Bikini Fitness VS Ginger Girl – Czech Strength Wars #9

My name is Alena Kosnarova, 26 years old. I am from Rumburk. My job is a Fit Instructor Its awsome that I can be in the first girls Czech Wars. So far I only saw the Czech SW from behind the camera. Because my boyfriend is the producer I look forward to destroy Karolina. I am Karolina Machova, 26 years old. And I compete in Bikini Fitness. My strenght is in my strong legs, which I will use for sure and in endurance. I am glad that I can be a part in first Girls Wars in Czech Republic. And I think it´s awesome that it´s also for girls now, because We girls are much stronger, than men. I only know Karolína from her Instagram page, She´s a lovely young lady, also she has fake tits. I don´t know my oponent, only thing I know about her is that she has Red hair, and God marked people with Red color So we know who to be aware of. So I will be well aware. Disciplines will be tough. almost everything is with weights Which I am not used to, what I do is bodyweight excercises, I don´t go to gym very often. Well see what Karolina can do. Disciplines for us girls were chosen well, but I am little scared of the weights. I don´t lift anymore cause I do Bikini fitness. But I think I will gain with my endurance and condition. 1. discipline squat 20x50kg I´ve started lifting just recently, so that one will be hard. I squat a lot so I think this discipline will be mine. 2. discipline 20x push-ups I belive in myself in this one, cause I do this almost daily. for bikini I don´t excercise breasts so this one will be hard. long time since I lifted slamballs, it should be 30kg x 10 lifts. I am curious how will I do. However I am very competetive and I need to win so i will give it my best. Last time I saw slamball was in 9th grade. last discipline is 85 kg sledge push for 10 meters. I rode sledges before so I think i will do okay. Last time I pushed sledge was when I was 5 years old in winter. I´ve never done this discipline before. Let´s se how it goes. Alena, you ginger I hope you worked hard for this because I did and i look forward to beat your ass. you stupid bitch. Karolína I hope you didnt think that a plastic barbie like you can beat me. Your fake tit´s wont help you here. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another Czech Strength Wars. Today we have something special, and that is first Ladies Strength Wars. a battle between Alena Košnarová and Karolína Machová Ladies please get to your spots. This is the first time ever in czech wars. Are you ready? Flames say yes, people are mute, that is okay. Okay here we go, first Czech Ladies Strength Wars start in 5, 4…. 20 reps on squats 50 kilograms It looks easy for them. Show us That bikini can also lift! First girls SW, girls are fighting for the first time in Strength wars! And now, who is the winner? Girls you will do the sledge one more time. This can happend in any battle Girls finished at the same time. So we have to do the last one again. They wil push the sledges next to each other. The one that gets first to the end, wins. You ready girls? Second round will show us the first Winner of girls Strength wars. Last battle showed us the winner. This is what can happend in any Strength wars. I think the second round was fair for both. Todays Winner is Alena. The first Winner of Czech Girls strength wars, ever. Congratulations, congratulations to you both girls. In the second round we could see who has bigger endurance. Anyways both of them are great warriors. Thanks everyone for watching. Don´t forget to subscirbe to our channel, more battles are comming. Thanks for beiing with us, These are Czech Strength Wars!

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