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Lets start with a little warmup! WARMUP! Run in place… Run in place Run like they’re trying to get you! THEY’RE TRYING TO GET YOU!!! Lift those knees…lift them up Alright! Keep the blood flowing! LET THE BLOOD FLOW!!! We’re gonna put our arms out, we’re just gonna rock our hips It’s gonna work all


What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today we’re talking about losing weight. More importantly, the wrong ways to go about trying to do that. There are some incredibly popular methods that I believe are an incredible waste of time. I want to make sure you guys realize that. I’m not going to leave you hanging.

Action Hour with Bria Evenson

what’s up coaches it is Bria Evensen Here I am tapping in to do action hour with you guys from Phoenix Arizona area I’m originally a Canadian coach from outside of Toronto a small town outside of Toronto and I’ve been a coach for a while now I feel like I heard maybe Summer Tucker

LEGO is great for mouldmaking

En un par de semanas estaremos en el festival Internacional cine de Annecy intentamos ir cada año para descubrir nuevos cortometrajes, encontrarnos con nuestros amigos hacer negocios y cargar las pilas para seguir a tope todo el año y este año será muy especial, porque vamos a estar en un stand con Citoplasmas, así que

Why Some Men Can’t Grow Beards

Hi I’m Jules And I’m Julian And I’ve been growing my beard for 8 hours (months). What?! Minutes! Hi there follicly challenged friends, Jules here for Dnews. Its 2016, and beards have become ubiquitous. Forcing hundreds of hairs out of the bottom of your face has almost become a prerequisite in hip cities like Brooklyn,