this was taken two weeks after my 36th birthday hi guys welcome back to the channel so this is perhaps one of the most requested videos we’ve had in a long time people have been asking for this on snapchat for quite a while and I wasn’t intending on making it because I don’t think it was that important but I can’t believe how many comments we get about my arms you guys want to know how do I get lean toned muscular arms what exercise do I do what’s my secret so okay I give in here is the much requested video and I know some of you are going to be disappointed because you want to hear what exercise am i doing so that you can also copy that exercise do the same thing and therefore get the same results but it’s not the exercise it’s the diet I have definitely got leaner lately and it’s because of what I’m eating I consistently focus my diet around whole plant foods what you’re seeing is the consistency of my diet and time on this lifestyle and yes exercise is important and I’m going to talk about that later on but the focus has to be on diet so what do I eat he’s a summary whatever fresh fruit we had first thing in the morning and I eat fruit in its whole form then my main breakfast is oatmeal and fruit lunch is usually brown rice with either beans or lentils and a mixture of vegetables sometimes with a green like spinach and this is either in a sauce or a dry curry or a stir-fry or in a soup and dinner is typically potatoes white and sweet with a dipping sauce like a salsa or a chutney and sometimes also baked pumpkin or boiled corn on the side of our potatoes I eat around 200 grams of lettuce with lunch and also with dinner and I’ll add say 1 to 2 tablespoons of flax meal to my lunch whenever we have it I’ll have a couple of tablespoons of black sesame seeds on my rice dishes throughout the week I’ll have one to two avocados a week at best only when we can find good ones but there will be many weeks when we don’t have kado at all I occasionally eat more processed foods like pasta noodles bread tofu and Tempe for example I’ll have passed out once a week at most but sometimes I’ll go without it for a few weeks and that’s it it’s that simple I need a vegan diet and I focus the majority of my calories around whole plant foods whatever foods I haven’t mentioned here means that we don’t eat them on a regular basis I’ll very occasionally go out for a pizza or a burger or very occasionally have vegan ice cream or a vegan brownie I’ll enjoy them when I have them but they’re not a regular part of my diet I don’t eat vegan junk food like crisps or chips and I don’t use oil of any kind in our cooking I eat my calories I don’t drink them so I’ll rarely if ever have juice or smoothies and that’s me personally I know that juice and smoothies work for a lot of other people I also drink about four to four and a half liters or quarts of water on average each day and that’s the only thing I drink is water I don’t drink soft drink alcohol tea coffee energy drinks it’s just water I get to bed as early as possible 10:00 p.m. is my deadline and I sleep for eight hours and I also exercise regularly but most importantly is I’m consistent and I know I’m like opening Pandora’s box for questions about calories and bread and smoothies etc etc so I’m going to list down below in the description under this video a heap of other videos that we’ve made that will answer most of the questions that you guys will probably have I can’t cover everything in this video because it will turn into an hour-long documentary and all of this has led to the results that you see today it’s not just one thing it’s all of it and that’s why this is not just a diet this is not just an exercise routine this is a lifestyle so we’ve been following a high carb vegan lifestyle for about three years now but it was this last year that we started focusing more consistently on Whole Foods and that’s when we saw better results and I’ve definitely found that my appetite is less these days when we first came to this last I was eating around two and a half thousand calories every day in fact just over that on most days but these days Boise Weber and I have found that we have less of an appetite we get full a lot sooner when more satiated a lot sooner and I think I’ll advertise it just naturally downregulated so we’re not consciously eating less calories it’s just been a natural progression now we don’t count calories anymore we’ve gone through the counting calories stage we’ve gone through the rebalancing stage and we definitely know our bodies a lot better these days but I can say that I’m eating around between say 2200 calories and 2,400 calories every day sometimes I’ll still live 2500 but these days it’s just a little bit less than that I find and keep in mind that I’m 36 years old and five foot tall now the reason that I know that my results are more about what I’m eating and not the exercise is because I’ve actually had an injury for the last four months I’m not even lifting weights the injury is in my left hand and wrist it’s a tendon so I can’t lift I can’t push I can’t pull I’m not really doing much with it and I also haven’t been cycling for the last three months because there’s too much pressure on my wrist when I’m riding down the mountain and I don’t bother with flat rides but I just find that I don’t get the same results so cycling uphill gives me more bang for my buck so before my injury my regular routine was what I showed in this video earlier this year and it’s linked down below so I’ve definitely lost a lot of muscle in the last 4 months since not lifting my arms and nowhere near as big and my shoulders aren’t as round so what exercise am i doing now so I think these are called dolphin push-ups and you just want to drop your elbows right under the shoulders and keep a nice straight body so if I’m activating my core here which means I’m drawing my bellybutton in towards my spine strong core that’s going to protect the lower back and you’re just as you can see bringing yourself forward like in a plank position and then pushing back now what you’ll find is the further you take your elbows apart the more difficult it is you really feel the burn in the triceps so I try to take them quite far apart and the other thing I like to do is some I will pause in the plank position just for a breath and then push back so it’s just creating more resistance and it just makes the exercise stronger and I also try and bring myself as forward as I can when I’m in the plank position so there’s more body weight that my arms have to push back so I’ll do 150 of these exercises sometimes 160 and I’ll do them in sets of 20 and I’ll take a rest in between and I’m doing this three times a week and this is the only arm exercises I’ve been doing for a while and the second thing I do at the gym is I squat using the bar when I start off I just use the bar without any weights for a couple of sets just to warm up and then I will slowly start to increase the weight I’m not interested in lifting heavy with the bar I just want to focus on my technique so I spent a bit of time grounding my feet again I’m activating the call tall posture and I like to squat quite deep and I find you know I kind of pushed down with my feet into the ground and really use the strength in the legs to bring myself up to standing and when I get to the top of my squad I will bring the pelvis forward and I’ll actually tense my glutes and then I’ll draw the belly button in again make sure the core is active before I squat again now you can use the assistive machines for squatting with the bar which I was doing just to establish my technique but I do like using the free bar because it forces you to use your core muscles a lot more so it’s more of an all body workout I do as many sets of 12 reps as I can within say 20 to 30 minutes and I do this three times a week and I also do cardio three times a week this is usually on a treadmill and it’ll be a combination or very light jog with you know fast walking I also use the incline option so I’ll put it up to the highest incline so it’s like I’m walking up a hill and I’ll just vary between those things sometimes I’ll really push it and then other times I’m on my phone you know responding to comments on snapchat so it just depends how I’m feeling I vary it up and I’ll do this cardio for about an hour each session the only cycling that I’m doing at the moment is on a flat road and that’s to go to the gym and come back home it’s a little less than six K roundtrip which is three point seven miles and that’s not even every day because sometimes I’ll walk to a closer gym if it’s raining or I’ll work out at home and just squat without the bar at best I’ll do six days exercise and one resting and I know that a lot of you will be thinking well hold up Natasha that’s still a hell of a lot of exercise and that’s why you’re getting leaner and that’s why your arms still look good but it’s all relative and this is going to vary from person to person what I can say is from my personal experience what I’m doing now is absolutely nothing compared to cycling up a mountain and lifting heavy weights and as a result I can see that I’ve lost so much more muscle in my arms in my legs and my glutes so it’s really made us giggle every time we see these lovely comments about how nice my arms are looking because I’m not even lifting you can see the muscle and the shape in my arms because of my lameness so the end of May is when I stopped 15 weights due to my injury now we can compare me today October 2016 after four months of not lifting weights compared to May 2015 when I was lifting consistently and heavy and had much bigger muscles but I wasn’t as lean back then and as I said before I stopped cycling towards the end of June 2016 and I never take this kind of photos but I did want to capture the moment because I have never looked this good before this was taken two weeks after my 36th birthday and so I was quite happy with these results my butt definitely doesn’t look as shapely and perky as this now once I stopped cycling I lost a lot of muscle that I built up in my legs and glutes squatting is okay for maintenance but for me nothing compares to cycling uphill and here’s a quick comparison of my body as a non-vegan to a high carb low fat vegan with no calorie restriction had 36 years old so that’s my body update video and I do want to stress at this point that I have had some comments from people saying that I actually looked to me which I never thought I would hear that if you don’t want to get this lean then that’s fine you can still be vegan there are as many ways to eat a vegan diet as there are to eat a non vegan diet so if you don’t want to get this lean that simply don’t need so many Whole Foods eat more processed vegan foods that are higher in fat higher in protein and you can maintain whatever shape whatever size you want but don’t not be vegan just because you don’t want to get too lean as we always say consistency is key so you can follow us on snapchat if you need more guidance inspiration and examples I show every day what I eat and so does Luca and we also let you know what our exercise has been so move your body regularly but please remember that what you eat is the most important thing and I encourage you all to focus on health and to focus on becoming the healthiest and fittest version of yourself and over time your body will come naturally to its ideal weight and shape what can you learn from this if you’re still eating animal products switch to a plant-based diet for optimal results focus on whole plant foods and if you’re not exercising regularly started because trust me in six months from now you will wish that you started today thank you so much for watching please leave a comment down below don’t forget to like this video share it around and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and until next time remember that going vegan is not the most we can do it’s the least we can do see you next video well let’s start with the positives this clearly demonstrates that humans are not omnivores because


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