Carb Cycling Week 9: Carb Nite vs. Turbo Carb Cycling

Hi guys, it’s Petrina your go to girl for
learning how to make fit work in a crazy busy world, and speaking of busy I want to find
time to paint over those coffee marks on the wall. It is week 9 I believe of my carb cycling
adventure and not much to report for this week, I had zero weight loss and I’m completely
ok with that, it is a bad time for me hormonally speaking so I wasn’t surprised that there
was not any movement on the scale, I’m not discouraged or disappointed so don’t worry
about me, I’m ok. This Vlog is actually going to be kind of a Q&A for me because I
did get this really wonderful set of questions from my new friend Luka and I’m trying so
hard to resist that overwhelming courage to sing that Susan Vegan song, I will not, I
will not do it, I will not sing it and she pretty much asked me why I made the switch
from choose to lose; the turbo cycling plan over to Carb Nite solution which I did I think
5 weeks ago now. So I did turbo carb cycling for a month and then I switched over to Carb
Nite solution, and the reason behind the switch was a friend of mine had alerted to me to
Carb Nite solution. I had heard of Carb backloading from the creator Kiefer a while back but since
I’m not looking to really bulk up I didn’t do too much research on these but this is
more designed towards weight loss and more specifically fat loss. The reason why I made
this one today, I wasn’t even really sure I was going to until I got the book and I
read through it was because the research behind it has shown that it can potentially have
more of an impact on your body composition and that the weight that you lose normally
no matter what program you’re doing you’re going to lose an X amount of fat, water weight
and muscle mass. This program contends that the bulk of what you lose is going to be fat
and since you know that it’s my big goal I decided to give it a try and see what happens.
So that pretty much motivated the switch. The biggest difference between these two programs
is that Carb Nite solution requires you to go ultra low carb not just low carb but ultra
low carb. You have to eat under 30 net carbs per day while as the turbo carb cycling you’re
not going ultra low carb and you’re not counting net carb grams, you’re just doing
carb servings instead. Another big difference is you’re tracking calories on the choose
to lose plan, you have to eat anywhere if you’re a woman anyway from 1200-1500 calories
a day with the exception of cheat day. With Carb Nite solution calories don’t matter
and he goes into whole section on this. The big thing is making sure that you’re eating
a high fat and moderate protein and ultra low carb diet. Another big difference is with
Carb Nite you get a 6-8 hour window where you can “cheat” and have really carby
deliciousness like this cheese cake on the cover and with the choose to lose turbo carb
cycling you get a full day of cheating but you have to keep it 2400 calories or under
if you are woman. In my humble opinion for the average person I think Chris Powell’s
plan would be easier to follow, there is a definite I think greater level of discipline
when you’re going ultra low carb and making sure that you’re keeping the high fat and
the moderate protein. For me personally I liked Carb Nite solution better, this might
be because I already had experience doing ultra low carb when I did Adkins 10 years
ago but I found it a more satisfying program to follow. To be honest I think the higher
fat content foods generally taste better and I personally feel more full. As I said before
there is no one perfect diet for everyone and so I think they are both great programs,
you just have to really know yourself, ask yourself tough questions and then decide which
of the two you prefer or maybe it should be some other way, it’s all up to you, you’ve
got to really dig deep. Are you bored? I hope you’re not bored. Anyway that’s the end
of my week 9 carb cycling Vlog. As always if you have any questions you can email me
at [email protected] and maybe you can even get a shout out in the future video.
You can checkout my crazy sexy cool website over at or if you’re
inclined you can sign up for absolutely free fitness coaching with me at
that’s it, take care and have a great weekend, bye.

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