Beginner Fitness Tips video 2 – Finding your reason – Step 1

hey Im James Atkinson from “Jim” to my friends and readers, over the last 20 years plus I’ve achieved some pretty lofty fitness goals and learned what really works hope all is good with you guys this is the second part of the where to start with fitness and weight loss series in these videos i want to show you how you can achieve real fitness results even if you the kind of person that something that our sofa watching TV for the last 30 years there’s a lot of noise about the best fitness routines the best diets or the best training methods out there today and there’s not really a lot about the basics these are the things that really matter when it comes to to fitness results and these basics of what we’re going to be looking out throughout this this video series most people when they decide they want to lose weight or build a bit of muscle start training or even just live a healthier lifestyle well the first thing we’ll do is either joining gym get their trainers on go for a run or go out and buy an exercise bike and a few weeks later that exercise bike is being used to dry their washing on if you want great lasting results and the kind of fitness results you set out to get in the first place joining a gym buying some exercise equipment or going for your first run isn’t the first step in its not the second step either in fact in my opinion it’s above fourth step so starting here at the point where you buy the equipment or got your first run it will significantly decrease your chances of reaching your goals so before you start anything physical you need to work on your mental state this is massively overlooked but I look at it as the foundations and if you build a house on pillars of sand it’s not gonna last if you built build these foundations of reinforced concrete is going to be able to take the battering when the elements start to test it it may seem like a waste of time first following this advice and working on your mindset but trust me I’m guilty of skipping this part in the past too believe me it’s a hundred percent worth it and if you really want to hit your goals is the place to start so if you’re thinking of losing a few pounds starting to live a healthier lifestyle or join a gym and or even if if you’re the kind of person that’s been training for a while and never actually got any results in the first place and you’re wondering why you wanna start here have a look at this so the first step with very first thing you need to do is to find your reason and why do you want to lose weight or build muscle or start to live a more healthy lifestyle in the first place this might sound like a stupid question but if you spend some quality time digging deep into your reasons you’ll probably find a very powerful reason again this might sound stupid but this one thing can be the deciding factor between your success and failure so the best way to find your reason is take about 30 minutes when you’re alone and you’re quiet you can concentrate write down all the reasons for your fitness decision and it might sound obvious at first but if you dig deep and be honest with yourself and even if you reason is embarrassing or any of your reasons are embarrassing or whatever who cares deeply you can search and the more honest you can be of yourself the more impact your reason will have so once you have your reason or reasons write them down and turn them into visual aid like a picture or sketch or something like that and put this where you’ll always see it as a constant reminder and this needs to be in your face more than once a day so don’t put it in your sock drawer or something like that you need to put it where you’ll always see it like the bathroom mirror or the fridge or the front door on your desk at work places like that so to summarize this and put in some actionable steps that you can take right now you need to set aside about 30 minutes where you can be alone and you can concentrate in this 30-minute be honest as honest as you can with yourself about what you want to achieve your fitness goals remember no one else is here to judge you so this will make it a lot easier don’t be embarrassed it’s important to be honest write down as many reasons you can and pick out some of the ones that are more serious so serious reasons and ones that provoke emotion and probably the best by far now get these into visual aids turn them into visual aides this could be a photograph something you already got motivational quote that I love a motivational quote and sketch or anything that reminds you of this reason and you alone i mean it could be something that looks totally disjointed to someone else but as long as it remind you that’s what matters now if you need to and it’s a good idea to do this make copies of the visual aid and pin them up around your life as a constant reminder so again this might seem like a waste the time or even if it’s silly but believe me this can be very powerful and i’ve used this a lot before and it really does help so if you really do want to achieve real fitness or weight loss results the kind of results that will change your life this is where it starts take it seriously and keep an eye out for the next one of these videos in the next few days this will be about off the top of my head started to work on positivity and mental robustness I think that’s the next one in inline so so yeah that’s it if you take the time to do this follow this through I’m always here to help so if you need anything just give me a shout and thanks for watching and good luck! 🙂


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