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hello Beachbody champions what’s up all
right my tripod it’s given me some issues here I want to make sure that I’m
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guys I’m at dive right in because I’m so excited I’m so honored to share hey
Keichun gosh I’m so honored really this is such a cool full-circle moment for me
to be able to share with you because I want to inspire you and encourage you
and give you practical tips today to help you to know that you can do this
you can build an incredible business on part-time hours and the reason I know
that is because I did it and I want to share my story so I’m Rachel Bodie I’ve
been a coach since 2016 I decided to do coaching and I went all-in
and I want to tell you a little bit about my story because I think it’s
important and I didn’t get me resonate with some of you maybe parts of it but I
was a working mom of two littles four and three I was a consultant so I was
traveling like a crazy person and that is really what drove me to want to be a
coach because I had the career I had the finances I had the whole package
everything looked perfect from the outside right but behind it all I was
crying breaking down anxiety-ridden Sunday
nights because I was leaving my family I was stressed out to the gills and I told
my husband I can’t do this anymore this is not what I signed up for and it was
like the American dream but turned in like the American Nightmare and so my
husband also travel internationally he’s a consultant for KPMG so we were just
really busy you guys we volunteered at church I mean we’re all busy right I
felt like I had no free time that was one of my number one objections I’m like
how am I supposed to build a business I don’t have time and I’m not trying to
brush my hair I still mostly don’t have time for that but that’s my choice these
days so anyway so that’s my background okay
but here I am I quit my job in December 2017 I quit my
six-figure job I’d like to I’m happy to share with you I get to work from home I
get to be with my kids I get to travel it’s just awesome and it is so worth it
it’s so worth it so that’s what I want I want you to kind of keep your eye on
that keep your eye on that one you’re why whatever that is for you and I’m
gonna dig into our tips okay I only have five tips for you I’m gonna try and make
them really practical and really tangible so when you are done today you
can go back sit down right after this or before the end of the day and apply
something because that’s what this is all about we have so many incredible
trainings but if you’re not applying what you’re learning so what so what so
many of us get paralyzed by all the different ideas that we don’t do
anything so we’re gonna commit to taking action on one thing okay
it’s deal so here we go so the first thing is this oh this is so important if
you don’t hear anything else tune in and you may eye roll because this
is not like new information but it’s when the morning when the morning you
guys you have to win your morning if you’re getting up when the kids are
getting up and it’s like mass chaos trying to get people ready and you know
squeeze in a workout and there’s kids running that is not a good tone to set
for your day am i right I have those days too where sometimes I choose to sleep
in and I’m like oh why did I do that because it just sets the whole tone for
my day not a good way I yell at my kids I mean you know I’m just being honest it
just it doesn’t work so here’s my recommendation and this is what I did
for two years while I was working while it was traveling while I was momming while
I was a wife while I was volunteering at my church which I eventually had to stop
doing first season I set the alarm for one hour earlier than I had to get up so
I set the alarm for 4:30 which is early you guys especially when your husband’s
a night owl and wants to talk to you and have serious conversations at 10 p.m.
does anyone else have husbands I love my husband but I’m a morning person so 4:30
am i set my alarm for two years and I created a morning routine morning
process win the morning miracle morning I don’t you can call it whatever you
want to call it but what you’re doing is you’re starting your day with
tension for me I’m a Jesus follower so I start my morning by spending time with
my Heavenly Father even if it’s like five minutes reading a scripture reading
a verse centering listening realizing I am not the one who’s orchestrating everything
that helps me that helps me now I still do that
okay so prayer personal development I mean you guys I know we talked about all
the time let me tell you so what I didn’t mention is I work for John
Maxwell for 14 years so I came in with a little bit of a swagger a little bit of
an attitude a little bit of pride okay hey Kate and you know what that was not
good you guys I’m like I don’t need to do that I’ve taught this stuff for 14
years I need personal development well guess what I started questioning maybe
I’m not good at this maybe I’m not cut out for this no-one’s messaging me back
I started questioning my value as a leader my worth all those things
that all the false beliefs you guys you have to do personal development you have
to do it what are you doing for personal development right now everyone start
dropping in there what you’re doing for personal development or your favorite
personal development book just list them out you are a badass miracle morning
girl wash your face oh my gosh Rachel Hollis I mean there’s so much goodness
that you can be putting into your brain to be reprogramming and immersing
yourself in the truth of what’s possible for you so prayer personal PAVE
P A V E prayer and personal development affirmations I know it sounds hokey you
know it sounds cheesy y’all for two years I said to myself I am a five-star
diamond elite coach I have earned enough money to quit my job and be full you
know at home full-time with my kids I will walk across the stage at summit
as a five star elite coach I said it I visualized it I pictured it and I
thought it was kind of weird but I did it anyway and it was so crazy cool I
cried I walked across the stage there’s Carl like I’m the only one who’s
crying everybody else is like cool and collected I’m like crying so there you
have it you know you affirm it you see it in as much color as you possibly can
and you guys your brain starts to figure out how you’re gonna get there I’m not
saying you can just manifest in the universe okay you got to work for
it but the more you can visualize it the more you get excited about it so prayer
personal development affirmation visualizations and exercise we’re a
fitness company got to be a product of the product get those workouts in Go Go
juice energize whatever you call it Shakeology every single day every day we
have got to we can’t give we don’t possess we got to walk it out your
journeys your story right you don’t have to look perfect but you have to share
your journey and so you got to be doing that and Instagram stories if you’re not
on stories what a great way to showcase that you’re doing LIIFT4 80 Day Obsession
or whatever workout or you’re drinking your you know whatever unicorn
juice people call it all kinds of different things you’re drinking their
daily sunshine and Shakeology it’s just of course you’re not saying Shakeology
right we’re just showing people our journey okay
win the morning that’s number one ready for number two okay here we go
first things first this is all about starting with the thing that you don’t
like to do because we all sit down to work her business and what do we
gravitate towards liking and comment all the fun things graphics whatever your
fun thing is that’s what you want to do and what I want to challenge you to do
is eat your frog eat your frog is a term by Brian Tracy where he talks about this
quote where if you Mark Twain if you eat a live frog first thing the morning it’s
the toughest thing you’re gonna have to do all day okay so that’s where that
comes from great book by the way that’s a good one for you to put on your list
y’all eat your frog and I bet for most of us our frog is inviting maybe not for
everyone maybe there’s that coach out there he’s like oh I love inviting
I love inviting to the business and I’ve actually kind of get in there I’m kind
of getting there now that I just am so passionate but in the beginning I wasn’t
it was kind of scary especially business invites and so what I want to challenge
you to do what I do every morning I invite five new people to the business
opportunity that may freak you out don’t have to do five but start with the thing
that is challenging kate loves inviting and she’s a rock star so there you go start with the thing that’s challenging for you that is that is where the magic is
guys you’ve gotta get on your comfort zone the only way you’re gonna grow you
gotta do all the vital behaviors if you’re not inviting you’re not gonna
grow your business so let me just share with you what I did there’s all kinds of
schools of thought around and how many invites you should do I’m gonna just
tell you what I did okay I didn’t do any crazy number of invite I went from
diamond to five-star late last year and I just did 20 invites a week so maybe
someone is gonna be like 20 invites a week that’s not very much or maybe
you’re thinking that’s like great that’s a crazy amount whatever it is you’re
inviting right so I did those invites I tracked them so I work from a list this
is a business okay so first things first you sit down you have a list you go to
Instagram you start inviting people who are watching your stories you start
inviting people who comment on your transformation post you start inviting
people who are following you that’s who you’re inviting and you’re making a
list of those people because if you could invite it one time you’re probably
not gonna say yes the first time maybe some will but you guys the fortune is in
the follow up and I followed up I did a relational piece I connect with these
people I genuinely want to know what their
issues are and challenges are so I can help them I followed up with some of
these people five six seven times which is crazy right but that is part of it
when someone says no they expect you to kind of move on to the next person so
surprise them instead of saying okay I see you add value hey totally get it hey
would it be helpful if I shared my free five clean eating plan or a recipe add
value now I’m kind of getting off my script here but and I’m getting excited
talking to you guys so that so first things first start with your frog my
recommendation is inviting okay whatever that number is for you challenge
yourself get out of your comfort zone and keep following up with those people
you guys unless you get a hard no like never call me again
they go on next month’s list and I keep sharing adding value one of the things
that I did early on about six months into my business is I created a team page
maybe you have a team thread and let me share this with you this is
different for everyone but for me it was a central hub where I could share all
the things that I was doing I put all the scripts and things
anything that I was doing that was working I would share in a central hub
instead of having to talk one-on-one with all those coaches all the time
I had a central hub now the first team training I did I was so excited on my
notes I’m like I’m a leadership consultant
so which Gold’s dropped they’re gonna be so blessed by me and I get on and there
was nobody on the call nobody on call you guys like my pride it’s like
in the fetal position and I’m like no I am going live with my page and I got on
there and I talked as if I had a huge team and you guys I did that every
single week six months into my business until this present day right now as we
said and you’ve got to kind of fake it sometimes and you just got to do it you
just continue to act as if which I’m going to get to in a second so that’s
one of the things I did okay we got the first two number three oh this is
good too this is this is from John Max all this is I don’t know if you guys need me
may not have never heard this but this is something that John shared with me
you work where you’re strong or lead where you’re strong work where you’re
strong you team or put a system in place where you’re weak work where you’re
strong team or systematize where you’re weak this is so important we all have
things were really great out right and we have things that were not so great at
and that’s just the reality of life that’s how God has created us so let me
give you first leg up to assess what are the things I’m good at what are the
things I’m not so good at once you have those things and figure out where can i
partner with someone or where can I put a system in place so for example I am
not the best at getting creative for social media that kind of stresses me
out a little bit it’s never been something I’m really strong at and I
like writing copy but it takes me a long time so here’s what I did
oh when I was working my crazy full-time job I got a little piece of paper I
wrote down the week Monday through Sunday
back then we were posting four times a day on Facebook I was only posting like
once a day on Instagram I was repurposing my post on Instagram so I
wrote down my four posts and I put in food fitsbow faith family not just
categories of something I was going to share
okay the night before I would create all the copy for those posts maybe I’d look
at if I had pictures I would kind of set them aside
back then you could not schedule posts on personal Facebook well maybe you
could but I wasn’t I wasn’t smart enough to do that yet so anyway I
set my alarm and I would just have those posts ready to go so during my day I was
on a client call I was at coca-cola I was traveling on an airplane
my post automatically or I had a reminder boom schedule my post okay so
that is just one example where you can create a system in an area where you’re
weak or a system where you just you need to have a system in place because you
just can’t master that vital thing that’s a part of the business
posting sharing your journey that’s like part of the lifeblood of our business
right sharing our story so here’s what else you can do here’s another example
find a success partner I found a success partner probably about a month into the
business Kimberly V-Lee who I love and it’s a dear friend of mine now divide
and conquer you guys you can free up time by teaming up on challenge groups
teaming up on sneak peaks teaming up on free groups creates instant
accountability every Thursday morning 8 a.m. 7 a.m. my time very very early
her time California we would meet and we committed 20 invites and I said did you
do your invites and I’m telling you Wednesday night I got ish done you know
what I’m saying like I knew if I was getting on that call with her she’s gonna
hold me accountable so that’s a place where I teamed where not even though it
was a week but teamed in the area that pace didn’t have the time and probably a
lot of you are in the same boat right yes and I love Kimberly V-Lee too ok good
excited to see all your comments all right so that’s what I have for that here’s
two more and then we’re done ok this I’m getting kind of cute with my
titles here but here we go this is so cheesy so the bat is where it’s at the
business activity tracker is where it’s at you guys please please listen to me
people who do not track their business you don’t have a business you don’t have
a business treat your business like a business business activity tracker which
I have one somewhere here I moved everything out of the way so I could be
focused basically what this is is a place where
you track all your vital behaviors you track all the things that are critical
to the growth of your business you know you have got to manage this like a
business and you’ve got to be tracking those things every single day even if
it’s a win the week tracker if you don’t have a tracker I have a tracker
I’ll share it with you I have a win the week tracker I’ll share it with everyone but
there’s so many great trackers I think someone else just shared one a few weeks
ago in here and you just do need something and here’s why a couple things
so it’s kind of like okay like a food journal right so like you had
awesome like let’s talk 2B Mindset you had a weight loss day or a weight
loss week you go back and look in your food journal wow I got success Club
I’m recruiting like a boss you go back and look at your tracker oh wow look I
did this many invites and I’ve been posting this many times and I did some
breadcrumbs and I listen to the national wake-up call and I got on my you guys
it I have I have trackers from every day since the day I signed up February 16th
in 2016 I have trackers every single week you people who are not like tracker
people over may be freaking out a little it doesn’t have to be like this big
elaborate thing but you need something to track and let me share like
something that I think is gonna be super super helpful I hear from a lot of my
coaches that like I don’t know I don’t have anyone to invite or I don’t know
who to invite don’t have any okay you need to be growing your network guys
we’re in a network business we’re in a business where we want it we have
something so viable we have a gift to give to people financial freedom
this incredible business opportunity health mental wellness with all the
personal development all these awesome things but if you can’t reach those people what
good is it so if every day my recommendation would be write down how
many people you have on Facebook how many friends how many followers you have
on Instagram in every day you go and intentionally look at hashtags add
people to your list go to a friend’s Instagram page look at their followers
follow those people go on Facebook find a BFF you love who’s not a coach
you don’t wanna be friending coaches that kind of defeats the purpose right
because they’re trying to do the same thing we’re doing or go to an avatars
page someone who’s like oh this is my dream coach like then go to her friend
list add those people to your network I mean it takes five minutes you guys
don’t think it’s weird don’t overthink it social social media that’s what it’s
for it’s to connect just boom boom boom boom boom you do it that’s it and
every day you see you can write down the number it’s so fun it’s like when
the scale goes down this is the other way it’s like yay my network is growing
and then you know you’re doing the thing you’re doing the thing to grow your
network and when you grow your network you have more people to talk to you and
you have more people to talk to you more people to connect and help and serve an
invite and that is one of the ways you’re gonna be successful it’s critical
okay last one this is like one of my favorites and I talked about this
a little bit earlier and it’s this this is from Janine Roth who I followed for
many years because my history with the eating disorder
Janine Roth said act as if act as if y’all I want you right now who is
listening to this I want you to step into your power whatever that thing is
diamond coach elite coach super star diamond coach two star whatever you can
do it you can do it there’s a framework to do it it’s the four vital behaviors
you just gotta do it you have to start acting like you own it like I want you
to pretend like right now you are whatever that is let’s pretend you are
five star elite coach okay how are you gonna invite you’re gonna invite with
confidence you’re gonna do more invites you’re gonna share more boldly you are
going to schedule business hours you’re gonna plan bi-weekly call to actions you
are gonna get out of your comfort zone you’re gonna feel scared to do something
and you’re gonna do it anyway y’all what think about what it’s like to be
an elite coach that’s how I want you to act or whatever your goal is
because until you believe it it’s gonna be really hard to live it and I know
it’s weird because it’s like how do I get there if I don’t trust me on this
okay and if it’s hard for you here’s a tip here’s my practical tip immerse
yourself immerse yourself in the national wake-up calls look at all these
people we’re all different we all look different some of us have pink hair some
of us were bartenders some of us are corporate people some of us
you know all different shapes sizes orientations it doesn’t matter you guys
does not matter none of this matters all that matters is that you believe you can
do it so immerse yourself in the training when you look at that I want
you to say why not me because you can do it too and that’s the
other thing I did I was folding laundry before I was able to hire someone my
first decision business decision when I started making money I hired a maid which is sweet I used to fold laundry and listen to trainings all day long I was every
little crack of time I was listening to training I was listening to national
wake up call I was on YouTube just like all these coaches just all different I’m
like man if she can do it I can do it so many times I said that running on the
treadmill listen to Bonnie Engle listening to
Chelsea Pearson list all these like rock star coaches who I’ve got to meet at
this Elite event I felt like oh my gosh you’re just so incredible but they’re
just normal people just like you and me there’s nothing special about me okay so
that’s really what I want you to get that’s what I want to leave you with is
that I want you to know you can build a successful business on part-time hours
you can do it because I did it and that means you can do it too okay so in
closing what I’d love love love for you to do is comment below commit to yourself
on the one thing you’re going to take action on and you guys you got to do
this if you hear everything I just said and you oh that was awesome and I’m
inspired and this is great and you go back and do nothing then then that makes
me really sad because I prayed before this call and my prayer is that I don’t
really even I don’t want to impress you I want you to be inspired to
take action I want more of us to have this freedom genuinely so here are the
five things I want you to comment below which one you were gonna do are you
going to win your morning are you gonna get up an hour early on when your
morning or 30 minutes just win your morning are gonna create a morning
process first things first are you going to start doing at least
five invites first thing before anything else are you going to team or put a
system in place where you’re weak are you gonna team up with a success partner
are you gonna put a system in place for where you’re weak are you gonna take
action on your dreams on what you committed to yourself are you going to
do that are you going to use a business activity tracker or you’re gonna find one
and use it every single day and not every day is gonna be perfect but you’re
gonna commit to using it or are you gonna step into your power and start
acting as if the coach who you’re meant to be which one are you gonna do oh yeah
this makes me so happy oh you y’all you are champions you are
amazing we are gonna do this thing together let me tell ya this is just the
beginning for this company I work with a lot of leaders and this leadership team
and these people who we have all coming together are incredible we have just a
goldmine of an opportunity not just financially but for impact and we get to
do it together so I hope this blessed you I hope this inspired you and I’ll be
seeing you guys the next event

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