Body Deformity to Fitness Model – Pectus Excavatum Transformation

My name is Riley Byrne I was born with a
body deformity called Pectus Excavatum and this is my story pectus excavatum is a condition
resulting in a hole in the middle of the chest and flared ribs growing up I was completely depressed about my body and had zero confidence as you can see here I was always trying to hide my condition putting my hands over my indented chest
doing everything I could to not let people see my body as I grew older into my teens I became
extremely lanky this combined with my pectus resulted in absolutely no
self-esteem at the age of 16 I decided to join a gym in an attempt to build muscle and improve my body I started to progress my muscles slowly
grew and with it came my confidence two years later I got approached by a
modeling agency and I was now confident enough to do a topless photo shoot as my body developed and my pectus
became less noticeable every aspect of my life began to improve from this point on I became obsessed with the gym on a constant pursuit of bettering my body every single day I moved to the Gold Coast and I became
bigger stronger more successful with modeling and just way more confident in
my own skin I had a realization as to how much
weightlifting transformed my body but more importantly my entire life
so I started filming my workouts and posting YouTube videos to motivate
others to change their bodies and take control of their lives however the journey was not over for me
yet in fact it was just beginning I committed myself fully to training
and proper nutrition and my body continued to progress I documented the entire journey in an
attempt to inspire others to take action and transform their bodies my hard work was now paying off and I started to develop a body and a lifestyle that I
never could have previously imagined after years of training I finally
managed to overcome my condition of pectus through exercise and am finally
happy with my body bodybuilding has changed my life I’ve
gone from a skinny self-conscious boy terrified to take off my shirt too proud
and confident in my own body thank you so much for watching this video I hope my story has inspired you to take action towards your ideal body and life if it
did please give this video a share so I can reach and inspire more people thank
you so much genuinely appreciate it

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