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Hey, guys, it’s Dave, It’s been a while since I caught you up on
what’s going up with me, since I finished the ultimate reset. I have been doing the Les Mills Pump. I am on week seven right now. I am absolutely loving this workout. More about that workout later. Right now, I wanna focus on supplements. So, my theory with supplements, for a while,
has been that what you really wanna do is be addressing your base nutrition, OK? So, get the basics in check first. I get a lot of emails from people on there
like – Hey, I’m done it, you know, at local supplement
shop, and I bought this 900-gallon tub, with this
guy on a, you know, cover with no neck, and I wanna look like guy with no neck. So, I’m gonna take this stuff, will it work? Maybe – is the answer. But I know it won’t work if you don’t have
your base nutrition in check, ok? If you are drinking soda and eating pizza,
I don’t care what the guy on the tub looks like because I guaranty you, the guy on the tub is not eating pizza and drinking soda. OK? So, get your base nutrition right first. That
starts with whole foods. OK? Eating a lot of whole foods, good healthy
foods. Drinking a ton of water. Then for me, I take shakology and omega 3
every single day. That takes care of the base, OK? So, I got that sorted out. I don’t take a whole lot on top of that, OK? I take energy endurance before curtain workouts. If I feel I really need to be charged up for
them. And then, after really, really intense efforts where I’m operating at or above my anaerobic
threshold, I wold take recovery formula as a way to recover
from those and replenish the glycogen in my muscles. But after just a regular strength training
workout, that’s not something I would typically do. That’s all sort of based on Paleo theory,
which I’ll touch on later. But, Beachbody has released a new line of
supplements. And, they did that in conjunction with program
called Bodybeast, which is a sort of bulk up; guy with no neck
sort of program. They are talking about ten pounds of muscle
in 90 days, which is kind of crazy. If you know what 10 pounds of muscle on somebody;
it’s nuts. And, they released this new line of supplements. And, so, I am taking the new line of supplements, except, I’m gonna keep doing Les Mills because
I love Les Mills, I’m totally taking this workout. So, the first one is Base Shake. Thank you Carl. Huge addition here. We had before a whey concentrate, that just
wasn’t that great. I mean, it certainly wasn’t something that
was anywhere near as good as shakeology. And, so this is awesome! 120 grams… sorry 120 calories, 18 grams
protein. That’s high protein content, for that low
cal… amount. You have, whey isolate, whey concentrate,
some egg protein and some milk proteins. You have these different proteins that release
a different rates. Very nice complex shake. Thank you. Very happy
about that. And, it’s neutral flavor. So, you could add
it to shakelogy. It doesn’t change the flavor profiles. Base is sort of flavorless. Which is cool, I like that. You know, it gives you a lot of options. Suma – Super Suma actually, according to a
label. Hopefully, you can see that. Suma was in the original formulation of shaskology. The Greenberry and Chocolate had Suma in it. They did not put it in Tropical Vegan. One of the reasons they didn’t is because
Suma, under the world anti-doping association’s
rules, test as a steroid. It is not a steroid, but it tests as one. So, Olympic athletes, certain endurance athletes, anybody who are subject to that testing
protocol; shakeology was out for them. So, the Vegan made that change, which is really
nice. They have decided to just completely remove
it all of the shakeology formulations. But I like my Suma. So, I’m gonna continue
taking Suma. I’m gonna do it. I’m taking these, which is
cool. The next thing is Creatine. Creatine monohydrate. Basically, what it does is, and this is simplifying
things, but, it allows your muscles to retain more
water. So you get more of a puffed up look. Gives you the impression of having more muscle. I’ve used Creatine on and off since we’ve
started working out with Power 90 in 2003, with kind of mixed results. I mean, I can definitely see and feel what’s
it doing. I’m not necessarily a fan of that look. So, I usually like the leaner, you know, especially
being cyclist, you don’t wanna be holding an extra water unless you are working out in heat or something. So, Creatine, but I’m taking it again, it’s
part of the supplement. I don’t wanna, you know, figure all this stuff
out and see what I think about it. So, the last one is gonna be probably the
one that’s a little bit controversial and it’s going to raise eyebrow of all my
paleo friends out there. In January 2009 I read Mark Sissons Primal
a Blueprint, fell in love with that. After that, read Joe Freil’s Paleo Diet for
Athletes and figured out how to make that work for
endurance training, which was really cool. And, I’ve really been doing that Ever since. You know, I’m just, sort of adjust my carbon take
based on whatever my activity is. You know, different carbon take when I’m getting
ready for, I’m doing a half Ironman, I’m gonna ride the
bike leg in half Ironman, in September, my carbon take is gonna change from what it
would be normally if I’m just doing, you know, Les Mills Pump, whatever. So, this is a bit of departure from that. This is Fuel Shot. Fuel Shot, here are the numbers: 200.. 210 calories, sorry, 47 grams of carbs, 24 of which sugars and 5 grams of proteins. This is a bunch of sugar in here. Now, why on Earth would you take a whole bunch
of sugar? Again, I’ve been like a low sugar Nazi, for
the last few years and that’s really worked for me and a lot
of other people. I believe it’s super, super effective. I’m kinda guinea-pigging myself on this one,
to be honest with you. What I’ve read so far in the literature, and again, these are associated with Bodybeast, this, you know, this strength training, bulk
up type of program is what body builders do is, during exercise
and after exercise. They take stuff like this in order to spike
their blood sugar, OK? Intentionally spiking up blood sugar, which
is big – No, No – for Paleo people. What happens when you do that is – insulin
is generated by the body. That is all part of the process that converts
that glucose into glycogen, puts your glycogen in your muscles and your
liver. Now, if you are burning your glycogen out
of your muscles and your liver, by working really hard, which I know I am
with Less Mills, because it’s like, when you’re done, your
body just shakes. It burns and burns and burns. Then, that’s great, you wanna replace that
glycogen, quickly, so that, you know, your muscles can start repair and you can
back fighting hard the next day. If you are sitting on the couch, this is like
having a coke. I mean, you know, from sugar perspective,
anyways. I obviously not having a coke. From sugar perspective, that’s about what
you’ve got here. So, I wouldn’t recommend that for anybody
who’s doing that. Not something I would normally do. Even after a workout, like pump workout. I wouldn’t necessarily take this. But, what bodybuilders, reason bodybuilders
do this is – Not only does that process happen, where your,
the glycogen is replaced in the muscles, but you can kinda piggy back stuff like creatine
and get even more of these nutrients, I suppose, into the muscles and, therefore, promote yet
another level of muscle growth. So, that’s what I’m trying, and just gonna
do with Pump and maybe Bodybeast in the fall, but I gotta get passed that half Ironman first. So… until then, I’m just gonna keep doing
Pump, because I’m loving it and it gives me tons of flexibility and I
can mix in by varieties because there is days where is – go for a
walk. Great, I’ll go for bike ride or go surf on
my standard board or whatever. So, anyway, that’s a new supplement line,
I’m pretty excited about it. It’s been about nine days. I’ve been doing this, you know, some moderate
gains, and I feel like a little more, you know, a little bit more puffed up, which is probably
just a Creatine. I am dozing some strength gains. Tonight, I did the chest segment of pump and
shred with forty pounds on the bar. And that’s… it doesn’t sound like much but
do it for five minutes it’s brutal. And, so, I’m definitely starting to see some
gains. I’ll keep everybody up to date. I’ve got my bodyfat tested, right at the begging
of phase two. It’s 14%. And, I’m gonna get it tested at the end of
phase two. Take some pictures, show you where I was at
the end of reset, where I am now and kind of what’s going on. So, that’s it, that’s the update. If you have information on this Fuel Shots
stuff and why bodybuilders, spike their insulin
all the time, I would love to read that stuff, because again, I’m taking this on faith and just kind of guinea pigging a little bit here, which I think is not a bad thing to do every
now and then. So, that’s it. We’ll be in touch. Thanks. Bye.


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