Becoming a group fitness instructor

Hey are you still wondering if you
should become a fitness instructor here’s a few reasons to help you take
that decision right after this hello I’m João Ferreira Sspinning® master instructor
I’ve been teaching group classes for the last ten years in this video I’m going
to cover my top reasons to become a group fitness instructor just like me
let’s start with reason number one passion you cannot take this decision
without having the passion for fitness probably you are already practicing any
sort of fitness or sport and you love it you love it so much you want it to be
part of your life never forget this passion in your instructor journey it
will push you forward in the good times and support you in the bad ones passion
is what took me to take the decision to become a fitness instructor and this
above any other consideration let’s move on to reason number two skill in some
way you find yourself as being skilled in one or more fitness practices as a
participant you have trained and perfected your technique at least it’s
what you think and it’s totally okay to think that way don’t worry you will
perfect your technique even more when you become a fitness instructor skill is
certainly not limited to exercise you will be able to explore many other
skills beyond fitness reason number three personal development becoming a
fitness instructor will create an incredible education pathway in health
and fitness but also in communication and presentation in front of an audience
but the main personal development driver is the practice you will have the
opportunity to practice every time you will be teaching a class learn and adapt
until you master it you may not be thinking about this but you will be able
to use the skills you learn and practiced in your daily life and main
job personal development is about improving yourself in many areas
exercise biomechanics body energy systems but
also communication and presentation since I started this path as an
instructor I developed myself in many areas this channel is a very good
example of that with passion fitness digital Academy I will create digital
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me to reason number 4 creativity as an instructor you will face situations
where you need to be creative it can be while we prepare class search the right
music and assemble training routines but it can also be when you face a challenge
and believe me there will be challenges along the way
despite that remember there are no problems without solutions
problem-solving will give you better confidence and this is reason number 5
self-confidence when you will be teaching your class you are on your own
you are in control and there’s nobody else to help you you prepared it and now
you have to deliver it and cope with everything it may happen at first you
may stress up quite a bit but with time you will increase your confident level
and be totally in control this will improve your resilience and this is
reason number 6 like in your daily life you will have ups and downs in your
instructor career your resilience to face difficulties will decide the
longevity of your career are you resilient how do you react when
you face hard times is it something you would like to improve resilience will
serve you as an instructor but you will mostly benefit from it in your private
life it seems it’s all about you but in reality it’s all about the others and
that’s reason number 7 share and inspire becoming an instructor it’s all about
sharing your passion sharing is caring and believe it or not you’ll positively
influence and impact people’s lives do not forget you are not doing this for
you but for them your participants is it important to know them and their
objectives absolutely the better you know them the
better you can help them reach their goals this leads to reason
number eight role model yes you will be an example the example for many
participants see you as a knowledgeable and instructed professional honor them
by educating yourself and making sure you’re always up to date on the type of
fitness you are teaching and Excel by enlarging your soft skills on other
topics take care of your image and message it will be heard and replicated
by many now do not abuse from it it is a responsibility you have to acknowledge
and use wisely the last reason could be the first for some reason number nine
financials let’s be clear it’s really hard to live only with Fitness revenue
but if you teach a good number of classes a week you may get a really
comfortable revenue even if you don’t have fixed classes you can start with
replacements and still reach your financial targets in all cases you
should always fall back into reason number one your passion for fitness
without it nothing will be possible so do not use the financials as your number
one reason you may find more reasons if you are an instructor share yours by
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