BH Fitness S3Ti Folding Treadmill Review

– This is the BH Fitness S3Ti treadmill. BH Fitness is a global
company that is built on a legacy of producing high end, durable, user focused fitness
equipment for the home, light commercial, and
full commercial settings. This is a good all around
and durable machine. It utilizes their active
flex two suspension for advanced shock absorption. This treadmill has a 3.0
horsepower DC drive motor, along with large two inch rollers and a multi ply deck for a smooth ride. Active flex two suspension
offers shock absorbing landing zone up front and a firmer area to push off in the back. The deck is shorter at just 55 inches. The S3Ti comes with 15
built in workout programs. It goes up to a 12 percent incline, and up to 11 miles per hour. It also has a built in
fan and an accessory tray and magazine holder. The machine also utilizes iConcept with it’s bluetooth enabled technology. iConcept allows you to
pair your mobile device with the machine to create
personalized workouts, track programs, play games,
and even do contests. One downside is that the console does not have a USB charger. Let’s look at how this treadmill folds. Like the others, you grab from the end, easy to lift compared
to many of the others. You’ll keep going until you hear just a little bit of a click. When you’re ready to
release it and put it down, you’ll find a red lever, which you push, start to pull just a
little, and then from there the treadmill will lower
itself nice and slow that way no one gets injured and you’re not bearing any of the weight. The BH Fitness S3Ti treadmill has a convenient folding design, durable commercial grade materials, and a lifetime warranty
on the frame and body. Click the link below
for additional details.


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