Best Speed Jump Rope – Buddy Lee Jump Rope Review

So for the last three years I’ve been on the
lookout for the best, high quality, affordable, speed rope anyone can use. And I think I found the best one. From Buddy Lee jump rope. Hey what’s up guys? Leon here. Helping you achieve your fitness goals fast
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I say here. With that said guys, let’s get into the review. Having a good jump rope is super important
cause it’s the most important tool you have in front of your. And from three years of looking around, I
think that in my opinion, I found the best jump rope I could have ever used. And it is the Buddy Lee Aero Speed jump rope. So let’s check the specs for this jump rope. It has a patented swivel system made to eliminate
all types of friction. Just check that out. It has 6 inches of T Grade Aluminum handles. Made for quality and of course looks. It’s designed to be ultra speed, meaning it
was engineered to do up to six turns per second. Just think about that’s, that’s a lot of turns
per second. And it has adjustable length for people under
six foot five of one meter ninety five. Which is most of the general population. Now that’s a very general overview of the
jump rope. What really counts is the details that goes
into the design of this rope that makes it really different. The first thing I really love about this rope
is the weight ratio between the handles and the cable. The fact that the handles are heavier then
the cable really gives you a lot of control over the movement and the speed of the cable
when you’re trying to go faster. It gives you a lot of control to switch between
single unders, to double unders, to triple unders, and go back to single unders in just
matter of seconds. I also really like the spongy grip it has
to it. It’s really made for you to grab firmly and
go as fast as possible without really tiring your forearms. I know a lot of jumpers like to put their
thumb at the tip of the handles when doing double unders. This works really well with this rope cause
it just feels really ergonomic. The third thing I really like about this rope
is the high density of this cable. The high density doesn’t only make the cable
more durable, it also gives you a lot of control over how the rope is moving. When you’re going fast, you’re able to feel
the rope moving due to the weight of this cable. This is something I don’t really find in most
speed ropes out there. They usually have very thin cables which you
can’t really feel. And that doesn’t really give you as much control
over the momentum of the rope, the acceleration, all those things, as much as when you have
a thicker cable. The fourth thing I really love about this
rope is how durable it actually is. I don’t know if you guys can see, I like really,
I’ve tested this rope to the limit. I hit it on every side, I’ve been using it,
I’ve had it for two years, and like literally check this out, I used to throw it on the
ground, I used to train my throws with this jump rope, it fell one hundred thousand times,
it never broke, it doesn’t look new, that’s for sure. It definitely looks over used as if I have
been using it for ten years, but it’s still functioning as if it was new. When it’s brand new it actually looks much
nicer then it actually is right now.The fact that it’s such a high quality, I do think
that this rope, with the way I use it now, which is like I test it to the limit would
last me like two years, two more years. So now I think we have to put this rope to
the ultimate test, which is the speed test. Now there’s a couple of things I don’t like
about this rope and think could be improved. The first thing is that the fact the rope
is so dense, when you get it brand new, it will be packed something, it will be packed
something like that. And the first time you open it, it’s going
to feel really rigid, like it’s going to have all those curvatures to it, it’s not going
to be straight. And it might take a couple of weeks of pushing
and pulling on it to straighten it out. What I had to do is literally put it in boiling
water just to have it loosen ip a but. Buddy Lee actually recommends putting the
cables in boiling water, but now for this exact jump rope there’s a specific rope he
recommends doing that for but I still did it for this rope. The second thing I don’t really like about
this rope is the way you size it. If you see this, you actually have to screw
the rope inside with your hands when you wanna size it. So what this means is when you want to shorten
it, you have to cut it. And this means that if you cut it too short,
there no going back actually. I actually know a couple of people who invested
in a Buddy lee rope which has a similar system, sizing system, and they cut it too short,
and they had, basically had to send the rope back. Specially as a starting beginners, it’s always
comfortable to have a shorter rope, but as you advance and you wanto start you know some
crosses some, side swings, you’re gonna need a longer rope, and if your rope is too short
you won’t be able to do it. There’s no going back from there. The good thing is that when you buy the jump
rope from his website, he actually sends a free rope with your purchase, so that’s
good. Now let’s talk about the price, on Buddy Lee’s
website and on Amazon, this rope costs 40$US. Is it a but more expensive the your average
rope, definitely, but is it worth the cost, I think so. I’ve been using this rope to the extreme for
the past two years and it’s still alive with me today. It’s a rope you would invest, it’s a one time
investment for at least two years. In my opinion, it is better to do a one time
investment of 40$ the to do three investments every six month of 15$ every six month just
to buy a cheaper speed rope that won’t even get you as fast as the Buddy Lee and won’t
last you as long. I actually want to know about your opinion,
have you been using any speed rope that is note worthy of talking about, is it have better
specs then this, do you agree with what I said about this, maybe you’ve been using a
similar jump rope that’s maybe cheaper and that’s as good as the Buddy Lee, I’d like
to know that. I really hope you guys found this video helpful. I’m going to be placing links about this jump
rope in the description bellow. I’ve really appreciated the time you’ve invested
in watching this video in learning and expanding your knowledge and in just hearing my opinion
so thank you so much for watching guys. I will see you next time.


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