Body Beast Review #bodybeast

Hello friends and workout buddies! Coach James
here! Hey I wanted to share with you all the new program that Kathy and I will be starting
tomorrow, March 23, 2015. And is called body beast! The personal trainer for this is Sagi kalev
and I might be saying his name wrong but you’ll see it in the transcript below how it is spelled
so you’ll know how to say it. Body beast is seven dvds. There are seven
dvds with it. Each exercise workout is anywhere from 38 minutes to 48 minutes, depending upon
what the workout is. Now when you order your body beast through
Beachbody you can do it one of two ways. You can order it through Beachbody .Com or you
can order it through a coach such as myself. When you order it from a coach they also throw
in another DVD, which is a $20.00 value DVD which you’ll get for free because you order
it from a coach, such as myself. The body beast, Sagi Kalev is like a major
Olympic body builder, these awesome, he is fantastic. You’re going to like his personality.
I’ve already gone through the dvds and looked at them it is a great program. Now along with the dvds you going to get his
134 page book! This book will have your nutrition guide, it will have meals. It will show all
different types of meals and recipes. It will show you how to calculate what you want to
do on your workout because there are two types of approaches you can do with the body beast. You can go for what they call the lean beast
or the huge bulk beast. Now I am for the lean beast myself, that’s what and I’m going for.
I mean I am 61, I don’t want to get gigantic and huge at my age that would be too overwhelming
for the women, you know what I am saying. Forget I just said that! Okay so there’s your
body beast. Now you will notice in the links below that
there are different options, different programs, different ways you can order the body beast.
There’s the body beast which is just like this. This book, the dvds, and by ordering
it through me you get the bonus DVD. But if you want to get your absolute maximum
results in the link below there’s something called the deluxe program. The deluxe program
will come with your hardcore base shake, your fuel shot, your max creatine, and your super
Suma. If you’re taking all of these as you’re doing your work out you are going to see a
tremendous fantastic results! You’re going to see results period by just
doing the exercise program and following the nutrition guide. But when you add these supplements
to it; man I tell you I have seen people, their transformations are unbelievable! So I want you to join my wife and I on our
body beast review journey and I will also be leaving some tips daily as well. So I hope
to see you all on this program along with me. You can order the program and get started
too. And when you do I will put you in my facebook fitness group as well. So we’ll see
you tomorrow as we start on our new body beast journey.


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