Big Boulder Shoulder Workout w/ Antoine Vaillant & The Muscle Mansion

my friend
we’re at pure muscle & fitness and we’re gonna hit delts that’s what’s going to happened
let’s do it we’re starting with the side lateral
because uh I’ve always done that my whole life because alot of people they
start with heavy presses they want to get the weight but then you end up with
like you’re front delts up devloped like that so you want to hit the rear or the sides
first today we’re doing the sides first we’re gonna go up the rack 15 25 35 all
the way to aweight that’s pretty hard we don’t want to cheat too much right
and once we reach that weight we do a drop set down the rack which means
you’re gonna go through the same weight increment but going down no rest to
failure all the way to 15 pounds so here we have the seated side lateral
machine with the pads on the elbows and we’re gonna do two warm ups and then one
hard set hit style so that’s called a Viking press we’re
gonna do same principle pyramid and then one set is going to be pretty hard so we’re doing here kind of a bent-over
between the leg Easy Bar front cable lateral raise and it’s pretty cool cuz
you can really flex the front delt hit them hard and when we can’t
anymore it’s a great machine to do forced reps
with your buddies so we’ll do that for the last set a little tip for mind muscle connection that’s
if you are working out the biceps is if your every rep you would name the body part
biceps biceps you’re telling your brain which body part you’re doing which
increases the mind to the muscle connection via language front delts front
delts triceps triceps everybody’s different right but you got
to feel your rear delts so I make sure that the weight I have which is usually
pretty light for rear delts is the hardest possible so I get a tweak so I make the
movement the hardest possible so I get the most out of the weight if it’s 20
you can use everything else but the rear delts to get 50 reps or you can challenge the
muscle as much as you can and get the least amount of reps possible to reach
failure oh yeah and then once you reach failure you actually twist like that
we’re gonna do some wide upright rows but bent over to finish the rear delts I’ll show you for the last one another way to
push it so you’re gonna do your lateral when you fail you do your rows like
that when you fail you hold them up like that isometric for as much as you can
and after that rear delts should be pretty toasted now a superset reverse pec deck he’s never gonna bring it up as high as
the front ones right but the goal is to bring the elbows up you squeeze the rrear delts and the traps there try to swing it far from the body so you’re not gonna hit the
butt if you have a big butt it’ll be hard to do so that was my shoulder workout here at
pure muscle & fitness deltoid workout it was a great one thanks for watching
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