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all the links are down in the description box so then you’re probably
clicking on this thinking oh this is a load of rubbish you cannot build muscle
while you’re losing weight how can you you’re losing weight so
muscle comes off you know it doesn’t okay there’s a big myth and people in
the industry will say yes you will lose muscle mass when you are cooking losing
weight whatever you want to call it but it is false it is rubbish and I’m gonna
tell you why it is rubbish not only from me telling you it but also
scientists doctors got all the evidence and it’s got to be on the screen so no
one can say nothing had studied over it so I’m gonna go and break through this
actual question can you lose muscle when losing weight can you lose muscle on a
calorie density what this means is if you’re in a calorie deficit if you’re
basically having lower caries than what you maintain that you will lose muscle
mass yes you can buy one extreme way and I’ll tell you that a bit later but I’m
gonna break it down to you and I’m gonna put up their evidence in the video and
show you how you can actually build muscle while losing weight and actually
maintain it which is the main reason this is the I don’t know this is the this is a jewel
in gem this is the thing that most people always tell you doesn’t matter
who it is from big big the youtubers to people who do shows everybody loses
muscle mass when you are on a calorie Desa fit and are you losing muscle no
you’re not losing muscle you’re losing body fat you’re losing weight of your
body you are not losing moss or how do I know that because I have actually done
it myself I went on and mainly cut which is probably the worst way of actually
losing weight that you’re what you’re doing is you’re learning how solo you’re
losing weight at a rapid rate and that is probably the only way you can
actually lose muscle mass but I didn’t lose muscle mass at all did I gain
muscle matter no but I stayed the exact same so much only reduces when there’s
nothing else to come off that their body wants to eat the fat first and then it
will eat the muscle if you’re in a diet for two years of course it’s gonna eat
muscle because you’ve got to be nothing less to golf you but if you’re on a diet
where you’re reducing it very very slowly you’re not gonna lose muscle mass
you’re probably got a game and I’m gonna tell you how you could actually gain
muscle maintain muscle and stick it up to all them people actually say you will
well be expected to lose a lot of muscle when you’re cutting be expected to lose
all this muscle mass in the first place one how much more so much do you
actually know you’ve had all got in if you’ve never measured yourself obviously
if you’re going to a you will be the leanness you have
possibly been you’ll be under 8% body fat guaranteed
and that is the best time to measure yourself I did a video about me
measuring myself as I’m on a bulk at the moment just to see what my status will
be later on in the year compared to where I’m caught and then next year if
I’m going on another bulking phase or you know so I wanted to do that go and
check it out the link is down below but what you need to do is you need to
measure yourself if you’re on the court and you’ve done your cut and you know
all your just done a show measure yourself measure what your biceps on
your your chest everything like you’re showing off because that is the leanest
you’re going to be that is the most mortalmaxx that you have got and you
can’t have a comparison to future references in years to come but this is
more about when you’re actually training when you’re actually doing that 16 we
caught it 20 we caught right people who are on steroids
this is nothing to do with you because obviously when you’re on steroids you
don’t lose muscle mass at all if anything you probably gain muscle mass
because you’ve got all them drugs in you to help you maintain and the muscle mass
so it’s more for the natural people who are like me because we all want to know
we want to be thin and toned but then we don’t want to just be skinny and be
where’s all the muscle gone and the reasons is because it’s them cuts you
then blitz cuts them six-week cuts them drastic cuts where you’re you’re
dropping your carries by a thousand calories so you’re on like 1,500
calories who survives on 1,000 required one carries literally I mean last week
of a show maybe if you’re like ready stage yes you might be also it depends
on how big you are as a person but what I want to say is I didn’t see now I’m
going to post a lot of information on the actual video and I have been
researching I this has been being researched over for last month hopping
going on the Internet I’ve been looking it up not on people who are on YouTube
like me not people who I know or people who actually have got degrees
I’ve got diplomas and you know are geniuses
they are their brains are massive and they just know stuff like this because
they can produce numbers out of their head like Albert Einstein but these
people know their stuff right they research they don’t just thought I’ll
stop because it’s a reputation they’re putting on the line so as you can see
there is certain articles on my screen now where it tells you that you can lose
muscle mass like I just said about if you are under a certain percent of body
weight and drastically lose it if you’re like 1 to 6 percent which is very and
very very lean but if you are on a diet where you’re losing it gradually you
will not lose muscle mass if anything your game if you’re a 20 stone man and
you are going to the gym what is going to happen more likely is your muscles
are gonna get bigger and it’s gonna start replacing the fat so you don’t see
your muscles disappear and but and also if you’re being 20 stone for several
years you wouldn’t even know what your muscle mass is and this is the thing
that gets me with all this rubbish that’s telling people that you’re gonna
lose muscle mass when you’re losing weight and it folds it’s all false like
I said it’s only where you’re gonna lose muscle mass is if you are basically
dieting for the rest of your life or you’re
gonna be cutting down basically half your calories too or even more and of
course you will because you won’t have no energy you won’t have nothing but
also the reasons how you’re gonna lose it is because maybe you haven’t got it
you might not have the muscle mass anyway if you’ve never been on a court
if you’ve never had a diet where you’ve gone quite no as possible you know or
not done I’m not talking about a book when you’re under fifty percent body fat
you should be able to see apps if you’re not seeing ABS under fifteen percent
body fat you probably haven’t got abs and I’m not saying you haven’t got them
because everybody has got abs but them they’re muscle they are a muscle you
need to work them if you never trained arms in your life it doesn’t matter how
much weight you lost and how much body fat percentages your arms are gonna
still be skinny so you’ve gotta work at these parts there’s no point cutting if
you’ll just never been to the gym you know you and that’s what I’m gonna help
you with this video how to actually maintain muscle oh then you probably
wondered how to keep that muscle how to keep that muscle mass when you’re
cutting well gradually so first of all make sure you are low on your calories
at a minimum right if you’re eating 3,500 like me lower it a little bit
lower it like buy a hundred for the first week and then maybe two hundred
and you know so you’re losing a little bit of weight at a time not drastic six
pounds every single week because by the time you get to like four four or five
weeks you’d be basically cut but you’ll be like cut and you will lose a lot of
muscle mass because it will be eating away from every part of the body if you
cooked slowly of course your body will get used to
and it won’t eat away at the muscle mass it will eat at the fat and another thing
you can do is actually make sure your protein is up I suggest when you are on
a court if you are posed to be eating so much protein anyway you’re posed to be
eating per gram per body weight so if you’re 200 pounds you need to eat 200
grams of protein a day either if that is food or food and protein shakes so then
if you are cutting I would up it I would probably up it if you is 200 grams
I would hope it make sure your least 50 grams of 200 grams more protein this way
the protein will be kicking in more to rebuild their muscles more helping them
fight the fatigue more which would help them stay the same or even grow so
that’s another way another thing is we’re card at the gym
do not slack at the gym if anything work harder than you’ve ever worked right
people say that you lose strength as well when you’re cutting it’s a lie yes
you will lose strength if you are cutting drastically I like for instance
Eddie Hall if your how what he weighed when he lifted 500 kg to what he is now
he would never be able to lift it because pure body weight if you’re only
cutting a few pounds that a few pounds will not drastically make you weaker
because you will be pushing out and pushing you out Indian is all in your
mind psych yourself up make sure you get them
reps out obviously if you are wanting to build muscle also make sure you’re
hitting them reps don’t just do under six reps yes you might look go to the
gym lifting a hundred kg and when you’re looking tiny I bought you if you’re only
doing three or four reps you’re not getting their muscles working they’re
not getting into that system they’re not breaking down then but breaking down the
muscle fibers then your she working your strength muscles so
you’re not working your other muscles where you can build muscle they’re
totally different things being strong and being mostly yes you
will get a mostly being stronger but also if you want to look like the
bodybuilders they’re not particularly the strongest people right if most of
them are quite weak compared to somebody their own weight who is a strength
person can lift a hell of a lot more at the same weight her body weight as them
and they can do because what they do is they do more reps they do the for they
do the sets between ten to fifteen I would always say hit around them because
they’re thus that’s when the muscles will work and it will make them bigger
if you’re getting told that you’re gonna lose a lot of weight and you’re gonna be
expected to lose muscle don’t believe it I would say don’t even trust that person
if it’s a coach it is a mate or somebody off the internet because if you are
going to be losing muscle there’s something in that plan where you’re
gonna be cutting a lot of calories out and just to get that result and this is
why I don’t really like these mini cuts and stuff like that I think they’re
great for people who are not necessarily into bodybuilding will just want to look
good and look slim you know like overweight people where the one look a
bit trim for a holiday or you know something like that they’re great for
them well if you’re looking into bodybuilding like me going competing or
you’re looking to look really good and look shredded you need to diet slowly
you need to diet though especially being natural
there is a I feeling that I think if you do too long you will then lose muscle
mass because obviously dieting for a certain amount of time you will
eventually there is nothing else to come off so you will lose muscle but I always
say between 16 to probably 20 22 24 I think that is the perfect amount of time
to go on a diet and of course then by the time of the last few weeks you can
lose a lot more weight quicker if you want to if you’re going in a show or for
a photo shoot because you can ramp up the cardio you know and then you can
lower the calories a bit more but I would gradually low the calories as slow
as possibly you can you know and main you know sometimes you don’t even need
to lower the calories it’s just about what you’re putting in and you know what
your daily expenditure is you’ve got to make sure that you be careful I know
everybody wants to lose weight quick and get shredded you know especially
nowadays that Fitness is more popular and you see all over Instagram well you
also gotta remember about what you’re looking on Instagram these people have
been training for years they’ve probably a lot of them have never been in shows
all the might have done shows when they was younger poor it’s not in their
interest now and they bulked up over the years you know gradually that’s what
that’s that’s the thing they’ve got the book look gradually over the years where
now they’ve got a healthy body healthy muscle strong muscles where they can
naturally look good all year round right because their muscles are
developed so long after so many years of training that they don’t have to be
absolutely cut shredded to see the six-pack see the the fibers in their
chests when they’re working out because they’ve been training so long if you’re
newbie just remember it takes time like it takes time just don’t rush you know
don’t go into a cut as well that’s a nothing do not go into a course if
you’re new don’t go into a cut and just think well I need to get shredded
now eat eat your metabolism is awesome when you’re young eat as much as you can
and just train hard lift and weight progressive overload that is another one
which I forgot to say progressive over you can still do it when you’re cutting
remember it’s all in your mind is how much you do want it as well you don’t
have to think Oh week right that’s why pre-workout therefore that’s where
coffees there give you energy that’s what you’re gonna train with your mate
and then push it right you got all these advantages like they’ve got no things to
stop you from still looking good while cutting but if you are young
don’t cut make sure you train in for at least two to three years before you even
attempt to cut because you don’t need to you need to start get get that muscle
because the first couple of years when you’ll start training and the most
important you you can get massive results when you start at a gym for the
first two years you can get absolutely huge compared to what you start as and
you don’t need to cook all you need to do is eat healthy eat maintain you don’t
even need to eat healthy when you’re your because your metabolism just burns
ever enough so just train hard make sure you get in
them numbers in and lifting them weights and then make sure those weights are
getting heavier gradually time after time and the reps are getting more and
set so getting more because that’s progressive over
and trust me you will see results easy and then when you’ve got a stage where
you think yeah look at me I’m quite big right but I’m not lean yeah then do your
cut because then you have got muscles on you and you can actually see what is
actually muscle mass and what is actually in fact that’s why I suggest if
you really really really want to know the closest way of actually knowing how
much more all you’ve got is probably eating as lean as probably when you’re
on a bulking phase you know but don’t bulk up like a stupid amount like I said
with the losing weight gradually bulk up slowly by adding an extra fifty hundred
calories maybe every month or something so you’re gradually putting on you know
a pound a month and that’s fine a pound a month would be fine you know that’s a
stone almost in a year you know it doesn’t matter gradually do it then
you’ve got no rush right there’s no it’s not a race where you need to get to a
certain weight because the faster you put on weight the faster it’s gonna be
probably fat and that’s the thing yes you will get stronger but as soon as you
lose all that fat you’ll be down back to the slackly same weight you was when you
looked good and what’s the point that you just wasted a lot of time a lot of
money eating food and you’ve not got nowhere
so then hope you enjoyed this if you’ve got any questions please comment down
below if you like these sort of videos um because in the past I was like you
got no information you don’t know what you’re all about
I don’t know everything but who doors right you couldn’t listen to somebody
who thinks he’s an expert on on here but all he’s doing is reading a script
somebody who’s Rita yeah so I’m just saying my opinion but I’m backing up
with a few reports of doctors so there’s not much else I can say if you enjoyed
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