Cardio Workout to Lose Belly Fat – Home Workout

(pulsing gym rhythm) – Hey guys. Thank you for joining us here at GymRa. I’m Monika. Today we’ll be focusing
on a kick-ass cardio. I’ll do some variations of
arms, abs, and the booty. But otherwise we’re
gonna burn some calories. Break that sweat. I mean, summer’s around the corner. So let’s get going. Go ahead and get a little
warmed up right now. Make sure your knees are soft. A lot of these movements are gonna be on the balls of our feet. Keep that core engaged, spine and pelvis in neutral, for the ultimate, ultimate workout. Alright just getting that
heart rate up right now. Good. Little steps here and there. Good job. Bringing that heart rate up. Now we’re gonna go into these knees, skipping the knees. It’s like a move that I
loved to do when I was a kid. It’s like a dance move. Just warm it up. Good job. Keep going. Lead that heart rate. Alright we’re gonna take it
to a jump rope right here. Small movements right here in the center. Again, keeping that core engaged. Good job. If you need to slow it down, you could do little bounces like this, or into singles. Take it out right here. Good. Again keeping those abs tight. Good job. Alright, take it center. Alright, just intensify it. Take it side to side like this. Woo, keep going. Keep pushing yourself. Alright, now front and back. Boom. Good. Bounce Bounce. Alright then into a
jumping jack right here. It’s an oldie but it’s a goody. Alright keep going. Getting that heart rate up. Make sure you breathe. Alright, now take it to a jog. Alright, we’re gonna do
our first quick interval. Alright, now we’re gonna slow it down, take it to a side step. You could keep it right here. Take that deep breath in. Alright, now we’re gonna double it. Like this, alright? Again you could keep it center. You could keep it right here, or add a hop to intensify. Good. Keep goin’. Nice. Big movements. Keep those abs tight. Woo. Really getting that heart rate up. I mean hear it in my voice. Woo. Alright, four more, four three two one, take it to singles. Good job. Alright back to those high knees. Alright now skips. We’re gonna add those arms. Big movements. To get that heart rate, probably about 70%. Woo. Good job. Alright keep going. Woo. Alright good job. Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four more, Three, Two, Alright take it to a side step. We’re gonna add a little bit
of arm work right here, okay? So what you’re gonna do is plant your feet like so. Again knees are soft. And all you’re doing is crossing over. Like so. Now squeezing those abs, those obliques. Gonna feel it right here. Good job keep going. Make sure you breathe. In, out. Now take it up. And crunch. Right here. The obliques, feel that burn. Woo. Good Job. Now take it back center. Alright. Now take it side to side. Take it to that little hop. Shake everything out. Now bring in high knees side to side with those arms big moves again. Kick high if you need to or you can stay down here. It’s up to you. Good. Now bring those knees center. And this time crunch, crunch. Fully burn those abs, those obliques. If you want to intensify go ahead and bring those
arms up and now cross. Woo. Feel it in your abs. Working those obliques. If you need to take it down, go ahead and take it down. Otherwise stay up here with me. Good job. Woo, four three, two, one, take it to a jog. Ready, another interval. A quick anaerobic energy booster. Are you ready? And four three, two, and go. Good, good, kick it out. Keep going, keep going. Four, three, two, and take it to a jog. And now that little skip to the side. Woo. Take that deep breath in. Take it down to a step. We’re gonna add those arms. Using your whole body weight. This is a good one. Probably like so, keep those muscles
engaged that core engaged. Knees are nice and soft, take it up. Alright if you want to, take it double. Or stay single. But you know what, just come up to this level. If you can, if you have it in you. Forward. Good job. Ooh, feeling that burn. Take it back. Guys these muscles are already growing. Or you already have ’em. Now twist, twist. Ooh, I know it looks easy but, no, it’s not. You know what I’m talkin’ about. Alright, take it to single. Shake those arms out. Back to that little skip. This time, you’re gonna add a little twist like this. It’s like a dance move. Raise those hands. Keep those abs tight. Those obliques tight. Woo. Keep goin’. Keeping that heart rate up. Are we bakin’, breakin’ a sweat here? Can’t even talk. Keep goin’, keep goin’. Alright, now we’re gonna
take it to a boxer’s stance. Alright, so again your knees are soft. Stay on the balls of your feet. Keeping everything loose, but everything else as far as your core is nice and in. Bring those arms up. What you’re gonna do is do little jabs, like so Jab, Jab And it’s a quick Jab and in Engaging those muscles. You could stay here, or you can do singles. Singles. Keep goin’. You could stay down here if you need to. Or you could stay up here. Good job. Keep those arms engaged, keep that core engaged. Ooh. Now take it up. Up, ooh, you feelin’ it? Take it back to center. Alright, now take it down. Pretend you have like a watermelon. You’re just punching it. Good. Quick jabs. Now take it center. Alright, alright. Four. Three. Two. Now quick, quick. Say you like a punching bag. Like this right? Keep goin’, keep goin’. Woo, feel it. Center. And loosen it up. Take it to a jog. One more, one more of those little quick, we call’em like a little football run. Getting one last anaerobic, your high intensity energy all the way up. Can’t make sentences right now. Alright, now take it down. Good, good, keep goin’. Yes, keepin’ everything in. Good job. Woo, woo. Four. Three. Two, and take it to a jog. Take it to those little
jumps side to side. And step to the side. Alright. Take a deep breath in. And out. In. Okay, good job. We’re gonna get those knees again. Woo. Getting that little heart rate down. We’re gonna shoot it right back up. Okay, keep goin’. If you need to you can slow it down to here. Smaller movements, or keep ’em high. Alright, Alright. High knees, high knees. Woo. Keep goin’. Big moves. Now take ’em center. Crunch, crunch. Good job. If you want to add those arms, behind your back. Crunch, obliques, your abs, you’re workin’ everything out. Your legs, calves. Four, Three, Two, One. Jog it out. Little hops to the side. Shake everything out. Woo. Alright, side step. Keep goin’. And in another one if you like. Add that hop if you like. I hope you’re sweating like me. It’s coming down. Feels good. Feels great, actually. Getting that energy for the day. Getting that body for the summer. Alright, take it singles right here. Single. Now we’re gonna get into
some leg and booty action. Alright, you’re gonna get into a squat. You know, keeping those
knees behind your toes. And pretending you’re sitting right, there’s a chair behind you. You’re keeping that back straight. So you could keep it here if you want. Otherwise, we’re gonna add a kick. Like this. Good job. We’re gonna feel this. Keep goin’. Make sure your posture’s good. So you feel that ultimate burn. Your quads, your booty. Squeeze those gluts. Woo, alright. Five more. Good. Ah. One more. And now switching. Again, if you need to stay center, or if you need to kick lower, you can. Good job. Oh my goodness. I feel the burn. Woo. Keep goin’. Six more. Ah. Woo, okay. Three, two, ooh and one. Now you’re gonna stay down here, and you’re just gonna give me some pulses. Alright, two, and one. Walk it out, shake it out, we’re gonna do one more. Again, you could stay at the squat doing single squats in the middle, or what I plan on doing. I want you to join me. I we’re gonna do side squats. Jump side squats. How every you say that. Alright, so you’re squatting. Squat, squat. Okay, but keepin’ that form. Make sure your knees don’t go over your toes. Alright, you could keep it
down here if you need to, or you could keep it up. Woo. Gosh it feels good. Feel that burn. It’s all fire in those legs, and that booty. Keep goin’. Four more, four, three, two, and one. Back to center. And we’re doing pulses. Pulse. Ouch, ouch, ouch, I know. Woo. Keep going. Five, four, three, two, and one. You guys did a great job. Woo. Now let’s do a cool down
and recovery and stretch. It’s very important, okay? Go ahead and take that deep breath in. Exhale. And in. Exhale. Alright go ahead and stretch it, arm over. Take it to the other side. Mmm, feels so good. Now rotate forward. And back. Stretching out those abs. Go ahead and bring that arm across. Stretching them back. The biceps. Feels really good. Go ahead and switch. Ah. You guys did wonderful. Thank you. Let’s keep going with these stretches. It’s very important for the recovery. Okay, switch. Okay, come in, come down. And feel it all down your
hamstrings on your legs. Take it to one side. Ooh, it feels good. Feel all the way from the gluts down. Walk it over to the other side. Good job. Bring it center. Bring those legs in, if you can. Hug your knees. And roll it up. Bring that leg back, and toe front and pull right here. For that calve stretch. And switch. And another deep breath in. Woo, and out. Thank you guys for joining me. You guys did wonderful. I hope you broke a sweat like I did. See you next time.


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