Build Muscle Without Exercise with Tesla Max Endorsed by Dr Nick Endurance Vegan Champion

Greg: Nick Delgado, Greg Westfall. Nick: Hey, Greg! Greg: Good to have you here today. Thank you
for taking the time to chat with us about the Tesla Max. Now, here’s what I’d like you
to do. Pretend you’re lifting weights, so curl your arm. Nick: Okay, against it? Greg: Yes, and this is where we might see
the rift in the space-time continuum because we have Nick Delgado’s biceps competing against
the Tesla Max. Unlike the other unit, are you feeling a deeper — Nick: Oh, way deeper. It’s getting really,
really powerful, yup. Greg: So we can get to the point where — Nick: It’d be like a hundred-pound dumbbell,
at least. Greg: You can’t bend your arm. Nick: Yeah. Greg: With one arm, that’s incredible. Okay.
Now, here’s a question. Were you being burned? Did you feel like you’re being electrocuted? Nick: No, no, it felt comfortable but intense.
Not only do I work my stronger muscle groups, but generally speaking, even while I’m at
the computer, I hook up the electrodes to my weakest muscle groups because in most athletics,
we favor certain muscle groups to be the best we are in our sport, but that doesn’t mean
we either focus or know how to or actually can reach those weaker muscle groups effectively,
whereas the Tesla device can be hooked up to the hamstrings, to the buttocks, to the
calves, to the back muscles — Greg: The pecs, you can raise it past two
inches. Nick: You can hook up to every and any individual
or group muscle areas you want to work and bring that strength level up to match your
strongest muscle groups. That gives the balanced athlete the edge. Greg: So when you compete against people half
your age and twice your size, NFL linemen who’ll laugh and they say, “I’m going to kick
your butt,” the next thing you know, you beat them. Nick: I beat them. In the last competition
leading up to — I took 45-pound dumbbells in each hand. I did 500 continuous lifts — Greg: And they’re exhausted. They’re passed
out. Nick: Yeah. They’re done at about 200 to 300
lifts. Greg: So what I’m hearing you say is your
architectural stability of this building if you will, you’re a brick house. In other words,
you’re not imbalanced. You’re stable. Nick: Right. Greg: And it is the stability — so when we
encounter muscle imbalances — this is an important point you’re making — we find that
chronic pain almost always has muscle strength imbalances. We’ve had people with frozen shoulders
where their front side of the shoulder is stronger. When they do push-ups, their shoulder
gets worse; their range of motion, limited. So we strengthen the backside of the shoulder,
correct the imbalance, and their pain goes away. Pain is your friend. It’s telling you
something’s wrong. Nick: I’ll go further. Not only is it a correction
or a device to help with pain to remove the edema, the stagnant fluids that surround the
injury or the muscle. It’s I believe the number one way to prevent injury, again because you’re
strengthening weak muscle groups that otherwise in athletics, it’s usually the injury occurs
because of the weak muscle group, not because of the dominant strong muscle group because
you’re not keeping up with that balance that’s so necessary for superb athletic performance. Greg: If you use this instrument in your workout
routine, as a current world record holder in terms of strength and endurance and weight
curled and lifted above your head in one hour, what can you state to people who have certain
muscles in their body, any place in their body they want to strengthen about this instrument? Nick: Undoubtedly it’s the best device that
can target muscle groups that are weak and build them to get to that strength level to
prevent injury, to assist in the circulation in the body, to help a person to function
practically day to day in their activity or in athletic events, whichever. Greg: So would it be the device or would it
be their resistance against the device as they use the device as an agonist so they
can use their other opposing muscles as an antagonist? Would it be the full resistance
exercise program? Nick: I think sometimes people laugh at the
thought of passive exercise. We realize we have to get out to the gym or go work out
to get in shape. I was the first to say that, but I’m also now a believer that you could
actually hook up this device to the muscle groups and elicit because the body understands
low amperage, high voltage. It functions on that same condition, so this device mimics
what your body does, is send that very powerful signal to cause the muscle to contract. And
by relaxing and contracting, relaxing and contracting in a 45-minute period, it’s like
doing 500 to 800 sit-ups. It’s like doing a thousand squats. It’s like 200 pushups,
and I know because I compete and I do those kinds of crazy things like a thousand junk
pull-ups. This device does that for you even if you
don�t have the human capability to do it. You sit there passively while it does it for
you without even barely breaking a sweat. That’s amazing to me. Greg: So instead of being adjusted while you’re
lying there and not using any muscles — your muscles are trying to relax — this is working
not your spine, but this is working your muscles, your soft tissues. Nick: Yeah, the ligaments, the tissues. All
the tissues that support athletic and body movements are being exercised in this device. [0:05:06] Greg: Instead of just — for example, if we
did a two — they call them a two-mile walk by contracting your quads on your leg. We
could help rejuvenate the muscle activity around and supporting the knee without putting
weight-bearing exercises on the knee, so — Nick: A big advantage to me because people
who have injuries, they can’t get up and walk or run or whatever it is that they’re limited
to, but this device can gradually — I love how it turns up slowly and you can gradually
adjust to your pain tolerance levels, gradually getting that edema to move out of the area,
gradually building up the strength. And within one or two sessions, you’re actually seeing
improvement and moving that edema and fluids and you’re starting to get recovery right
away. Greg: When we find chronic pain conditions,
we find that there’s always — almost always a muscle strength imbalance associated with
that chronic pain. Now, we can target the weak side, strengthen it, then we go bilateral.
And it is your architectural stability where you are balanced out that has been one of
the keys to your success in world champion competition, would you say? Nick: Absolutely. Greg: Thank you, Nick. I appreciate your time. Nick: Okay. Greg: Be well. Nick: Thank you. [0:06:39] End of Audio PAGE * MERGEFORMAT 1 ,-./6789]np�, 4 E G M Q
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