Bigger Butt Home Workout | No Weights!

November 2017 (Before). April 2018 (After). November 2017 (Before). May 2018 (After). Today. Hi guys! Today we will be doing a booty
workout! So for the first workout we’re going to do 20 Hip Thrusts. To do this
we’ll first lie on our backs with our feet placed on the ground, slightly away
from us. The concept of this exercise is to push down with all our hamstrings and
glutes with enough force to lift our hips off the ground.
This is not the same as lifting our hips off the ground with our core muscles.
Remember this is not an ab or lower back workout. So to do this properly
we must pay attention to only pushing down on the ground, using our leg and
glute muscles. At the top of the motion, make sure to squeeze your glutes. It’s
super important not to go up and down in a very you know, speedy pace and
not to be explosive. Make sure that you go up and down in a constant pace and
the reps need to be completed in a smooth manner. So you will do 20 reps
before taking a 1 to 2 minute rest. So for the second exercise, we’ll be doing 20 Regular Squats. Make sure you push your
chest out slightly. So we’ll squat down until our hamstrings are parallel to the
floor. We will then squat up at the same pace
we came down and squeeze our glutes at the top of the motion. So attempt 20 reps
consecutively but if you can’t do 20 in one go, do at least 12. We will then take a 1 to
2 minute rest and then move on to the third exercise. So for the third exercise we’ll be doing
10 Decline One-legged Hip Thrusts. To do this exercise you’ll need a chair or any
surface that you can sit on for example, maybe a stool. So sit down and grab the
surface on both sides. You will then take one or two steps forward before
squatting down and up on one leg. To get the form right don’t bend your arms
excessively as this is not an arm workout and focus on using your
hamstrings and glutes to push your whole body up. As opposed to using your core
muscles to raise your hips. At the top of the motion, squeeze your gluts as well.
We will do 10 reps for each leg before moving on to the final exercise. Finally, we will be doing Wall Assisted One-legged Hip Thrusts. To do this, stand against a wall then take a
step forward and lean against the wall with one foot on the wall. The trick to this
exercise again, is not to use your core muscles or move your hips. You need to
push down on the wall with your legs and your whole body needs to be locked.
We will do 10 reps, again make sure you squeeze your glutes at the top of the
motion. So all four exercises make up the first
set. We will repeat four exercises twice more, meaning we’ll be doing three sets
in total. Each set we will reduce the reps by 2, so if you do 20 reps of a
particular exercise in the first set do 18 in the second. Awesome! Thank you guys for watching. Please subscribe and make sure you turn on post notifications
so you don’t miss any of our uploads and make sure to like and comment and let us
know how you get on with it. Bye


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