Cathedral of Christ the King-Nhà Thờ Chính tòa Kito Vua-Nha Trang-Dạo biển và Công viên Nha Trang

welcome to my channel Today, we will go along Nha Trang beach and visit Cathedral of Christ the King people are doing exercise near the beach in the morning coconut trees today is my third day in Nha Trang and I will spend more time on visiting some famous places like Khanh Hoa museum, Cathedral of Christ the King and Oceanographic Museum It is very peaceful in the morning A very beautiful park next to the beach this is seaweed A stranded cargo ship on the way to Cathedral of Christ the King we cannot go inside the church on Sunday morning and we cannot take wedding photos on Sunday because of this place’s rules thanks for watching and subscribe my channel for more videos about food and traveling

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