Bulking Diet: The Perfect “Clean Bulk” Diet For Maximum Muscle & Minimal Fat

Here in my kitchen, ready to show you guys
the perfect clean bulk diet for maximum muscle and minimum body fat. I have actually wrote
down every component of what I would do for a perfect clean bulk when I’m really trying
to pack on muscle mass and minimize my body fat. I’m going through really intense training
sessions. This is going to be what I would do on a training day. Now, I’m not currently
bulking right now, I’m currently cutting. I’m actually looking to just get super lean
and ripped for the summer time, but I’m going to follow a pretty close example of exactly
this style on my training days come probably October and November. Let’s get into my perfect
clean-bulk diet. Starting off here for breakfast, I’m just going to kind of walk you through
what I have here. I have steel cut oats. My perfect clean bulk I’d start off with a half
cup of steel cut oats, I’d throw a banana, half a cup of blueberries, two tablespoons
of all natural peanut butter. Let me show you what kind of peanut butter I use. I just
use this all natural peanut butter with no sugar and fat added. I’d throw in two tablespoons
of this. I’d throw in some honey, a couple tablespoons of hemp seeds and I would have
two scoops of some Combat protein powder. Right there that has 1,000 calories and its
really quick. The whole thing about breakfast is I wake up and I don’t want to have to spend
a bunch of time cooking. The steel cut oats, these are the quick oats, so these only take
3 minutes. I cook it in the microwave I put my protein powder in a shaker cup. Obviously
egg whites and whole eggs are a really good source of protein too, but I just want to
spend all that time cooking in the morning and I typically work out really early in the
morning or first thing after breakfast, so this allows me to get in 1,000 really high
quality calories and then just get out the door, hit the gym for my workout and don’t
mind me guys, I’m also just cooking a little fish here. Just actually doing some low-carb
cooking right now. I’m going to have a bunch of wild-caught cod and I have a little avocado
action right here. I’m just going to have some chopped avocado and some cod. Threw some
Indian curry seasoning on there. Trying to multitask and take care of my lunch while
I share the clean bulk diet with you guys. Just going to turn that down. So, we have
breakfast. Now after breakfast I would typically hit the gym. What I would do is during my
workout, actually I love doing this when I’m building up. I’ll mix my pre-workout, I’ll
do something like Nitraflex or I’ll make my own and I’ll mix it with Gatorade and I’ll
also throw some branch-chain amino acids in there. I started taking this pre-workout as
well, Mr Hyde, super strong. It’s got a ton of caffeine, so I don’t necessarily recommend
it for when you’re bulking, but I’ll always mix my pre-workout in with some carbs because
when you’re bulking you don’t want to take pre-workout on an empty stomach or without
some carbs in your system because you don’t want to stimulate your metabolism too much,
so I will do that little combination. We’re already at 1,200 calories. Now it’s that happy
time for the post-workout mass builder. This is my recipe for my post workout mass builder.
We have two cups chocolate almond milk, two tablespoons coconut oil, two tablespoons chia
seeds, and I have those right here. Awesome source of healthy fats, omega 3s. I’ll throw
in one frozen banana, one scoop of protein powder, 5 grams of creatine and a quarter
cup of maltodextrin powder. Let me just show you what I do for that. This maltodextrin
powder is really cheap to pick up off Amazon. I’ll just throw in 1/4th cup of maltodextrin
powder and that post-workout mass builder right there is about 1,100 calories. We’re
already at 2,300 calories and we’re not even close to done. Next up we have our afternoon
snack. This is one of my favorite snacks. It’s really clean. It’s delicious and it’s
going to pack in a bunch of antioxidants. What I do is I pack these in little bags.
I’ll have some raw almonds and some gogi berries. I’ll mix these two together. If you guys want
to spice it up a little bit, you can get the chocolate almonds or the different flavored
almonds. You want to have one big serving of gogi berries which is going to give you
some protein, antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C. This stuff right here is a body building
super food along with the raw almonds that are really rich in protein and magnesium and
healthy fat. This is a little 400 calorie high quality snack right here. Next up we
have our lunch. This is going to typically be a couple hours after our workout. You notice
everything too is speed. We had a really quick breakfast. We got done working out and we
made a mass builder in the blender and then we had an afternoon snack that requires no
cooking. For lunch we want to hit some heavy, high-quality carbs. This is when we have our
whole grain pasta, we have our brown rices, things like this. We have whole-wheat pasta.
We have our brown rices. Sweet potatoes, another perfect carb source. Then also, I’ll pair
this with either a half pound of grass-fed beef or a half pound of really lean turkey
meat. Another thing to add in more calories is I’ll make a really high-calorie bodybuilding
pasta. I’ll add in some organic tomato sauce, I’ll add in one or two tablespoons of olive
oil and that alone right there packs in 1,000 quality calories for lunch. Once in a while
I like to kind of apply like an 80/20 rule, where 80% of my diet will be really clean
and then 10 – 20% it will basically be like a somewhat healthy cheat food. Once in a while
I’ll have one of these for dessert. I’ll have like a Lenny & Larry’s birthday cake or snickerdoodle
complete cookie, two of my favorite flavors right here. I’ll have these occasionally.
Once in a while I’ll have them after I workout. Sometime I’ll have them for breakfast when
I’m really on the go. Keep it fun. You guys are bulking, so you can have a somewhat fun
calorie surplus, but we want to minimize our body fat, so this is exactly what this little
plan is going to do. We are on to, let’s see here, so we had our late lunch and now we’re
on to dinner. For dinner I typically like to have fish. I absolutely love salmon. I
love tilapia. I love cod right here that is burning on my frying pan. I love all sources
of fish. It’s a really high-quality source of protein. Something like salmon or cod with
some veges and olive oil is a really nutrient dense, protein packed meal. It’s going to
be about 6 – 700 calories. Late at night, keep in mind, I’m trying to minimize our body
fat, so that’s why I went really heavy on the carbohydrates for breakfast, and post-workout
and lunch, and now I’m really starting to lower my carbohydrate totals later in the
day. That’s why dinner we have salmon, some olive oil, some veges, kind of like a bodybuilding,
Mediterranean diet meal. Then late night, about an hour before I would go to bed I would
have a 3 – 4 egg omelet or I’d throw in some chicken, some turkey, some beef. I’d crack
3 or 4 eggs over it and I basically would have a high protein, healthy-fat omelet. Once
again, I would keep my carbohydrate totals fairly low. Just looking at this total meal
plan for the day, so we have 1,000 calories for breakfast, we had 200 calories for our
inter workout with our Gatorade, so 1,200. Our post-workout shake was 1,100, so we’re
at 2,300. Then we had a snack for the almonds and gogi berries, we’re at 2,700. Then we
had our lunch with 1,000 calories with our pasta and our beef and all that good stuff.
That’s 3,700 calories. For dinner we had the salmon, the veges, the olive oil. That’s 4,300
calories. Then late night we had our egg omelet, which is another 400 calories. That is 4,700
calories right there. That is what I would constitute a clean bulk for maximum muscle
and minimal body fat for a really serious hard-getter between maybe 160 and 190 pounds.
You might want to taper the calories down a little bit if you guys are like 135 – 140
because that was a lot of calories. I also hope I shed some light on how easy it is to
get in a ton of calories and reach that healthy calorie surplus being a naturally skinny guy.
That is my perfect bulk for maximum muscle and minimal body fat. My fish is done. Lunch
is ready. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video. Hopefully gave you guys some ideas
on how you can set up your bulk, pack on those slabs of lean muscle mass this bulking season.

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