CAN A GIRL Build Custom DIY Shelves for Craft Room Storage?

Welcome to Designed to the Nines I’m
NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my channel
today is the girls can use power tools challenge and this is a series that I do
about once a month to empower women to feel comfortable using power tools
this month’s co-host is Katie from Handy mom and she is so talented with the
power tools and she’s quite fun to watch so after you watch my episode I’d
invite you to pop on over to her channel and watch her episode because I know you
are gonna learn some mad skills and be inspired in today’s project i’m going a
little big for my episode for this challenge
i’m going to be building some craft shelves here in my studio slash craft
room and they are going to be built in now i don’t know if you’ve ever priced
this out but they can run thousands upon thousands of dollars and that’s why i’ve
decided to do it myself because i can do it for about 10 to 20 percent of the
cost and that is a massive savings and i can have beautiful shelves now if you
are a experienced finished carpenter you might want to turn away i’m not trained
as a finished carpenter I’m just an avid DIYer and I might not do things the way
a finished carpenter might do it but the way I’ve done it has works in the past
so if that works for all of you I’d invite you to stick around and watch me
build some shelf so let’s get started now the first thing that we need to do
is remove the baseboard since we are going to be building this in we need to
rip away the baseboards from the wall I am also planning on leaving my carpet
whle it is meant to be a permanent fixture in here at some point I’m gonna
want to replace the carpet I really didn’t want to mess with that for now so
we’ll cross that bridge when it gets here we are going to take out part of
this trim right here but we’re going to do that after we build the shelf that
way we know exactly what the dimensions are
and I’ll show you how to do that at that point so I know that this is a girls can
use power tools challenge but I don’t own a table saw yet so I went to the
Home Depot and had them do all of my major cuts
I like MDF because it’s very heavy it’s very sturdy it doesn’t bow easily
because it’s just really strong and it paints up nicely
and since we’re not going to be near any kind of water source it works out just
fine for this application so I went into there I had a sheet with all of the cuts
that I needed and they made all of the cuts now if you do this you want to give
them a little bit of time so you’re gonna want to go in ahead and place an
order and think very nicely did that for me and I’m sure that they’ll do it for
you as well so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
build the shelf on the ground you know I cut all of my pieces about an inch and a
half shorter than ceiling so when we lift it up it should tightly go in but
it should still clear it when we stand it up let’s get building our first shelf
I’m gonna do the side shelves on either side first and then we’ve got a longer
one in the middle that’s a little bit lower I start by taking some
measurements so our shelves will line up with some of the stripes as well as the
base trim then I mark lines on both sides of each side panel with the top
and bottom of each shelf I hope that makes sense
this way I will know exactly the available area that I have to place
screws okay so here’s what I decided to do I am going to do a shelf right here
the middle is right here so then we’ve got one two three four five left over
which means we’re not going to be perfectly evenly spaced especially if we
want to line our shelves up with the stripes but that’s actually okay because
I’ve got some decor pieces and some larger pieces that a little extra room
would be okay so what I think I’m going to do is keep one two three and line up
our shelf here and then go one two and line up our shelf there and so this
space will be a little bit bigger because we want these markings on all
the sides I’m going to flip them over and use one as a template we’re gonna do
that on for all four pieces for the two side shelves so that we have all of
that done so when it comes time to start assembling it’ll go so much faster okay
so by now you are going to be sweating it’s just inevitable this part is a
little bit tedious but it’s going to make putting the shelves together so
much easier you’re gonna be glad that you did this
so I know I’ve done this in other episodes but I wanted to show you again
how to use Nailer especially one with the air compressor and it’s really easy
to use now you don’t need to use a nail gun for this project you can get away
with just the screws or you can hand nail some of these items in but this is
just gonna make my job a little bit more simple so I like that before we turn it
on I’m going to attach our nail gun and the way you do that is you pull back on
this end piece you stick it in and then you release and that attaches it to the
hose I’ve got my dial set to right in the middle and that’s about a hundred
and fifty pounds of tank pressure and a hundred pounds of regular pressure and I
found that pretty much works for most projects if you find it’s not going in
far enough then you can turn up the pressure if it’s going in a little too
far then you can turn down the pressure so other than that we just turn it on
like that so the first one’s gonna be a little tricky just because you have to
hold it in place kind of get it level once we get this piece attached then we
it will prop this up and we can bust this out really fast because we took all
the time to make the marks this part it’s gonna be so much easier than if we
didn’t because we can line it up on the one side and then with our nailer we all
shoot in some nails from this side we do want to use the screws because that’s
really what’s gonna give it the support I’m going to hold it with my legs since
I am building this alone line this all up oh yeah! perfect
and then we will shoot in another nail so now that we’ve got one in we’ve got
it braced up and that will help us go all the way down now we’re gonna put up
our other side and I’m doing this all before adding any screws that way we
just kind of have it tacked into place and all we need to do is line these
lines up with the shelves and make sure everything is
level and square so we’re gonna just bust this out! if we just left it with
the nails that wouldn’t be sturdy at all it would fall to pieces so that’s just
to basically hold this in place while we do the next step I have some two and a
half inch exterior screws these are pretty handy I’m going to put three in
each side of the shelf and that should hold up pretty well especially when we
add the backing with all of those things together it should be pretty sturdy so
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna just loosen the top of the drill and pull out
our tip and put in our drill bit to pre-drill for the holes and the way I
like to tighten that up is I hold on to it while it’s loose squeeze the trigger
and that closes it and so now we can pre-drill our screws since this is all
attached together all we need to do is pick where we want the screws and make
sure we do it in between the two lines that we’ve drawn and do it straight you
don’t want to do it on an angle because you don’t want screws coming out any of
your shelves so you want to make sure your drill is a very straight line it up
where you want switch out our tip to a countersinking tip because we don’t want
our screw heads to pop out in fact I plan on putting some putty over the top
of them so you can’t even see them at all
and put that countersinking tip on now we’re gonna put it in where we just
pre-drilled the holes okay we are gonna take off that tip and
just put our regular Phillips tip on so now we can just start drilling our
screws in now we need to do it to all the shelves on both sides now that we’ve
got both sides screwed in we’re going to take our beadboard that we had cut at
Home Depot we’re gonna slide the back here and we are going to nail it into
place before I do that I want to mark where
all of the shelves are so that we know where we can put a few nails in each
shelf so now with the back on we’re gonna lift it up and see how we did and
hopefully no nails are poking through in places that they shouldn’t
so let’s lift it up pull out our muscles if you have back issues get some help
but look pretty good now we’ll build the other one that’s like this and we’ll go
to that point even though my measurements were correct the carpet was
kind of pushing back so I decided to attach the trim to the shelf before
installing it into place before we can start our centerpiece we need to get
both side shelves in their spot and this is because we need to double check our
dimensions and make sure we’re super certain and so in order to do that we’re
gonna also I need to cut off some trim so I’m gonna take you over here and show
you what I’m doing I’ve probably never shown you this
before but this is an oscillating tool and we’re going to be using it to kind
of cut our trim off where we need it to be and what I’ve done is I just made
some marks of the depth of our unit and where the trims gonna be and we’re gonna
just turn this on and saw off this section only now it’s time to place our shelf so
let’s pull out our guns again and push it into place or if you have extra help I
give you permission even though this is girls can use power tools sometimes a
little extra muscle is okay. I did this by myself because my husband
was at work but I would recommend getting some help if not just put your
back into it like I did! we did it all right now with these in place we can
take our measurements and make sure that it’s all gonna fit and put this
section in okay so now that we’ve got our beadboard up we are going to put
some of this 1 by 2 around up here here and here to support our shelf so all we
need to do is take some measurements and cut those up I’m going to cut those on
my miter saw so as in past videos when I’m working with my miter saw or any
kind of sound really I like to wear my safety glasses or some kind of eye
protection just in case anything gets spit up like sawdust in the process you
want to keep your eyes safe and protected so
all those pieces so we’re just pre-drilling all of our
screws into place just so they’re ready to go so we’ve got those ready to go
we’re gonna go over here we have these nice handy marks and we’re just gonna
put this here and make sure that everything is nice and level okay so on
this one I’m just gonna match up that end to that end
because if they should be in the right spot so to hold this in place I’m just
going to tack it in with a nail gun and then we’re gonna find some studs to
screw it into so we’re just going to tack this into place I’m covered in
sawdust from cutting some of the trim pieces and such so we’ve got our bottom
shelf ready and installed before we install this we’re going to kind of tilt
this piece up install the trim and then then we’ll tighten it up by putting some
finish nails around and that will kind of push it into place one last thing
before we start trimming this whole thing out to make sure this center
section doesn’t sag even though it’s pretty strong with the MDF we’re gonna
put some support beams back here and I got those pre-cut and we’ll just nail
those into place but then I’m also going to take some of this trim right here and
that’s just to give it a little extra support in the center I don’t think that
it will really need it but it’s just one extra step then we’re gonna use the same
trim to trim out the shelves and go to town I might have to get a taller ladder
to finish this job or something so that’s it now out the last thing we have
to do is some crown molding and I actually bought this two inch casing
it’s not crown molding but I’m gonna use it to fake crown molding and we are just
going to take measurements and we are just gonna mark
where the outside is and then we’ll cut that on a 45 nail this in place
nice this has been a workout let me tell you okay now we just need to caulk
prime and paint my built-in craft storage cabinets are done well almost
they are only primed for right now in two weeks time I am doing a craft room
makeover and you will see the fully finished shelves then as well as every
week thereafter… forever it was just a nail-biter for this one if you were
doing this by yourself I had to give yourself two weekends to
do this but if you have a little help you could accomplish this in one weekend
and you could have something beautiful that you could put your TV on that you
could put in your craft room wherever you feel like you need this this would
be good in a living room a dining room or right here in my craft room which I
am so excited about the message I hope you receive is that you can use power
tools too and you can use them from big projects like mine to small projects
like you’ll see on the list you’ll see the whole wide variety of that so now
that you’ve watched my episode I’d urge you to go check out Katie from handy
mom’s episode I know she’s got something awesome planned for you as well as all
of the amazing and talented individuals participating in this playlist from big
to small you will be inspired when it comes to power tools if you liked this
episode here’s another episode that I think you’ll like and until next time to
all of my DIY niners bye


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