BEST FITNESS WATCHES 2019 | Top fitness tracker smartwatches for every budget

Watches! In the age that we live in
there are pretty amazing watches out there, right? There’s a lot of different
types but in this video we’re only gonna focus on the best fitness watches. So
let’s not waste any more time let’s get right into the video: Hey guys! Welcome to my channel. I’m Daniel and if
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won’t miss any of the next videos. Now let’s start with the first fitness
tracker watch first up and probably the most expensive is the Apple watch
series 4. It’ll cost you around $400. Expensive? Yes, but if you have the money
it is worth it. It’s two times faster than the old 3-series because of its new
64-bit dual-core processor. This watch can do so many stuff but I don’t have
the time to talk about it in full detail but as always I’ll add it free in the
video description down below just like all the other watches so you can go and
check it out and do your own research But I gotta mention a few stuff
about this watch: It’s got a whole new design, it’s got a proactive health
monitor, automatic workout detection, a comprehensive activity tracker and much
much more… But let’s move on to the next watch Now
if you’re on a budget and you want a cheaper watch then the willful fitness
tracker is the watch that you want to get. It comes listen to this at only $33
yeah it’s a bit cheap so I was a bit shocked and I wondered if this is
really good for only $33. So I did a bit of research and it is actually really
good. It’s also one of Amazon’s top choices and if you go and you click the
link that I’ve added for you in the video description check out the customer
reviews and you’ll see that there’s over 300 of people that’s very happy with it.
So what do you get for the $33? Well you get a fitness tracker, a heart rate
monitor, sleep monitor and it also comes in different colors that you can choose
from. The Fitbit Versa SmartWatch is almost 2 times cheaper than the Apple
series 4 and it goes around for $200 This is my most favorite watch because
it’s a good quality watch that has over 15 exercise modes, it’s got 4 day battery
life and stores music and you can put your favorite fitness apps on it. It also
has 24/7 heart rate tracking where you can track your calorie burn and discover
your cardio fitness level. There’s a lot of other cool stuff that this watch can
do but I don’t want this video to be too long. That’s it for now check it out in
the video description. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up, subscribe and
I’ll see you in the next video Cheers


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