Buying a Climbing Harness: What You Need to Know

Hi I’m Tim without door gear exchange we’re here today to talk about picking a climbing harness. There’s a lot of options out there hopefully this will help narrow it down for you a little bit. One of the first things we’re going to talk about is as you get a more expensive harness you’re not necessarily getting a safer harness. All harnesses have to meet U.I.A.A. safety standards so they will protect you whether you’re taking a massive whip off your sport project or just doing some top roping in the gym. With that in mind look at the more basic end of things this is the Primrose from Black Diamond this is the women’s version the men’s version of the Momentum is also available most harnesses in this range are in that fifty to sixty dollar range the way they save some money is they have this big piece of webbing that goes around the entire harness and you rely on the padding here for comfort more expensive harnesses have more pieces of webbing or different methods of distributing your weight so it’ll be a bit more comfortable if you’re hanging in it for an extended period of time most of these harnesses have four gear loops so regardless of what type of climbing you’re doing if you’re climbing trad where you need a lot of gear these will take care of you and get you out there the next type of harness we have are going to be some good general all-around errs this is the Ujamaa from petzl the women’s version of the luniz available most of these harnesses are in the 70 to 90 dollar range a lot of them you get a choice of an adjustable or fixed leg loop this has adjustable leg loops with adds a little bit of extra weight but gives you extra adjustability if you’re wearing different layers or I’m a skier in a runner at pretty big legs compared to my waist this helps make a harness fit much better six leg loops will be lighter weight and tend to give you one less thing to worry about most of these harnesses will have ice clipper slots that once you put a special carabiner in for carrying I stools or ice screws if you’re an ice climber definitely something to look for in your harness otherwise it’s a nice thing to have need an extra gear loop you can put a carabiner in there but really exclusive to the winter climber these tend to have an extra piece of webbing that goes down through the bottom or something like that to help distribute your weight a little bit better and still have a fair amount of padding here up next we have some of the more specialized harnesses this is the zone from Black Diamond really designed around sport climbing very lightweight very low profile slightly smaller gear loops with the assumption you’re just carrying quickdraws this is going to be really light not the most comfortable thing to hang out in but this actually will have three strips of webbing going through here so really good weight distribution without needing a ton of bulk and padding some of these will have much larger gear root loops if their design around trad climbing BD also makes a harness that has a bunch of ice clipper slot so if you’re really dedicated winter climber you can really customize your harness to what you need most of these are in that hundred dollar and up range and tend to be tailored towards a very specific type of climbing in the last step we have the super special at our nas’s these may be super lightweight harnesses with one gear leap on each side for sport climbing or something like the warden from camp designed around big wall climbing this has a lot of stuff going on it’s got a super wide waistband so if you’re sitting in your harness for a while hauling heavy loads it’s going to be really comfortable has a ton of gear loops so if you’re carrying all that extra stuff you need on a big wall you’ve got places to put it you also have multiple tie in points so if your aid climbing and have daisy chains and all kinds of other stuff to keep track of you’ve got room for it on the other side there are some super lightweight harnesses out there that are designed to be as light as possible that are great for sport climbing if you going for those hard red points those harnesses tend to be in that 120 150 dollar range big decision most people need to make is whether or not you’d fixed or adjustable leg loops and then where your needs are if you don’t have any special needs as a climber dealing with some of the more basic harnesses will definitely save you money moving up the line you’ll get a little more comfort or if you’ve really specialized in a certain discipline you’ll get some more features specific to that you can find these and tons of other great harnesses on our website gear XCOM thanks for watching

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