @#$%. I’m surprised how dope it is. Bro, that was sick I can’t wait to do that with Will Smith out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon He still doesn’t get it. OHHHHHH Logan: Apparently going back is, is crazy. Why (Random language of the gibberish), I’m @#$%^&* crazy, so what now @#$%^, what now #$%^& Ooooh! This place rocks. Ooooh! 4, 3, 2, 1 Logan: Be a Maverick. Bungee! That’s hot, That’s hot Y’all think I look dumb right now Nah, what is happening for the first time in my life, I’m not the dumbest looking one at a thing. What are you talking about? Logan: Nothing Nothing, you’re fine. You’re beautiful. Damn, bro, you got a Kardashian T-Rex ass Yo, this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Look at those T-Rex arms. T- Rexes are not extinct Welcome! To Logan Paul vlogs. This is where we do dumb shit. Also, subscribe to impaulsive if you have not yet And that’s how the T-Rex went extinct Wow, what a day. What a fun day. What fun time. Oh, yo, that’s it for the vlog today if you’re not subscribed make sure to hit that subscribe button join the Logang gang gang skirt. And also impaulsive, by the way, features my two roommates it’s Absolutely poppin off. So subscribe to that channel as well Do you know we dated the same girl? Are you still together? No, oh this is wait that okay. This isn’t awkward then. Yeah, it’s cool Did you come on thinking that was still a thing I have no idea holy Shh Gonna put the link for that in the description. Obviously Maverick merch, hottest, softest merch in the game,[yes it is] You know where to get it link for that is also in the description I am getting so #[email protected]%^& good at talking fast. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time take it easy fam peace!! Yahh Yahh Yahhhh Yah That’s hot


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