Big, Bad Bodybuilding Back Workout | Dylan Thomas

– I’m Dylan Thomas,
Team MuscleTech athlete. Today I’m here at headquarters to take you through one
of my back workouts. (intense tactical music) This back workout is actually
geared around getting ready for a photo shoot or a contest. I use this workout to cut
down and get shredded. Lots of supersets interspersed
with straight sets, so you’re getting a ton of density in a short period of time. Let’s go do it. First exercise is wide-grip pull-ups. We’re gonna do about 60 total reps, spread across four sets of 15. We’re gonna pump the muscle up with blood, and it’s gonna help us feel
out each exercise further on as we go into the workout. If you can’t do four
sets of 15 pull-ups with your own body weight, try attaching a band to the
rack where you’re gonna do your pull-ups, and this is
gonna help you pull yourself up and get the total volume in. Now, moving onto exercise two, we’re gonna keep with pull-ups, but we’re gonna switch
the grip to neutral. We’re gonna aim for four sets of 10. We’re aiming for about 100
total reps across the first two exercises to pump the
muscle full of blood before we actually move into weighted exercises. One thing to keep in mind
when doing this exercise is to get a deep stretch
at the bottom of the range. This is going to help us
activate the lats more and less of the biceps. (intense tactical music) Okay, so we’ve made it
through the pull-ups. Now we’re gonna move on to some supersets. We’re gonna pair neutral
wide-grip lat pull-downs with a wide-grip seated cable row. From here we’re gonna drop
our reps down to eight per exercise, but we’re
gonna keep the sets at four. Now, when you’re doing the
wide-grip neutral lat pull-down, what you want to keep in
mind is to prop the chest up and arch your lower back. You’re gonna be pulling
the bar to your lower chest and this is gonna help
you activate the lats and take it away from the bicep. Now we’re on to the seated row. We really wanna focus on
the negative of the motion so we get a deep stretch of the lats. It’s going to engorge the
muscle with blood and help us get a deeper contraction
when we row the weight. (heavy breathing) Moving on, we’re going to keep
the pace of the workout high. We’re introducing another superset. This time we’re pairing
together single-arm cable rows and seated rows. We’re gonna do again four sets
of eight for each exercise. Now, I’ve paired these two
exercises together with the intent of pre-fatiguing
the muscle on the lighter single-arm rows before we
move into a heavier weight, take the muscle to failure
with the close-grip rows. When doing the single-arm cable row, you wanna have a slight twist
in your torso so that you can get a deeper contraction
of the lower lats. As I mentioned, the single-arm
row is meant to pre-fatigue. So as an example of this, I usually select a weight
of about 60 pounds. Moving into the two-arm
close-grip row I’ll bump it up to something like
225 to 250 pounds to take the muscle to failure. All right, now it’s time
to move some real weights. We’re done with the supersets, and it’s on to barbell rows. We’re going for four sets of six reps. We’re gonna try and pack on
some dense muscle at this point. With regards to form, I like to keep my torso at
about a 90 degree angle. One thing to aim for when
doing this back exercise is to really allow your
shoulders to protract forward, stretching out your lats so
you get a deeper engagement and bigger stretch. (weights banging) All right, we’ve nearly
wrapped up the back workout. It’s time to have some fun
and pair together Pendlay rows with a trap bar deadlift. This is all about explosive power and moving some heavy weights. For this one we’re gonna
do four sets of six reps. So, to perform this exercise
we’re actually going to be doing two reps to count as one rep. So in reality, you’re doing 12 total reps
of the trap bar deadlift and the Pendlay row combined together. First off you’re gonna pick the weight up, doing a deadlift with the trap bar, then you’re gonna lower
back down to the ground and do a Pendlay row. That’s one rep. Now, form-wise for the trap bar deadlift, you want to keep your chest
up and you wanna explode through the movement as you rise up. When you move into the Pendlay
row portion of the movement, again we want to stay
at a 90 degree angle, similar to the barbell row, but this time we’re gonna row our hands moreso towards the back. This is gonna allow us to
get a deep contraction in the lower lats.
(intense tactical music) (weights banging)
(heavy breathing) This back workout is great
for anyone looking to cut down and retain as much muscle
tissue as possible. Try incorporating this back
workout every five to seven days of your routine. If you enjoyed this workout
and you’ve got any questions for me, find my on
Instagram at @dylanthomas90. For more free articles and
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