Best Jump Rope for Crossovers – Elitesrs Jump Rope Review

Crossovers can be pretty tricky at first,
but having the right jump rope can substantially help you at first. Which is why in this video I’m going to be
reviewing the best jump rope to do crossovers. Hey what’s up? Leon here! Helping you achieve your fitness goals with
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in the description bellow. There, I’m going to be putting everything
I’m putting here. As well as extra information, or things I
might have forgotten to say here. The crossover trick can be pretty frustrating. But knowing that you have the right tool at
your disposal is going to give you this extra confidence you need to keep pushing and working
on it. Since I’ve started jumping rope, I’ve tried
many different ropes to help me do tricks with. And this one by far has enabled me to do the
crossover and many other tricks to. This is the Elite Series Elite Pro Freestyle
rope. So let’s check out the specs for this rope. They mention long handles which enable the
jumper to reach further when doing crossing movements. An easily adjustable length snap and lock
system. PVC cable and a nice grip to it which prevents
your hand from tiring and slipping. The reason why I think this is the best rope
to do crosses with is because of the long handles it has to it. Long handles are going to give you a much
wider reach to be able to comfortably cross. So when you’re using the longer handles, you
won’t need to cross as wide as you would when using regular shorter handles. I actually made a very simple tutorial on
how to do the crossover using this rope which I’m going to link bellow. The second thing I really like about this
rope is how heavy the handles are compared to the cable. When you hold it, the handles are almost as
heavy as the cable, maybe a bit heavier. And having this almost exact weight between
the handles and the cable really gives you awareness of where the cable is in space and
time. You can very easily feel where the rope is
when you’re doing a trick and you can very quickly change the direction, speed, velocity
of the cable with handles that are considerably light. The third thing that’s pretty cool about
this rope is how indestructible it is. I don’t see if the camera is going to focus
on that, but just look how many hits this rope has taken. For six months, I’ve used this rope to train
on my releases. And the plastic is practically indestructible. The sizing system is also really easy to use. All you have to do is just push this down,
adjust the rope wherever you want with the teeth, just pin it a bit, and push this thing
back up. And here you go, you have a shorter rope now. No need to cut the rope to size it, there’s
literally no commitment to the size of the rope. If you’re trying to train on double unders,
you can shorten the rope to make it faster, if you want to train on tricks, all you have
to do is lengthen it a bit. That easy. Now for the ultimate test, we’re going to
have to see how this rope performs at the freestyle challenge. Now, we’re going to be talking about the cons
of this cable. The first thing is the PVC cable. The fact that it’s light, that it’s thin,
makes it wear off quickly. It also really makes it susceptible to extreme
temperatures. If you’re jumping rope at cold temperatures,
you’re going to feel that the rope becomes very brittle. If you’re jumping at 30 plus degrees Celsius,
it really becomes loos, it becomes very loose. It even stretches out. Second point where the rope fails is the snap
and lock system. It is made of plastic, so it might break sometimes. Third thing, when you’re doing tricks and
going at a high steep, the rope at the tip of the handle can sometimes snap. It can fail due to shear. It’s going to be a clean cut. That has happened to me many time actually,
and it’s a shame because you just have to buy a new rope only because the cable snapped. The last problem with this rope is actually
the grip which can wear off specially if water comes on it. I had to scotch this one back, and you can
see it’s wearing off. Now let’s talk about the price. You can buy this rope on Amazon, on
and on On Amazon, the proce for it is 15 $US. And on buyjumprope is for around 9$. But here’s the catch. I’m really sorry buyjumprope but I really
have to say that because it kind off pisses me off. If you go on buy jump rope and see this rope
for 9$. You’re like damn that’s a very good price. You go up to the cart and you’re ready to
checkout, you’re going to get surprised at checkout with a 25$ shipping cost. I know that this rope ships from the US, and
live in Canada. Which isn’t even that far. So I imagine is someone is living in Europe,
Asia or the Middle East, how unbelievable the shipping cost is going to be. Buyjumprope you just can’t put your shipping
cost three times more expensive then your product, no one is going to buy it. So yeah guys I would recommend you to stick
to Amazon which has the regular shipping fees to your area. Is it a very affordable rope? Definitely. I do think that this rope is worth investing
into. It is really made to be able to do tricks
with. It’s basically a freestyle rope that a lot
of competitors use, they use this exact same rope. So if you’re trying to work on your crosses,
any crossing tricks, just release tricks all those things, this is the rope for you. It’s made to do that. But keep in mind, you are buying a 15$ product,
which means that if you’re using it on a very regular basis and if you a bit unlucky, you
might have to buy two or three of those during the year. You can always also send an email to Elitesrs
and just tell them that you had an incident and the rope snapped and they might send you
extra ropes. You can also ask them to buy three ropes. Because the handles, you don’t need to have
seven of them lying around your house like I do. All you need is extra cables, and they will
send you cables. I’d also like to have your opinion, have you
been using any other rope to do your tricks with? How was it? Did you feel like the rope was limiting you? Maybe was it helping you? I’d like to know all that in the comments
bellow. So that was it guys, the Eliesrs Elite Pro
Freestyle rope review. I hope you enjoyed this video. I thank you for taking the time in investing
to educate yourself. To watching this video and watching my review. If you want to stay up to date with the videos
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