Business Coaching Client Success Stories

In 2016, we doubled our revenue from the
previous year, we also added four employees, we implemented at least three or four systems that cut down our workload, probably in half. Saying just
that, really isn’t enough because we did all of that and I worked at least 60% of
the hours I worked the year before, I had less than half the stress, I had the year
before. We did so much more with less of my time, and less of my life being taken
up with managing my business. There weren’t enough hours in the day and I’m feeling like at the end of every day I lost the day. We got to a place where we
were just crippled by by our own business, by the thing that we created
was what was holding us down and without hiring Karie I don’t know that I would
have achieved anything. I might have quit. I was tired, I had no will to go on so I don’t know that I would have any
results without having hired Karie. I know that if I had made it another year,
I know exactly what would have happened. I would have repeated the previous year. I would
have done exactly the same thing again. That’s hard to say, because
that was a really really tough year. I’m Gregg Cantor with Murray Lampert
Design Build Remodel, we’re a four generation local San Diego business.
I felt like we were really stuck, and so last year I decided it was time that we
really needed a coach, that could help us think outside of the box, and help me
get out of my own way. Because I was kind of stuck and stubborn, and maybe not as open to change. We have really increased our business, our opportunities,
and we ended up having the best fourth quarter in the history of our company,
and it’s carrying through this year already, and our pipeline looks really,
really good. What I like about what has happened the transformation in the last
six or eight months is just that I’ve become better at making goals, and if you
have goals then you’re going to hit your goals. We started working with Karie, 8 years ago, I was a chef by trade, I was
not a business person. When I started Wild Thyme, I didn’t even know I had to
pay taxes, I didn’t know anything. I needed someone to help
me focus on that side of things, there was definitely things that were
falling through the cracks at that time. Once I started working with Karie, my
business was already on track to grow, but it grew by 29-30% every
single year, year after year! There’s a big world out there, and there’s a lot of
things that we don’t all understand, and somebody like Karie, a coach like Karie
can really help you take the information she’s learned from all the different
types of businesses that she works with, and kind of bring it all together and
lend really valuable information that can help you grow your business, and also helps you not be scared to take the next step. Even if you think you hit a homerun
and you did the job perfectly, there’s always room for improvement,
and I really think any business can benefit from Karie because she’s going
to help you look at things with a different lens. Karie’s going to give you
what she gives me and what she gives every other business that she coaches,
which is her best. I cannot imagine how she couldn’t make a drastic
improvement in anybody’s business.

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