Bicep Workout For Mass | How to Get Bigger Biceps | Full Bicep Workout

hey everyone welcome to the 4amworkoutclub channel these are some clips from each exercise I did for this
morning’s bicep workout just a quick note the way you read it is 12 reps
using 30 pounds 10 reps using 35 pounds etc you see what I’m saying
reps are on the left weight is on the right but anyways I’m going to explain a
little bit about how I train my arms and why I use the rep ranges I do keep in
mind this type of training isn’t suited for a beginner trainee because it’s high
volume so I typically will use a pyramid rep scheme on the majority of exercises
I do for every muscle group I rarely do 3 or 4 sets of 8 or 10 or whatever you
know a lot of people do usually I use a pyramid rep scheme now in this bicep
workout I only did 3 exercises but I did a lot of sets for each exercise and the
reason I like the pyramid rep scheme is because it allows me to get a mix of
both strength and hypertrophy training and in my personal opinion and from what I
have learned over eight plus years of training utilizing all rep ranges seems
to be more efficient for building muscle than just sticking to one specific rep
range and that’s my personal experience based off the results I have gotten so I
train my biceps twice per week along with everything else and I would say I
probably averaged between 12 to 15 sets of biceps per session when I’m training
my biceps which would come out to around 24 to 30 sets per week give or take
though it could be a little more or a little less depending whether I feel
like adding stuff sometimes I’ll get an inspiration to do a little bit more or
maybe I do a little bit less these three exercises are what I usually do
sometimes alternating one with preacher curl or adding in preacher curl as an
additional exercise that’s gonna be it for this video I just wanted to share my
bicep workout with you all talk a little bit about the rep schemes that I’m doing
and how I train I tend to use a pyramid rep scheme on pretty much every exercise
for every muscle group sometimes you know switching things up but I’m really
not a huge fan of you know 4 sets of 10 3 sets of 10 3 sets of 8 whatever once
in a while maybe I’ll do something like that
but for the most part I’m doing some form a pyramid rep scheme I might not
always be going down to the one-two-three rep range you know maybe
I’ll do 12 10 8 6 12 10 8 you know I kind of base my training and my
workouts off intuition after training for 8 plus years you know it has helped
me learn how my body responds to training and I don’t always go in with a
set plan I kind of just all alter things and go with the flow depending on how
I’m feeling as I said at the beginning of the video you know the amount of
volume I’m doing and everything is not meant for a beginner trainee so you
know if you’re a beginner obviously you should be using the appropriate amount
of volume for yourself and your experience level as should any trainee
you got to figure out how much volume you need to see results if you have any
questions regarding the pyramid rep scheme or would like to see a more in
depth video talking about it comment down below make sure you click
that subscribe button I’ll see you guys in the next video

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