Cayenne pepper drink for weight loss! Also INSANE Weight loss update!

Hi YouTube friends! It’s Lola from Lola’s Lessons and today I wanted to share a do-it-yourself weight-loss drink. So if you’re interested in finding out about it. Keep on watching. If you’re new to my channel…. Hit the subscribe button and click the notifications out for future videos. As many of you guys know when I started my weight loss journey. I started off by using this this beauty right here. I hope you guys can see that the Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. And I started to use that and when the weight started to melt off. I decided that I wanted to research other methods of weight loss and there is absolutely no secret about episode of vinegar. The secret has been out for years. There are probably millions of videos on YouTube about apple vinegar and weight loss and it does absolutely work. There’s different concoctions… different mixtures and today I want to share the one that I am now using myself. So now that I’m in maintenance mode. I have a new DIY drink and I really wanted to share it with you guys. You can try this. If you are just starting your weight loss journey or if you’re like me and you’re in maintenance mode. Both groups could absolutely try this drink. I originally saw this new mixture on Abi’s choice’s channel. And I’m going to link her channel down below, but she lost a ton of baby weight with this drink, so that is enough of me. Basically rambling. I do a lot of rambling in my videos. I’m trying to work on that. So here is the demo and I’m going to put it right here. Water …. apple cider vinegar with the mother in it. Cayenne pepper… Your gonna need some ginger. Some turmeric and finally we’re going to be some lemon. So we got a quarter teaspoon of turmeric. And go with 1/4 teaspoon with ginger. Have our cayenne pepper. If you if you are new to cayenne pepper, I would recommend that you go with the 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. But because I am used to this recipe. I’m going to go with the 1/4 teaspoon. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to take 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. If you want you can add an additional tbsp of lime juice. So here is a second tablespoon of lemon juice. So two. You can use 2 tablespoons of lemon juice if you like. Finally, we’re going to use our apple cider vinegar. So we’re gonna go with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Then we’re going to add our water to this. So here is the weight-loss drink right here. It is… it is best to drink that drink warm not cold. I drink this drink before my meal. Thirty minutes before my meal. I drink it with a straw because it has apple cider vinegar in it and apple cider vinegar is known to erode the enamel of the teeth. So you don’t want that and it is best to drink this drink warm. And once you have finished drinking a drink. Rinse your mouth with some warm water. So a little warning here, I personally learned the hard way. This drink can act as a very strong detox for some people. So you may want to stay close to home. Be close to a washroom when you try this for the first time because you may have to play with the measurements of the different things that you put into the drink. So you may find yourself having to run…walk to the restroom… if you suffer from constipation this drink will definitely keep you regular. So I’m just mentioning that. So that if you do feel that you need to play with measurements feel free to do so. The measurements that I showed you guys are not in stone. Okay just close measurements to see what works for you. The 1/4 teaspoon of the cayenne pepper is pretty powerful and I mean if I were you as a beginner using this, I would probably go down to one-eighth of a teaspoon because as I said cayenne pepper can be very very powerful. If you’re not used to it, and if you’re doing the snake diet, you can also add some cayenne pepper tea or snake juice. I have seen in Cole Robinson add cayenne pepper to his snake juice. So yeah, feel free to do that as well. A little disclaimer here for people that are taking medications. This drink can mess with the medication. So please check with your doctor first before drinking weight loss drink. As I’ve always stressed you guys in the past go out and do your research. Do not take my word for it. So go and research all of these ingredients and you know see what you think, but the two things that I really love about this drink is that number one? It speeds up your metabolism and number two it suppresses the appetite. The first time I actually tried this drink. I felt myself get really hot and I felt myself get very very energized and then when I went to eat my dinner, I didn’t really feel like I needed to eat the whole thing. It really really suppressed my appetite and I didn’t really feel it on you to finish everything. Many people drink this weight loss drink twice a day. I would recommend starting out to just drink it in the morning. I find for myself. I cannot drink this weight loss drink at night because it keeps me up. So if you have no problem sleeping at night, certainly go ahead and drink it twice a day but if you have trouble sleeping at night. Do not drink this drink because it is going to keep you awake because when you drink it it actually energizes you. It kind of mimics caffeine it away, but it but it’s not caffeine. For those are you guys that are new to my channel my starting weight was 167 pounds. I’m gonna put a picture up here to show you guys what I looked like at my highest weight. And I happen to be wearing… The shorts that kind of motivated me to keep on going during this journey. The picture I’m gonna show you guys. I’m wearing those short shorts. They are over 20 years old. Another video that I’m going to show you and I might do a split screen is I had gotten down to 131.4 I believe and I had finally fit into the shorts. I was so happy and I’ve been wearing shorts all day and I had come up in a video and I had shown you guys how the shorts had looked and I did it before after but since that video it’s been a year now and I wanted to just get up and show you guys what I’m looking like now in the shorts and I can definitely because I looked back at the video and I would definitely see a difference well in that video I was 131.4 and right now and sitting at about 125 and keep in mind my goal weight was 130. So I just wanted to show you guys we’re not now. And before I go I’m going to drink this drink here. I’m not going to tell you guys to drink something unless I drink it myself. I’m just giving it a good little stir here. That cayenne pepper is so hot. Please let me know in the comments if this drink works for you. Please share this video with everyone, you know. Please give it a thumbs up and I love all of you guys so very much. Bye! Thank you guys so much for watching. Please subscribe. Please like the share and I want all of you guys to stay happy and healthy. Bye!


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