Can you actually burn fat and keep that lean muscle on or even build muscle at the same time do you feel a Constant battle with your metabolism in your body and just feel stuck on this time So today you guys I’m going to teach you exactly how to do your macros so that you can burn fat and build muscle or just maintain that lean muscle At the same time this is gonna be a very quick video just little tutorial to show you how to figure out those macros again You guys you may want to check out my other videos? under the playlist Nutrition 101 to understand what macros are what they do for your body how to find out your basic macros as well as what carb Cycling is because today you guys I’m gonna be showing you how to figure out your carb Cycling macros you guys I have been doing carb cycling for years. I absolutely love it. My body loves it There are many many many ways to carb cycle and I’m not gonna get into carb cycling today because that’s not what this video is About it’s about finding out your macros to track them for Optimal fat burning and building muscle and carb cycling is one of the best ways to be able to burn fat and build muscle At the same time or just maintain a lean kind of bulk a lean a muscle mass you guys This is what I teach all of my Fit Club members all of my clients. I have helped hundreds of women Transform their bodies just by following these type of macros. So stay tuned. I’m so excited It’s your turn now to get some amazing results. You guys don’t forget to go hit that subscribe button Hit that notification bell so when I do upload new videos that you will be notified when I upload them again this these videos will be under the under the playlist in nutrition 101 Don’t forget to leave your comments in the comment box If there’s things that you didn’t understand things that you did things that you want to see more comment. I love connecting with you I want to build my online YouTube community. So please leave those comments below as well as give me a thumbs up I would helps my ratings do better the better my ratings do the more content I can Create for you The better it gets show you guys make sure that you stay to the end of this video because I have an amazing PDF checklist Maxo cheep-cheep for you. So you need that you want that that is going to help you Welcome back to my channel you guys. Thank you for tuning in today. If you are new to my channel welcome. I’m so Excited to have you if you are new comment in the comment box below I’m new so I can connect with you If you have any questions again, leave them below if you don’t know me, my name is Hannah Dawson I’m owner and creator of fitness ministry. I’m a certified personal trainer for over going on 12 years now I’m a nutrition coach that specializes in a macro cycling Macronutrients carb cycling that’s what I specialize in and I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you transform your body from the inside out and I do this by teaching you one how to train with a purpose two how to eat with a purpose and Three how to have paid through this process because it is all about the pros All right, you guys we’re gonna get right into it. Like I said short sweet How do you figure out your how do you calculate your macros? For burning fat and building muscle at the same time All right Step one you are going to go to fitness ministry dot CA and go under blog go to carb cycling calculator step two you are going to input all your information for your goal It’s going to ask you your age your height your weight your sex your goal your activity level as well as if you are carb Sensitive now, this is for someone that has like filly acts or really sensitive to carbs Then I would put that if not, just leave it as it so you’re gonna put in input your information Step three. You guys are going to get a sheet. It’s going to show you your carb cycle now It’s gonna say whatever day you signed up it on It’s gonna say Monday Tuesday all the way to Sunday and it’s going to give you your high Or yeah your high your medium and your low carb days Now you’re going to see the percentages and the grams You’re going to want to write this out step four you are going to go and in put this in my fitness pal and you’re going to Track these numbers for the next two to three weeks and that’s it You guys that’s all you have to do to figure out your macros to start really amping up your fat burning like I said You’re gonna want to go watch what carb cycling is the benefits how what to when why I’m to understand this but other than that you all’s you need to do is follow these that being said if you Don’t know how to input your car but your difference or your different macro cycle days in MyFitnessPal comment below that you would like me to do a tutorial On how to set your different your different cycle days, and I can show that for you So comment below My Fitness Pal carb site. Well, thank you guys for tuning in today again leave your comments in the comment box below if this was helpful or whatever you would like to see more of Follow me on my social platforms again. Everything is in the show notes below. So go and check those out Other than that you guys have an amazing week and I will see you in my next video Bye


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