Bodybuilder’s Supersized Fake Muscles Could Kill Him

COMM: Professional muscle man Valdir Segato has biceps measuring a staggering 23 inches,
and a colossal chest span of 47 inches. COMM: But the Brazilian bodybuilder has had to go to
extreme lengths to achieve these impressive guns. COMM: The oil Valdir uses is a mix of fatty acids, pain killers and alcohol. When injected,
it gives the impression of muscle growth. However, if used incorrectly it can cause
infections and has even been known to be fatal. COMM: Valdir has been interested in bodybuilding since childhood. COMM: Now Valdir turns heads everywhere he goes. COMM: But not all of the attention he gets is positive. COMM: His friends have expressed concern about the effects these injections may have on his health. COMM: Now Valdir is hoping to further inflate his bulging physique despite having bad experiences
with muscle enhancing substances in the past. COMM: Despite all this, Valdir refuses to slow down in his quest and hopes that his massive muscles will one day bring him fame and fortune.


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