Build Muscle with Sissy Squats: Forgotten Muscle Building Exercises ep. 5

Sal Di Stefano here. In today’s episode of
Forgotten Muscle Building Exercises I’m going to introduce you to an exercise that destroys
leg extensions when it comes to building definition in the quads, the Sissy Squat… The Sissy Squat.
It’s an isolation movement for the quadriceps and it replaces the leg extension which is
an exercise I personally can’t stand. This exercise focuses squarely on the quadriceps,
really brings out the muscularity of the front of the thighs and makes your quadriceps much
stronger. Far superior to any leg extension machine you’ll find. OK, with the Sissy Squat
you’re going to notice I’m up on my toes. You want to start up on your toes when you
do this exercise and the movement is all knee extension. That basically means you’re going
to squat down just by bending your knees. So you’re going to lean back slightly and
bring your knees forward. No hip activation whatsoever. At the bottom of the movement,
you push your toes into the ground and straighten your body out. You also want to hold on to
something for balance, so I’m going to hold on to the cage here. Now pay attention…
And that’s it. Again, you notice I’m up on my toes, knees go forward, I lean back, no
hip activation, all quadriceps, 100% front of the thighs. Share this video with your
friends and subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to download my free report where I
uncover the mysteries of building muscle through muscular adaptation.


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