Business of the Future

– [Narrator] Are you working
harder and longer for less money, time, success, quality of life? Imagine, how would your
life be different if you could have more time,
work wherever you want, reduce stress, be present for
all those precious moments, pay for college, contribute more, take a dream vacation, build
a legacy for your children. What if you could start
right now to accomplish this? Why now? Have you noticed how people
are changing the way they work? They are working differently. They’re stepping out
of a nine to five life, and into happiness. Welcome to a world where
it’s simpler, easier, and less expensive than ever
to become an entrepreneur. Technology and social
media connects us all. We are a global marketplace. You’ve probably noticed
how with a smart phone, at the touch of a few
buttons, anyone, anywhere, can start doing business. The sky’s the limit. Look around, millions of
people are working side jobs and earning extra income by
selling their creations online, renting rooms in their homes, giving people rides in their cars, trading ideas and
services with each other. But they’re still trading time for money. There is a better way. It’s called network marketing
and it is come of age. Network marketing gives
you time flexibility. You work when you can, when you want, the ability to work anywhere. With a smart phone,
you are free to wake up anywhere you wish and build your business. Our partnership. You and the company need each other. Excellent training and support. The company provides
training, tools, and websites for your success. A positive culture. Work with positive,
committed, determined people. An opportunity. Low startup costs, no
need to stock inventory, no need to leave your job. Do it alongside what you already do. No caps on earning potential. Network marketing is a business
of leveraging relationships. You build your business
with a community of people all working together to grow and prosper. How do you make money? You work for yourself,
but not by yourself. Together you sell quality
products to consumers around the world. You grow a network of
partners who want to build a business with you and make a better life for themselves and their family. You get paid a commission
and can earn residual income on product sales generated
by you and your team. Start with one person, which leads to two. And then you have the ability
to progress to thousands of people sharing products and
building businesses together. Many companies in the
industry fail to give all the building blocks to success. What does the right company look like? There’s one company who’s
proven to be the vehicle for thousands of people. Why Isagenix? Isagenix is your partner. We have a vision to free
people, just like you, from physical and financial pain. Isagenix is rock solid. Led by experienced,
capable leaders who have already achieved massive
success in this profession. Supported by a highly qualified,
talented executive team. Has been growing for over 16 years. Has earned over $6 billion in total sales. Nearly 300 people who have
earned more than $1 million. Hundreds and hundreds who
have earned six figure incomes since joining Isagenix. Millions of lives impacted. Privately held, responsibly
run, with no operational debt. A legacy company that will be here for you and your family for generations. Inc 5000 fastest growing companies consistently for 11 years. Isagenix creates
scientifically proven products that are visual, emotional, and consumable that change lives and promote
long-term life wellness. Isagenix provides tracks to run on. You are shown the way to become a success, with a simple system to follow to get paid for sharing Isagenix products with others. Isagenix features a tribe of positive, happy, supportive people. Everyone helps each other succeed. We are a one team culture. Isagenix has the best compensation plan in all of network marketing. You can be paid daily,
weekly, and monthly. You can build a legacy
life with residual income. Commissions can be paid
on your entire team, and everyone benefits
from helping each other. You have the ability to
earn an amazing income and set the bar for your success. Isagenix is your home to
build your dreams upon. You’ll have caring, committed
owners as your partner, who have built the culture
where if it’s not right for the customers, then
it’s not right for Isagenix. Timing is perfect. Health and wellness, healthy aging, energy and performance industries are experiencing explosive growth. People everywhere are
taking their lives back. Be part of the Isagenix
mission to impact world health and free people from
physical and financial pain. And in the process, create the largest health and
wellness company in the world. Isagenix is a rocket taking
off into global expansion with significant growth
ahead domestically. Isagenix has the
opportunity, the products, the culture, and the business partnership you’ve been seeking for
your successful life plan. Your time is precious. Your life is precious. Choose a partner company
with whom you can build the life you’ve been dreaming
about, living freely, laughing more, having more energy, reigniting your sense of wonder in life, taking trips on your bucket
list while earning an income, imagining having more time
to be with those you love, stepping away from the nine to
five hustle with a solid plan for your future,
discovering how life feels when you have choices,
when you have hope again. You can find it here at Isagenix. Join thousands of others who have already built a better future
and life for themselves.

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