Bodybuilding tips for beginners & teens | How to gain muscle fast | Hindi | Fitness Rockers

Hello friends, welcome to generally people join a gym for good physique and health but mostly get disappointed when they dont get desired result Main reason behind this is LACK OF RIGHT KNOWLEDGE In this video we will cover 15 important tips which will be helpful for gym beginners. First of all selection of a right and good gym is must. There are many factors like location of gym, its environment, trainers, gym equipment etc which one should check before joining A detailed guide for how to choose a good gym, you can watch our video Second important tip is… if possible… choose a gym partner… whose fitness goals are same as your. So that… you both can do the same kind of workout together. your gym partner should be serious about the fitness else… you will also deviate from your goals as a serious partner will keep you motivated for fitness …


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