Are you ready for a change Are you ready to get stronger, to lose weight Are you willing to put in the work and do whatever it takes? Are you ready to let go of the past? Are you ready to take the fight to diabetes? If so, you come to the right place Okay great, I just tested my blood sugar. It’s 138, which is right within the glucose zone Make sure that you’re within the safe range for your diabetes If you don’t know what those ranges are, check out Alright, are you ready to have a great workout. Let’s go Okay great job. I want you to come right here sidestepping. This is the level one program of the D Fight series And come right here, kicking back We’re gonna spend the next two minutes just warming up our body, so all you have to do is follow along. Here we go, and back to side step Excellent job Now this whole workout is an interval based workout, and we’re going to always come back to this side stepping motion And kick back. Again, great job. We’re just stretching out the hamstrings Getting those knees warmed up Taking this opportunity to warm up and stretch out Three Two One Now I want you to get those arms going Side step and pull back. Excellent job This is a total body workout… …that’s gonna begin the process… … of creating the space in your muscles for that glucose to go. And kick back. There you go. Good job Keep those arms going… …with a little bit of a kick back. Four Three Two One Great job. Come right back here and sidestep Now, if this is too hard just cut the movement down just a little bit… …and if it’s a little easy you can step a little more Okay, get the back and those arms going Warming those shoulders up Excellent job. Three Two One Now, I want you to reach up and down Great job Getting those shoulder muscles going Staying with the rhythm of the sidestep Two One Come back right here. Great job All right, now. You might be feeling a burn already inside those shoulder muscles and those arm muscles That’s okay. You’re doing a great job. That’s a great sign Three Two One Let’s go back up again Make sure you’re breathing throughout this entire workout Three Two One Right back here Excellent job Just in that three minutes, we took the first step… …to lowering our blood sugar levels Now, all you need to do is follow along with me I want you to come right here. We’re starting at the bottom Right up and down… …raising those heels off the ground Excellent job Now, if this feels like it’s too much already, that’s okay. You can always follow Deb. Deb is going to be doing an easier version of all the exercise that we’re doing today If this feels too easy then go ahead and follow Sharon. Sharon is going to be doing a little harder version You’re doing great, eight more seconds Five…four…three…two…one Excellent job. We’re coming right back here Okay, so those forty seconds of exercise This whole workout is gonna follow a pattern 40 seconds of exercise with 20 seconds of a side-to-side step Let’s come back to the center again And now kick Stepping, kicking, and stretching out the hamstrings Making sure that you’re breathing, getting those arms involved, and still warming up the body Great job Now, the muscles that we’re gonna focus on today, even though we’re doing the total body workout… We’re gonna focus on the muscles below the knee Those are the muscles that are most involved with walking, And if you have type 2 diabetes… …or if you have pre-diabetes… …walking is one of the best things that you can do Three Two One Side to side Great job Okay, let’s go ahead and come back to center Now, I want you to turn those toes out And we’re going to do heel raises again Up, down, up, down. Good job Make sure that the weight is evenly distributed to all ten toes You’re doing great Excellent job raising those calves, also known as calf raises Okay, you’re doing fantastic You might be feeling a burn right now, that’s a great sign That means that we’re emptying out the glycogen that is stored in those muscles… …creating a space for glucose to go Side step, great job Okay, now, let’s come back to the center again And now this time I want you to step Place your heel just in front of you Now we’re stretching out Especially maybe even that lower back Great job Make sure that your arms are coordinated with your step here You don’t want to be like Frankenstein, okay Getting nice and loose Great job If you can, maybe step it out a little bit farther, maybe go in a little lower on that step out Or if this is too much, just take it nice and easy just little tiny steps Four Three Two One Excellent, now side step Okay, now let’s go ahead and come back to center Turn those toes in: pigeon toe style Bend the knees slightly Go Excellent Now this might be a little more challenging than the first two; that’s okay, that’s what we want Again make sure that the weight is evenly distributed throughout all ten toes If this feels like too much, just do one foot at a time Okay, that’s totally fine; it’s going to achieve the same result Or, if it’s too easy, maybe you could go on a double-time pace Either way, it doesn’t really matter; what matters is what’s right for you at this moment Four Three Two One Side step, excellent job Okay, now, let’s come back. Side step and kick it back a little bit more… ….getting those hamstrings involved Now, this whole style of workout — in fact the whole D Fight series — is based off of interval training Studies have proven that interval training has the best… …effect on lowering glucose levels …and reducing A1C levels You’re doing a great job You might not even know what an interval workout was… ….well now you know — that’s what exactly what we’re doing A little bit of a hard exercise… …followed by a small break of continuous movements Two One Back to side to side Excellent, excellent job Okay, now, your heart rate might be rising a little bit. That’s okay Just make sure that you’re breathing Now I want you to come out nice and wide… …bend those knees Now you’re gonna lift the heels Up and down, excellent job Now, this is different than when our knees are straight… …because when our knees are bent, we’re working the lower part of the calf Specifically, the muscles that attach to your Achilles tendon That’s different than when you’re working the muscles when your leg is straight When your leg is straight, the fat part, that top part of your calf, is the muscle that gets work Remember you always want to work all of the different angles associated with the muscles… …and you can be sure that we’re gonna do that in this series Three Two One Side to side, great job Okay, now Let’s move — a little bit of a different movement Instead of stepping and kicking forward, I want you to come right here.. …and we’re gonna go back, back Step back Excellent, step back Step, step, step Excellent Very good Now you might be feeling this, stretch out those calf muscles Especially since we’ve just worked them so much If you can step, back a little bit farther Or, if it feels like it’s too much, just keep the movement nice and conservative Always remember to be breathing the whole time Side to side, great job Okay, so, that was ten minutes of exercise all working the back part of our lower leg Now let’s go to the front part of our lower leg I want you to come back right here again. Now, the exact opposite motion… …lifting those toes up as high as possible Now, we’re working the muscles in the front of the shin These are some of the most important muscles for balance If you can work these muscles and get them nice and strong… …you’re gonna have a lot better and easier time walking, hiking, and enjoying those types of activities Again, if it feels like it’s too much, just do one foot at a time Whatever’s right for you. If it’s too easy, let’s go ahead and see if we can do double time Four Three Two One Excellent, side to side Okay Now, keeping this side-to-side movement… …we’re gonna do a diagonal knee lift to this direction Three…two…one…let’s go Great job lifting those knees as high as possible without losing your balance Ideally, you want to be crossing your knee across your bellybutton If that’s too hard though, don’t worry about it… …just keep with this motion Now, if you can, maybe try a little bit harder… …maybe getting a twist involving getting that knee up Great job Back to side to side Excellent, excellent, excellent Make sure that you’re breathing — don’t hold your breath Okay, let’s come back to standing Center Turn those toes out like we did before, but now this time raising those toes Really flexing the feet up as high as possible Now you might be feeling a real burning sensation in front of your calves That’s okay What that means is that you’ve depleted the glycogen that was stored inside that muscle That’s the first step to lowering blood sugar levels Here we go Ten more seconds — you’re doing great Here we go Five Four Three Two One Side to side Awesome job Okay Now, you’ll get to know that whenever we’re doing total body exercise… …we always work both sides, so we’re gonna come back to that diagonal knee lift But this time we’re going to go this way Three…two…one…go Excellent, twist Now we’re starting to work those hips The hips are one of the main muscle groups that you use for walking You’re gonna notice in this level one exercise program… …that all of these exercises are designed really to get you to a place where you can go for a nice, long, comfortable walk Excellent, let’s go Five…four…three…two…one Side to side — great job Okay, let’s come back to the center again Turn those toes in just like we did before, knees slightly bent, and now let’s raise them up Now this is more challenging than any of the other exercises we’ve done before… …so stick with me here Again, if it’s too hard, just do one foot at a time… Or you might even need to put your hand on a chair or something to brace your balance — that’s okay The key here is to keep moving I want continuous movement in this whole exercise video Also notice… …make sure that your feet are staying pointed in if they have a tendency to widen out You’re doing great — three more seconds Three Two One Side to side Excellent, man, I felt that Okay Now, let’s go ahead and finish off with lower, below-the-knee exercises Coming out nice and wide… …bending the knee Same thing. Lifting the toes as high as possible Now this can also be very challenging And at this point the front of your calves, the front of your shins, might be totally on fire That’s okay If that’s the case, maybe go one at a time Alright, that’s totally fine. In fact, you might even get a nice little stretch If it’s too easy, or if you’re ready to challenge yourself… …come down and sink down as low as possible keeping that chest nice and tall Five more seconds Four Three Two One Excellent, side to side Alright, that was fantastic Now once you take a big deep breath… …we’re gonna move up above the knee here for the rest of the workout You should be feeling a nice tingling sensation in those muscles below the knee And we’re gonna start with a side to side reach Excellent. Now, we’re starting to work those obliques, starting to get the total body involved We’re doing great. We’re about 17, 18 minutes into this workout Starting to get our whole body involved in the process See if you can reach a little farther over Five…four…three…two…one Great job, back to side to side Excellent job Alright, now, same thing… …but now we’re gonna go both arms Now, this is gonna be a little more challenging and it’s gonna raise your heart rate Excellent Now we’re really working, the lower back even Working on our coordination You’re doing great. See how far you can reach over. Excellent job See if you can twist Getting those arms going And again, if this is too much, just take it down a little bit Eight more seconds Four…three…two…one Great job, side to side step Okay You did an awesome job right there Let’s go ahead and stop and test our blood sugar and make sure that we’re still within the safe range Okay, as long as your numbers were within the safe range, let’s keep going, and I want you to come right here… …coming into a walking movement, and now we’re gonna go Up Down Up Down Excellent Doing a great job. I feel like I’m in a marching band… …bringing back those memories. You’re doing great. If this is too much, just do one arm at a time Especially if you’re dealing with high blood pressure Okay, it might be too challenging for you Or go double-time You’re doing great Three Two One Side to side Excellent, excellent job — starting to feel now that whole upper body Drain the glycogen Okay Come back to walking in place. A nice marching clip. Out Great job Now I’m sure you’ve noticed, now that we’ve got the whole body working… …our heart rate has raised Okay, that’s great. That’s exactly what we want Now, let’s see if you can go double time Or, if it’s too much, just one arm Five…four…three…two…one Side of the side Great job Okay, so you might have really felt that in the shoulder area That’s okay. That’s exactly what we wanted. Now, we’re gonna take it down a little bit… …pulling back But I want you to stay focused here And if you’re ready for it You really squeeze those back muscles. This is such a great exercise… …for engaging the lats, the traps, the core You can make this exercise as easy or as hard as you need it to be… …by simply extending the range of motion, so if we really reach and pull… …you’re gonna immediately feel a more challenging exercise It’s amazing what you can do with just your body You can do a total body sculpting workout Four…three…two…one Side to side, great job Okay, so our whole body should be warmed up You’re doing an excellent job We’ve tested our blood sugar We know we’re in the safe range Now it’s time to take the fight to diabetes I want you to put your left foot forward I’m gonna right here, boxer stance Jab…jab…jab Exhaling each time you punch Pick a spot and punch it every time Now, see if we can get that body into it… …throwing a real punch Three…two…one Double time: go You can do it Five…four…three…two…one Side to side, great job Excellent Okay, now, let’s come to the right side I’m gonna put that right foot forward. Same thing In three…two…one Go Punch, twisting that hip Now, you can make this as easy or as hard as you need it to be You can really snap it Or you can keep it a little bit more conservative Whatever you need to do, just keep going. You’re doing such a great job The weight is slightly transferring Five Four Three Two One Side to side, excellent job Okay, now we’re gonna keep that side-to-side movement Okay, now, we’re gonna do a crossing jab… …to this direction Step, cross. Step, cross. Step, cross. Excellent Now we’re really getting the hip involved, turn that head Snapping the arm There we go Excellent Here we go Six…five…four…three…two. Last one Excellent job, side to side, back here That was fantastic The whole side of the body was engaged Now, let’s keep this rhythm here… …and we’re doing the same thing for the other direction So, we’re gonna step, cross. Step, cross Turn the body, turn the head Exhaling on each punch Exhale You’re doing great Now if it’s too much, cut the movement down If it’s too easy, I want to see a real snap Knockout punch Five seconds Four Three Two One Side to side. Great, great, great, great job Okay, keep breathing here, keep breathing Let’s go ahead and put that left foot forward again Boxer stance Jab, cross. Jab, cross Ready, go Excellent Get that back foot turning over Punch Getting your feet involved; your hips are turning Excellent See how my back foot is turning: that’s how I know I got the full extension on this punch Five seconds Four Three Two Last one, knockout Great job, side to side step Okay, taking this opportunity when we come back to the side to side step, just let your heart rate come down just a little bit… …so that we can get ready to raise it up again switching sides, and we’re going jab, cross Jab, cross. Jab, cross. There we go, punch Now, our whole body is involved here Especially our midsection crossing over Get that full extension on the way out and on the way across Four Three Two Big punch Excellent job You did such a great job right there Now our whole body is engaged. We started at the bottom, worked our way all the way up Getting the whole body working… ….and lowering blood sugar Okay, come back right here, coming back to where we started Now I want you to think about how challenging this movement felt at the beginning of the workout Your arms were burning Maybe your feet were feeling tight Now compare that to how you feel now Your body is loosened up, you’re ready to go, you could do this all day That’s how we know we’ve engaged the metabolism… We’ve emptied the glycogen stores in all those muscles that we’ve worked on specifically… …and that’s going to lower our blood sugar Here we go Five…four…three…two…one Come back, side to side Big deep breaths Relax the shoulders You did a great job there Now what I want to do, I want you to come right back here Standing position, take a nice big deep breath Bend those knees slightly, and I want you to inhale reach up And bring those hands back down, bend the knees, bounce, reach up again Let’s do that one more time Reach down, reach up Now I want you to fold all the way down to the ground Excellent job Now, when we pull down to the ground, we’re going as far as our body’s gonna let us go Your ultimate goal is to have the top of your head… …facing the ground If you need to have your knees bent, that’s fine Be in a position that feels comfortable Now, I want you to slowly bring those hands down to the ground, and I want you to drop your left foot back… …with your foot, the back foot, to a side angle, find your balance and come on up breathing and lifting those arms up Excellent job. Exhale, relax the shoulders Fantastic. One more big deep breath in… …and exhale. Fold forward again bring that foot back up Great job, take a big deep breath Exhale, now drop the other foot back, bringing the back foot… …to a slight angle Find your balance and now come up Reaching up, feeling that stretch in the lower back… …and your groin, in the back of the calf maybe Exhale, relax the shoulders Great job, inhale again And exhale. Fold forward Bring that right foot back Now grab the back of the leg You’re doing such a great job Folding as far forward as you feel comfortable Now take a big deep breath… …shake your head yes, no, left, right. Okay, relaxing those neck muscles Then when you’re ready, I want you to take one last big deep breath, then tuck your chin… …and slowly start to come up One vertebrae stacking on top of the next The arms are hanging Okay, shoulders are staying relaxed until you’re fully in standing position again One last big deep breath And congratulations — you just did an awesome job That finishes level one of D Fight Let’s go ahead and test our blood sugar and make sure we’re still within the safe range so we can go ahead and have a great day See you in the next workout Okay, so we just finished D Fight level one and I just tested — you should have done too — my number is 96 My number started at 138, okay D Fight level 1, the whole point of D Fight level 1, is to lower blood sugar Okay, we did a great job right there You did a great job Now, if your number didn’t go to where you wanted to go, check out On, we’ve got all guidance that you need to get safe and effective exercise with diabetes… …including information about why your number maybe going up during exercise… …maybe dropping too low or maybe not changing at all Either way, don’t give up. You’re doing a fantastic job. I’ll see you in the next workout


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