BUILD MUSCLE FAST – My #1 Tip To Start Building Muscle TODAY!

Are you training to failure? I mean really training to failure? I’m gonna show you this week exactly what
I mean, so that you can start getting the best result that you ever have in a gym.
[pause] [pause] What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere , We’ll go over a really key concept here
that I think it’s gonna help you out a lot. When we talk about training to failure and
actually what is failure? What are we talking about with failure? Well, you have to remember. When we do any kind of exercise there is two
parts to the exercise: you have the concentric or positive portion of the exercise, I don’t
know I’ll just automatically demonstrate and curl, that’ll be the part when you are
lifting up, and then the lowering or slowing down, the eccentric phase, the negative , when
you’re controlling that weight on the way down. I can tell you right now the most effective
part of the rep is the negative. And why is that? Because when you do a positive rep you have
the tension on your muscles of course, but you’re lifting it is getting shorter and
short. So the top of your biceps is contracted, is
getting short. As you lower though, you still have tension,
but at the same time you are lenghthening that muscle out. So you are actually causing some of those
micro-tears being pulled apart, that are necessary for you to come back and grow. Without the tears, the micro-tears, there
is no need for repair, without repair there is no need for growth. So it is really, really important. Somebody will argue you that getting to the
negative phase is all that matters. So if you wanna talk about that, just to do
the negative exercise. I don’t necessary believe in that, I think
that you can go to positive failure and then come back and do a negative extension to make
sure that you exhausted best positive and negative which exhausts in total failure. I’m gonna show you there exercises, that
you can do this on. A bicep crawl. You can just take your bar belt up here, let
down , lift it here, going up, working slow down on the negative, here, now the negative..
let’s say this is my last one, I’m really struggle in to get it up … at last … exercise
down slow on the negative. OK! Now I know I can’t get another positive
rep out, but I do know that I’ve still got negative strength left, I do have the ability
to continue to push negative a little further, so I could try and take this bar and really
swing it up, and just concentrate on just the lowering, like that, but that’s not
so safe, it’s not so effective. I like to come to the pull up bar, so I’m
gonna step up on to the pull up bar, put myself in this position, which is essentially the
top portion of the curl. So, we gonna be curl here and then I’ll
lower myself down , slow, under the tension. Once I get back on the ground , up again,
in that tight position, and lower myself down until the point where I feel up here and I
literally can’t even hold it. That’s true failure, that’s where you
need to push yourself to if you wanna cause the muscle growth when you are doing the workout. Next one… Pull-ups, pretty obvious . If you come here
and you do your pull-ups, ok, we take them up, working on our back, squeeze down to lower
slowly, and again.. I can’t get up anymore, that’s it. I think this set is over. It’s not over. What I wanna do is use the same technique,
get myself up to the bar, up top and lower slow. Or using the jumping tool, jump and lower
slow, until the point where you get to the top and you can’t even control it. That would be positive and negative failure,
that’s the thing that you need to get the best results. Last place…this. Same thing that is pretty easy, you’ve probably
seen this, you’re gonna get in position for your deep. I’m working on chest and triceps as I lean
forward here and dig my chin into my chest. Ok, I can’t get another rep. What I do? I step up on top and I control lowering down. I step up another time, control lowering down,
get after the point where I can’t even control it. So, guys, AthlenX is a system that is geared
to get the most out of you. Is geared to train you in a way where we extract
every bit of your capabilities so that we can produce the results that we do and …..
That’s the thing. If you don’t wanna train for a long period
of time, because we don’t, we train for 30 minutes, you better train hard and leave
it all out in the gym and visit the role back for doing that and getting the most out of
your workouts. Guys, if you haven’t already, join the RC
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go to put up and you guys have been feed in and put up on all the wall of fame over to I want you to be the next one. So let’s get it all started. We’ll be back here next week with more videos. If you like this kind of more structural approach,
live me a comment below, let me know. Favorite this video, put the thumbs up, whatever
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it. Guys, we’ll be back here next week with
some more videos, until then have a good weekend.


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