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Are you ready for a yoga workout to build muscles and a strong body? Hi, welcome back to FitFlavah, we’re Joschi and Monika and we’re here to help you smash your workout goals. As yoga teachers we’ve heard this burning question of aspiring yogis many times ‘Can you build muscle with yoga?’ and the short

Should You Bungee Jump?

so there’s this phenomenon known as high-place phenomenon and it’s this terrifying feeling this sense that some people have as they get near the edge of a cliff face or the railing of a tall building and it’s not exactly a fear of heights but maybe something that’s all a bit more concerning it’s the

My biggest WTF moment (broccoli hoarder edition)

– Hey, it’s Jenny from Jenny Eden Coaching and I help sensitive, soulful and smart women heal their relationship with food and body through mindful eating and intuitive eating practices, behavioral change, mindset work and even brain science and today I wanna share with you a very humbling story. It was not my proudest moment