Business School ID Week 2015 Insect Protein Workshop

I’ve been passionate about insect
protein for a long time ,and I’ve been talking a lot with my peers about why people should
invest in this. This Protein Workshop focused on insects was setup
by Yanni, he basically reached out to this organization called Next Millennium Farms.
Their whole concept is that we’re gonna run into a food shortage soon.
The world’s population will reach about nine billion in 2050. There is no argument that
the rapid growth of the human population is gonna have a massive increase on our demand
for food, and that’s really what brought insect eating to the forefront of Western culture.
I’m trying to find a way to produce products that are not only convenient for
people but also have good sources of protein that sustain our environment. Here I’ll be sampling one of my products, it’s called Cricket Crunch. The taste is great. Like, it’s nutty you get a bit of crunch in there. When I took it out of the bag and you could see it’s eyes it was like, “Ahhh, I’m gonna eat a cricket!” But then you eat
it and it was like, “Wow! It’s actually pretty good” I’ve been wanting this to
happen for so long, and I don’t know, I think this is the future, really. This is it. Having Next Millennium Farms here today, I think,is a big step.

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