Betaines Anabolic Muscle Mass Effects

Good morning everyone its Nicholas Dettinger, back on Awakendgainz today we’re going to break our Fitness
limits by going over the research on betaine supplementation and its possible
effects on improving weight loss and muscle mass growth and even maybe muscular
performance in the gym in ways like bench press and back squat so today
let’s break out fitness limits, and lean about betaine which was featured on the
AWG-live podcast episode 20 annotations will be up here and I hope you can break
his limits today. Before you start to purchase any type of
supplement that has a monetary value to it you should always look at the
research behind it now the word betaine is a little hard to
find specific resarch on because it has two different names the
more scientific name is trimethylglycine the reason for this is betaine is a
glycine type amino acid with three methyl groups attached to it so if
looking for any type of research on betaine one of the most common ones is
trimethylglycine there are other variations with maybe dimethyl glycine
or just monoglycine, today we are looking at trimethylglycine just just to make
sure I know lots of glycines here but before we’re talking about this research
I want to explore the common possible effects or benefits
of having this supplementation based on the trimethylglycine much, so because it
has those three methyl groups to it it has an additional effect of aiding whole
body myelination so maybe there could be a nervous system component to it, maybe
someone could improve strength output by having better myelination in those areas
but that’s more of a theoretical advantage of having this, the second
effect that is most often cited is a lowering of homocysteine. Homocysteine is
an indirect measure of a problem with overall bodily functions at the time,
right now the first one is likely that maybe your blood pressure’s a little
high or maybe vitamin absorption of B vitamins is off so could there could be
an issue with maybe inflammation stress or other hormones signaling that hey
we’re not adapting right now very well lastly there is a third effect of
betaine supplementation that’s slightly noted in research it has a somewhat
creatine like effect but it’s not like the same as creatine creatine has a
large sports performance benefit often the 5 – 8 % strength benefit in athletes alone. While Betaine might help cellualr hydration be slightly more effecting in aiding osmosis and other things like that so maybe you could a little
bit more water going into the cell to aid in cellular metabolism but don’t
think it’s gonna be like creatine because I’m just being skeptical before
we examine the research and talk about with you guys so the main research I’m gonna
title today is called the effects of chronic betaine supplementation on body
composition and performance and collegiate females a double-blind
randomized placebo-controlled trial in this study they examine an interesting
use case a betaine supplementation or trimethylglycine the first unique
element is that they wanted to test the effects of supplementation on female
athletes who had not started weightlifting or begone serious training at all
so the reason they’re trying to do this is they’re trying to see if the affects aid
whole body the above effect more than nothing their could be a possible hydration benefit and lowering
of homocysteine levels maybe this could help them lose weight faster or they build muscle
faster and other things like that, the study mentions that previously there has been
a shown increase in favor of body composition abilities in men and muscle
performance however not in females so we also want to see if maybe was a
difference between males and females here the study took 24 females with no
prior resistance training at all and took them into an area that essentially
provoked the most extreme ideal the situation for promoting muscle mass without controlling diet we don’t know what the diet was it was probably
just regular but we don’t know that part the metrics tested were muscle thickness
body composition in a bod pod and lastly one-armed rap on the bench and back
squat following a week of training the subjects were either put into a 2.5 gram
per day group or a placebo group now the findings could show that the
supplementation could be under dosed as of right now because there isn’t a
clinical dosage of it yet I’m a strong believer in recommending clinical doses
that have been shown to be the most effective not dosages that haven’t been
shown to be the most effective and maybe an underdosing is occouring for a bit
better of a possible effect. However don’t know that yet so lets, look more into the study. The training structure of these girls was
3 sets of ( 6 – 7) exercises per day performed to muscular failure so they’re
put the most extreme about a muscular damage
to a beginners that could provoke a lot of anabolic signals, the metric tested in
this study was muscle thickness body composition, at max bench press and back squat following a week of training with a group having
either 2.5 grams of betaine or the placebo the results were pretty much
following the three effects I mentioned at the beginning of the video showed
that there was an increase in a muscle thickness that’s maybe a hydration
benefit from added water or cellular hydration an increase in lean mass which
I don’t know where that one came from but maybe there’s a thing maybe it’s the
homocysteine eating less in whole body blood pressure maybe reducing stress
higher benchpress and squat in the B tank group that may be a myelination
benefit may be faster adaptations between cellular interconnections
between the brain and muscles however they couldn’t find a significant
interaction between these p-value findings they couldn’t get a value of P
0.05 or 0.01 they’re probably higher than that and they couldn’t get a
correlation out there so it’s it’s better that they admitted that they
couldn’t find a specific this is better than a 5% know avoid statement instead
it’s there was an effect there but they couldn’t make it significant enough to
say this happen every single time all the subjects were able to aid in fat
mass reduction by almost 1 to 2 kilograms almost a 2 to 5 pound
difference between the subjects of girls I’m glad they didn’t try to mess with
the findings here and make a correlation that wasn’t there or make a trendline
that wasn’t there I’m glad they’re being honest with this so perhaps there’s more
research needs to be done to find a significant intervention maybe the
dosage just wasn’t high enough but the effects were there but here’s where we
go on if it’s worth your money so if the effects are there and you’ve got extra
cash maybe try it if not do not worry about it until the findings become more
concrete on trimethylglycine or betaine don’t even consider it
it may be helpful weight loss group maybe if you’re a coach who has act as
someone’s very cheap and you’re trying to teach a young client they’re asking
for the best ways to get into working out with it with a good supplement stack
maybe this could be in there with creatine or something but that’s only in
a hypothetical scenario if the research isn’t there yet there’s no clinical
dosage that I know of there probably is I don’t know if it yet
and the findings aren’t concrete enough to give me a recommendation to you I was
just buying yet have a great day and I hope you’re broke your fitness limits
hope you learned something today about supplementation of trimethylglycine or
betaine and broke your Fitness limits Awakendgainz !

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