Now I’m fat I’m 85 kilograms So I’m going to lose weight we’ll see and get healthy okay do you want to turn to the side? okay I was always a chubby boy so everyone called me “pig” I accepted that I was fat and since I accepted that I was fat, I didn’t care about how much I ate or how much I drank so it became worse as I got older and then I had some health problems I thought my body was just like that and I thought I can’t change it I met my beautiful wife in Australia I wasn’t too chubby at that time I think that’s why I could meet her then Now we live in Korea I like friends and socializing So I didn’t have regular eating times or habits So my weight got worse one day I realised how unhealthy I was and I wanted to change my lifestyle I’m not young any more, I can’t keep this lifestyle lots of my friends gained weight and have some health problems My wife also became pregnant So I wanted to do something important for my family and myself Actually we have to go through IVF to have a baby I saw how much pain my wife had to go through For my wife and baby I wanted to show that I can do this Being healthy and strong is important to look after my family My wife shouldn’t have all this burden I wanted to share this burden I made this project to change, over 6 months, to change my lifestyle and eating habits and exercising habits I called this project ‘The Last Chance’ because I don’t want to go back to being unhealthy again I know my wife loves me no matter what, but still important to do this So this is not the end, it continues I called it this to motivate myself I’m mid 30’s and many people think I can’t do this I know it gets harder as I get older, so this is my last chance to change my life In Korea when people have a special project for exercise and health, they have a special photoshoot to always remind them about their health and what they achieved This is my journey Seriously if you are going to be vlogging this you need to be putting pants on So Yoojin your trainer sent you through what you gotta do right? So you have to send photos of what you eat and exercise all the time and what else? and eat small amount oh that’s hard for you move a lot So from tomorrow it starts right? From today actually Now it’s tomorrow, it’s hard midnight Just now started so told me to take a photo of my body or film my body every day Okay, you can do it! fighting! Day one So we are calling this project as “Last Chance” because I’m turning 35 in this year I’m getting old If I don’t try now, if I don’t do this now I don’t think I can do it, rest of my life So I will do my best to achieve my goals so yeah, let’s see I’m trying hard good job, I’m proud of you support me I lost 2 kilos oh good job good job, great job How amazing! What a day! See! We can do it! So what do you think about my ability? Actually now he is – – pretty good right? No, pretty bad maybe after we will be good because he is really trying hard to lose weight and care about his food a lot so he will be good I think he… absolutely he can do it. I feel like I’m gonna die You know we only have a one minute break Why? We did it two times? I think I’m really gonna die I’m also sweating a lot Are we going to do it one more time? yes one more time no I will really die Please, you told me only two more sets People are not that weak Humans are strong animals weak! if you believe it you can do it weak! It’s really hard. I feel like I’m gonna die It will be okay in two minutes I will do it when I feel okay no you need to do it now I really feel like I’m gonna die I can’t see now You will see I really can’t see You can see, you were looking at the camera I’m not looking at the camera Oh Yoojin-ah You’re just pretending No, really Let’s stop, I’m gonna die One more time, let’s do it one more time I can’t even sit? You are wearing fancy NIKE pants The pants are NIKE but the person is from the open market Mr Hugh Gwon shows his belly Stop it stop it Today, Mr Gwon showed his belly again Don’t cut that bit ahh why am I doing this? I just want to do this I look like a monster I shouldn’t do this Hi I’m Yoojin from DingTube Hi, I’m Hugh from My Korean Husband This is 4th week doing this ‘The Last Chance’ one it’s really hard I don’t know. I think I’m getting thinner I don’t know, what do you think? yeah you are getting thinner maybe… Oh what are you doing? What is this? cheating day I thought you had a cheating say the other day? Another cheating day oh no Hey guys I just got up like 5 mins ago and I’m going to run it’s really cold, it’s like -3 C it’s not only -3, it’s near the river so it’s so windy, so cold but I’m going to run because I have to Let’s go wow, I ran 3 kilometres and I should go back it’s so cold and so windy so it’s really hard to run Okay it’s Friday night and it’s almost 12 o’clock almost midnight everyone is having party but I’m going to Han river to run to achieve my goal It’s raining, it’s raining a lot So all my clothes ad everything is wet but I’m still running and the pollution is still bad so I have to wear this mask, and look at this so much raining and my shoes are wet! It has been almost 3 months I have 3 more months to go I still have lots of fat, I mean, my belly and my sides it’s not finished yet, another 3 months we’ll see how much I lose weight let do it. Lost so much weight! Shrinking Hugh You are only about half way through as well right? a bit over half way yeah half way another 3 months come here so hard! Okay I have been doing this for 4 moths already I think I lost many kilograms and I have 2 more months I used to do home working out but now I’m going to the gym I’m doing my best and we’ll see at the end of July How many hours are you doing at the gym every day? I’m doing working out 3 to 4 hours every day yeah, with my friends we’ll see, please cheer me up or I think if you see this one – it’s already done! Okay I have been doing this project, almost for 5 months I think so one month to go I think I lost almost 15 kilograms Yoojin is helping me a lot and we have another one more month and we have to work out really really hard so we’ll see how much we can do it’s 4am and nobody is here now Me and Yoojin are only ones here and we just finished and heading home now it’s really tiring I’m so tired now so I need to go to bed Anyway, things change a lot but I feel really good too so let’s see how much I can change more Okay I told you I was going to lose 15 kilograms and I started from 86 kg so I’m going to check so 71kg so as I said I started from 86 so 15 kilograms, I’ve lost 15 kilograms Okay I have been doing this project for more than 5 months and one more month to go, and it’s really difficult I can’t really eat salt and soy sauce so you are on your strict diet now really strict it’s stricter than what you think really really strict and we’ll see how much I can change. I still have some weight here but I lost more than my goal and I will show you guys final change soon Okay I’m at the gym and it’s after 11pm I’m just doing by myself but it’s okay I know how to do Okay just finished and it’s 2:15am in the morning oh gosh it’s 2:15 Yeah I’m going home and have a rest and need to work out again tomorrow because I have only 10 days left! it’s not easy but I think it’s quite worth it If you thinking about doing diet or being healthy, do it now or do it from today It’s almost 2am and I’m still at the gym and it’s Friday night so I have only 2 days left so I need to do my best and I checked my weight today. And exactly 5 months and 3 weeks I’ve lost 20 kilograms actually it’s amazing for me I dunno, I feel so healthy and I was 86kg before, like 1st April and now I’m 66 kg my plan was only 15kg but somehow I lost more than that because I’m going to have a photoshoot and I want to make a 6 pack I’m not sure if I can make it but I will do my best and I have only 2 more days and we’ll see the result Okay this is it. You are in a changing room to do your special photoshoot, how do you feel? I dunno, I just want to finish as soon as possible but I know it takes like 2 hours or something the makeup artist has to come as well right? yeah it’s last day and then you can do what you want you gonna get your makeup done Do you feel like a Kpop star? no Okay so you are getting contouring done now How does that feel? I feel weird How do you feel? Okay you are all done! How do you feel? I feel so good you look really good you saw some of the photos? amazing, it doesn’t look like me actually if you see my photo from 23 weeks ago you’ll be surprised really really different person but don’t worry about gaining weight, because I will gain some weight anyway I will keep going to the gym and also eat less so don’t worry about me keep doing it so you keep doing it as well


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