Casey Shows Off His Post Surgery Weight Loss | Family By the Ton

[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s been three months since
my surgery and I feel good. Little things are changing
in me that I didn’t really expect to change so quickly. Like when I go to the gym now,
I’m getting immediately back into, like, my range of
motion that I was in, like, when I was in my better times. How are you feeling so far? I’m a little winded. All right. We’ll take it one
pound at a time. We’ll get it. As I accomplish more,
my self-esteem is rising. So I feel like I can do more. So it’s just a good feeling. I don’t do well with, like, a
lot of cheering and admiration and, like, build up. So I’m definitely nervous. But I think they’ll
be really shocked, and surprised, and happy
with the progress I’ve made. [CHEERING] I started this journey
at 711 and today I’m happy to say that I’m at 525. Ultimately, I hope I just
get down to a normal weight. My goal for next
year to be under 400. Ultimate dream 250. That would be sick. Oh, god. This is rough. I’m so proud of him. There’s no words to,
you know, describe the feeling I feel inside
that he’s gotten healthier. And I just, you know, I look
for a bright future for him. The sky’s the limit. I’m proud of you.
– Thank you. Thank you. ED: I mean Casey has
done a terrific job. I am very proud of my cousin. I’m proud of the whole family. [CHEERING] CASEY: I’m really excited.
I’m kind of like overwhelmed. I’m crying. They’re like happy tears, but I
appreciate everyone showing up. And thanks. I couldn’t have done
this without my family. And, yeah, let me hug you. How you doing? In the beginning, I didn’t
really think I could do this. My mind wasn’t in
the right place. I wasn’t taking a lot of
responsibility for myself. And I just didn’t know
if I needed to change. The hardest part was probably
just, like, facing my fears and just being honest
with myself about stuff. Casey wearing real clothes. Wow. I count all my clothes as real. They’re real, real
comfortable, classy. Looking in the mirror now I see
an improved version of myself. Oh, hello. Yeah, another hug. I see a happier, more
independent person than I was six months ago. Appreciate it.
– Congratulations. Thanks a lot. this is definitely the start
of something different for me.


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