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[DIET VLOG] 맛있는 다이어트 식단 레시피ㅣ다이어터의 식단일기ㅣ다이어트 브이로그ㅣ육아맘ㅣ양배추쌈ㅣ초코 바나나 스무디ㅣ면두부 파스타ㅣ노밀가루 팬케이크

I will make pancakes without flour. egg white a baby whose mother hates being in the kitchen. a son in a good mood💚 Hopping💛💚 Now that we put the baby to sleep, shall we make it again? It’s like whipped cream, right? Rice flour, glutinous rice flour, a little bit of stevia. Stebia is a

Black Diamond Vision Harness

hi I’m Kolin Powick the climbing category director at black diamond and this is our new vision harness this is the lightest weight full functioning harness on the market 224 grams designed really for alpine climbing four gear loops low-profile gear loops four ice clipper slots a super thin low-profile belay loop fixed legs it’s

Get Schooled on Strength

– No matter what your size, one thing all athletes need to succeed is… [grunts, exhales sharply] Is… [grunts] Gah! – [groaning] – [panting] Whew. – [laughs] Is strength. – Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so– [clears throat] I mean, thank you. Hi, welcome, Champion Trainers, to today’s lesson: get schooled on