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Vanilla Shakeology

Hey everybody! It’s Dave here. I wanna take a few minutes and talk about one of my favorite products, which is Shakeology. Probably seen me blog about this quite a bit. And you know, this is an amazing product and I think if, you know, if you want more information there’s a link here, you

PALEO RECIPE: Stuffed Peppers and Chilis

>>DAVE: What’s up, guys? It’s Dave. Today is Saturday. It’s a beautiful day here in Coronado, California, as you can see… and I am cooking today. I’m watching college football, which is awesome. Super excited for the start of college football season. Why don’t we go see what I’ve got in the kitchen? Alright, so

Can I Make Money as a Beachbody Coach?

>>DAVE: Hey, guys…it’s Dave Ward here, answering your questions about being a Beachbody Coach. Today we answer the question: “Can I make money as a Beachbody Coach?” Well, hang on, guys…because I’m going to show you my paycheck. Alright guys, here we go…where the rubber meets the road. Cash. This actually came…this question came as