[CES 2020 Keynote] Trek the Himalayas From Home AR Fitness with GEMS │Samsung

Today we are at the start of a third phase. The home is a living organism, that’s a radical idea but it’s not science fiction it’s coming right now. The term smart home has been around for a while, so let me introduce you to what they call The Intelligent Home. This home will be equipped with sophisticated sensors, A.I., robotics The goal isn’t to add more devices and products but is to enable us to live better with more powerful intuitive and simplified technologies. The intelligent home will be still an intimate and personal space. In fact it would be even more personal because technologies will tailor experiences for each of us according to our needs and values. It will be design with inquisitive mind to reflect our diverse world. It is often said that there is no place like home, the Smart home will add a new meaning to this that will be no other place like yours. Now although the technology become more complex, the customer experience would get simpler and more personal. So an activated smart robotic vacuum will be able to sense where your floors are dirty and clean those areas more thoroughly, or a smart thermostat can understand your preferences for both comfort, and energy conservation and then adjust the temperature. An intelligent home is flexible and will adapt to your needs. We have been anticipating this new flexible home with innovations, like our customizable bespoke refrigerator that we are giving home owners the ability to personalize their kitchens as their lifestyles evolve. Today the boundaries between physical and digital are dissolving. One way we stay ahead of this trend is by connecting our home exercise and wellness routine beyond the home, through technologies like GEMS, Short for: Gate Enhancing and Motivating System. We introduced this last year at CES as a walking assistant but now it’s evolved. With more features it is a sport and entertainment system, an experience that blends seamlessly with the motor home environment. GEMS is essentially an integration of an exoskeleton, with powerful software, all connected to Samsung air glasses, A galaxy, smartphone and watch and other devices. GEMS recognizes your personal fitness needs and optimized the experience for you. It also provide an amazing immersive workout experience. What if you could track today in Malayan mountains or walk underwater all without leaving your home. Let’s welcome Chadny to show us how GEMS works. Hey Chadny what do you have for us today. Hi Federico. I’m here to show how we can use GEMS to tailor fitness programs, workout routines and get one on one fitness coaching from virtually anywhere. Let’s start with our GEMS fitness menu first. I’ll put on my Air glasses and choose where I want to workout today. Then I pick my fitness trainer. I really like working out with her. Hi. Welcome back. Are you ready to work out today. I’m ready. OK. Let’s continue our reverse lunge knee ups from yesterday. Got it. Let’s repeat this five times. Stand up straight. Hands to your side. Take a large step back with your left foot bending both knees 90 degrees so your back knee hovers off the floor. Then lift up your left foot bringing your knees to the chest now release your left leg and place it back on the floor maintain your balance and be careful not to fall. OK let’s start. One, stand on your spot. Good. Two, keep your balance. Three. Four. And five, looking pretty good. How did it feel for you? Good but it was a bit more intense Today was it different. That’s because I increased the intensity by one level today. I knew you could do a great job, remember to maintain your correct posture. See you again. That’s very good Chadney. Actually it doesn’t stop here. It doesn’t stop here after a one on one training with GEMS I can get professional feedback to my mobile device with my galaxy connected to my GEMS My workout results are aggregated and analyzed. It’s telling me I need to lower my body closer to the ground for this workout since my daily walking balance is tilted to the left I should keep that in mind. That’s great. It really is with GEMS and Samsung’s air glasses it’s easier to get fit. Any room can be a fitness studio so I can work out whenever and wherever I want. Personalized training is really motivating for me and best of all that Federico It’s a blast. I love it. Thank you. Chadney, thanks for the demo. Thank you.


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