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What are the best and worst alcohols for weight loss? If you‘ve been listening to our previous
videos on alcohol, you know that drinking slows down or stops weight loss. But, if you
are on weight maintenance, or you occasionally decide to have a drink while on a diet, what
are the best choices? I’m Sharon from BonVie Weight Loss & Nutritional Wellness and here
are the alcohol choices having the least impact on your midline.
Champagne, wine, and clear alcohols like gin or vodka mixed with soda water or on ice will
be least detrimental to your weight maintenance. Champagne and champagne cocktails are some
of the most forgiving in the calorie department with one standard flute (about 4 oz.) having
far fewer calories (about 85) than a glass of wine or any mixed drink. That’s about 15
calories less than a 12-oz. bottle of light beer or a 4-oz. glass of wine—and let’s
be honest: the average wine pour is more like 5-9 oz.
If you want a cocktail, ordering a vodka with a tall glass of soda water a slice of lime
and lots of ice is a very satisfying way to get a little buzz or a bit of relaxation.
Beware though, a common mistake is to think that soda water (seltzer) and tonic are the
same thing. The Tonic in a Gin or Vodka & Tonic is actually full of sugar.
A Vodka Soda is also good if you feel pressured in social situations because your friends
won’t be able to tell the difference between your frosty glass with – nor without alcohol.
White and red wine range from 80-110 calories depending on the sweetness so choose drier
varieties for less calories. Spirits (80 proof) like Gin, white rum, vodka, whisky, and blanco
tequila, all come in at about 65 calories. But beware of the high-sugar mixers which
can seriously cause fat gain. In fact,, mixed drinks are always bad news, even when you
are not in fat-loss mode. Definitely avoid complex cocktails like a margarita, Cosmo,
or something totally off the charts, like a Vodka Mudslide, containing coffee liqueur,
Irish cream and vanilla ice cream for a whopping 820 calories. That goes right to your gut.
Liqueurs in general are bad as they are often consumed with other, very-high calorie mixers
such as simple syrup, sugar, milk, cream, or coke, bumping the calorie content and pancreas
response way up. How about beer? You know, that makes a beer belly? The main sugar in
beer is maltose. Maltose is a disaccharide composed of two molecules of glucose…this
means it’s very high on the glycemic index and will trigger a “double shot” of insulin!
Even the so-called “low-carb” beers can be a problem if consumed on a daily basis.
Now if you must have a “cocktail” rather than a glass of wine, try this toned down
mojito. Ask for it sugarless with extra lime – the mint and lime gives lots of flavor and
if you need more sweetness, add your own stevia. Or try a Paloma. This cocktail is a blend
of grapefruit juice, soda, and lime and will give margarita lovers a good alternative.
Skip the sugar or salt around the rum for an even healthier Happy Hour cocktail.
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