(Cooking? All of a sudden?) -You need to do it more.
-Jennie! Here. That was close! (One hour ago) At the house I used to live in,
we always gave out rice cake. When people moved, we used to
give out and receive rice cake. What to give out when we move. You’re supposed to do that. What kind of rice cake
do you give out? Siru-tteok. Is it siru-tteok? -Then…
-We’re going to give it out? I don’t think we’ll be able
to make rice cake. -So let’s give out macaroon.
-Macaroon? Really? Do you know
how to make it? When people move in,
they give out rice cake, but I wanted to do something
to fit the generation. -We need to get the ingredients.
-Jennie Kim! -Yes, Chef!
-Jennie Kim! -What is this?
-This is so pretty. You’re like a police officer. -Look at this.
-Yes, Chef! -You look like that…
-Yes, Chef! -Like this?
-Wait. The lighting is too dark. When I clap twice… (The apron goes on) -Do I look like a chef?
-You look like Gordon Ramsay. -Give me a new name.
-Jennie Ramsay. -Jennie Ramsay.
-Jennie Ramsay! (Jennie Ramsay is great!) -Hey, Jennie!
-I’m Jennie Ramsay. (Today’s chef, Jennie Ramsay) Let’s make macaroon Let’s make macaroon Let’s make macaroon -Macaroon is so…
-Okay. Let’s do it! (Jennie Ramsay and the kids) -Okay, first…
-Yes, Chef? Let’s take the first step. (Concentrating) -This is almond powder.
-Almond powder? AP? -It’s AP.
-AP? -Put in the almond powder and…
-Yes? -It’s Bundang.
-It’s really… -Bundang is far.
-I think it’s Bundang. That’s right. Bundang is about
an hour away from Seoul. We will sift it. -She’s only filming.
-We will sift it. -What is sifting?
-Do it to Chae Young. -Ignore.
-Ignore! (Chae Young, that’s enough.) (Jisoo, stop that.) -We need another bowl.
-We need another bowl. -We need another bowl.
-We need another bowl. -Do we need the cool bowl?
-We need a big bowl. Do we need the bowl
that they made… You know where. Can we have another bowl? -Rosé, come on!
-I got it! -This one.
-Did you find it? -This one?
-Okay. Come here. Then what do we do? We will sift the almond powder. -Like half of it, maybe?
-How do you do it? That’s right. Like that.
You’re supposed to do that. You should do this
with your hand. It’s snowing. (While Jisoo sifts) We need to make the meringue. Meringue. (Chae Young is so childish.) You can’t use the yolk.
You should only use the whites. -You need to do it like this.
-You’re good at that. (Do this
and the yolk comes out.) -Then who eats this?
-I washed my hands. Oh my.
What are you going to do? Hurry. We need to do
four of them. (Jennie Ramsay’s skills
are as those of a pro!) You’re really good at that. (Expert) -No, that wasn’t it.
-Oh no! (The yolk popped as soon
as she was praised.) No, no, no. no.
Wait, wait, wait. Emergency! Emergency! -Me, me!
-Where’s the spoon? -The spoon…
-Me, me! -Scoop it with a spoon.
-There’s one more. (One falls) (Two falls) -Okay, good. Good, good.
-I named the macaroon. Blackpink handmade macaroon. It’s like handmade mandoo. -You have to do two more, right?
-It can’t be done with machines. -Good.
-Okay, so with the whites, we will make the meringue. You’re in charge
of the meringue. -Okay.
-I’ll give you this. -I’m nervous.
-It’s okay. -Me?
-Yes. -Can I do this?
-Yes. Make the meringue here
on this side. I didn’t know you would give me
this responsibility. -And you, Lisa.
-Me, me, me, me. While Chae Young
makes this meringue, you need to put this
in three separate times. -Don’t put it all in at once.
-Slowly? (Sugar and coloring) -Like this?
-I’ll start, but if I’m bad… Just don’t splash it. So just do it? -Do it harder.
-Do it higher. -Right, like that.
-Oh you’re good. Oh you’re good. -Lisa, put some in.
-It looks like a wave. Hold on. (While Rosé is whipping) -The color is changing.
-Wow! Lisa, just pour the sugar
a little at a time. (Finally, the meringue
is showing it’s color) -It’s getting faster.
-You’re doing a good job. I have a great sous chef. Be careful. (Under the instructions
of Jennie,) (the members are doing their
best with each of their jobs.) (Their first baking session
is going well.) -Look at the color. It’s great.
-What a surprise. -Do some here too.
-This is great. The color is really pretty! You’re good. Chae Young is really good. Let me take a look. -It looks like fresh cream.
-It’ looks great. -Good?
-I think it’s ready. Next, we need to divide
the meringue and mix it in here. -As if you’re putting on cement.
-It’s really pretty. It’s pink and white. Mix the meringue. Mix the meringue. The color is so pretty. What is this here? Why did you spill so much?
Hold on to it. Back hug! (Jennie and Jisoo) (Oh my gosh!) I can’t believe
I did that with you. It’s an honor. Naturally. Just like… This is just right. (Finally, the macaroon dough
is ready.) Good. Nice. (It’s so pretty.) -Let’s do it.
-Okay. -Chae Young, do this too.
-Squeeze it like this. Okay, okay. Okay, okay. (Concentrating) (She succeeded on her first try
without making a mistake!) -Is it ready?
-Yes. (The macaroon skin is ready.) What is this?
It’s totally two-toned. Two-toned macaroon. Blackpink’s handmade,
two-toned macaroon. (Blackpink’s handmade,
two-toned macaroon.) (Blackpink’s handmade macaroon
is wrapped up nicely and ready!) Now, we need to give them out. Let’s go.


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